Winter’s Top 5 Scams Competition 2016!

By | January 15, 2016

Hey Everyone, It’s Michael Freeman and this review is slightly different… Today I’m “proud” to announce the top 5 binary options scam sites that went viral in the winter of 2016. As always, the offers are absurd, lame, misleading and 100% bogus.

The Aussie Method – The Big Winner!

Let’s start with the Aussie Method, which certainly deserves the 1st place! It’s a quadruple scheme with 3 other “franchises” aka Saffa Method, Brit Method and Canuck Method, all sites with the same theme. They figured if they managed to fool a bunch of Australians, why not target other parts of the globe? Luckily they’ve been exposed but for some reason this offer is still super viral and ranked like crazy on

Million Dollar Months – A Seasonal Scam!

The amazing  CEO “Brad Davis”, who made close to $40,000,000, is a actor. Is it a coincidence or lately a bunch of stock photo actors became binary options app creators? It’s certainly strange and the Million Dollar Months is definitely one of the most popular scams right now and since many members are complaining about the poor results, I decided to rank it 2nd, congratulations to the Million Dollar Months scam!

Simple Profits – Simply Fake!

The Simple Profits scam is now widely reviewed all over the internet, some sites gave it positive reviews even though all the news stories are 100% fake as exposed on and many other sites. This is a clever scam, I have a feeling that they named it “Simple Profits” to avoid negative reviews from reaching the first page on Google but as always, the truth goes viral and their plan failed.

Star Wars Binary Bot – WTH?

You got to read the review to really understand how ridiculous the Star Wars Binary Bot scam is, or actually watch the video. It doesn’t get more hilarious. This crazy site, unlike the other ones, didn’t hit the masses but I am pretty sure that a few Star Wars fans decided to give it a green light, statistically I guess it’s possible…

Secret To Success – Not by Oprah!

The is another worthless scam, solicited mainly by email marketers since if you ‘Google’ this offer, you will find terrible reviews. I find it strange that day-traders are still falling for this one even though all the warnings and red flags are there. The fake CEO, Timothy Galvaki is also a actor vs a self-make billionaire so don’t expect much if you decide to join this bogus version of ‘The Secret’.


Dedication Song to all the Binary Options Scams

Mike’s Binary Options BlackList

The above 5 are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to shady binary options offers and you have to always do a careful research before you join any signals provider. If it looks “fishy” or too good to be true, let it go and move on. Don’t waste $250 to test something that makes no sense. Some brokers and services have a good reputation, but for the most part, the industry is flooded with scams. Stay safe and thanks for checking out my Winter of 2016’s top scam winners!

3 thoughts on “Winter’s Top 5 Scams Competition 2016!

  1. peter mcgrath

    hi Mike a great post of the top 5 scam site I guess ever one want easy money and also must people want to belive the hype and sales pages promising quick riches I have fallen for a few over the years it just seems the binary trading ahs more crooks than most other areas financial trading you just have to go with a reputable local dealer offering training like here in the city of London there are a few around but its going to cost you some money but you always get what you pay for good article
    bye peter McGrath

  2. Garretsen

    Everything starts with The “nationality” Methods, it’s basicly a “10 in 1” scam. It’s really sly!

    My prize for the most stupid/idiotic scam goes to the Star wars binary bot, it’s almost if they wanted to prevent everyone from joining their silly scam. I can’t describe how wierd/unrealistic that scam is!


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