Who is Jarratt Davis?

By | January 11, 2015

Sunday, January 11th, 2015 by Michael Freeman 

 On my blog I mostly cover information on binary options trading but at times I get emails and comments from online traders who are interested to find a legitimate mentorship and/or signals provider for Retail Forex Trading. Unfortunately just like with binary options, in the Forex industry you will find countless of fake offers from unverified websites with a simple concept, designed to get your trust while providing you with little to no added value. Today I will introduce Jarratt Davis, a very popular figure in the Forex Industry and the World’s 2nd Best Forex Trader on the Barclay currency traders Index between 2008-2013!

In my search to find a legitimate mentor who deals with Forex I encountered lots of fake offers and many unregulated Forex brands. As an online trader you should have no doubt that finding a reliable mentor, signals service or a broker is not as simple as hiring a plumber… We’re dealing with a great potential to create a side income or a main income from a high-risk investment and neglectfully signing up with the first offer we encounter, without doing a lot of research, is a risk you can’t afford to take.

I will save you guys some research today and introduce Jarratt Davis, the head of Smile Global Management, one of the few FCA regulated Forex Traders and Fund Managers. In other words, Jarratt is basically regulated in the UK and can legally manage clients funds. As I mentioned above, Jarratt Davis is a verified trader and a very successful one. It’s important to note that Jarratt is also highly endorsed on ForexPeaceArmy.com which is a leading Forex forum/help center for online traders.

DukasCopy TV filmed in Geneva, Switzerland – Interview with Jarratt Davis 

On JarrattDavis.com you can find Jarratt’s blog and information on his comprehensive mentoring program which includes videos, signals, chat and other useful features. Now, besides the strong Endorsement by ForexPeaceArmy and the Proven Performance Results, you can also find Jarratt Davis featured on many authority forums and other authority websites including Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal. Jarratt’s mentoring was created in order to help traders learn how to trade, manage risk properly and understand the concept and reasoning behind each trade unlike the average signals service.  The more you learn and the more you understand how to trade, the higher the chance you will succeed and retail Forex can yield high profits but it can also expose you to a very high risk, therefore if you are looking to trade seriously, stop wasting your time with unregulated brokers and fund managers. Trade with someone you can really trust! I strongly endorse Jarratt and I encourage everyone who is seeking to learn and trade Forex successfully to check out JarrattDavis.com.


I encourage you to share your feedback below this review if you have any experience trading with Jarratt or any questions regarding his mentoring and signals program. For more information on my recommended signals services and software for FX and Binary Options, visit my Binary Options Signals Page. Thank you for taking the time to read this review!

3 thoughts on “Who is Jarratt Davis?

    1. Beach Bum Swag

      Jarratt is an owner of a regulated company and he can be easily verified. You can contact his team or do a Google search of Jarratt Davis, he is the real thing.

  1. Michael Freeman Post author

    Garratt Davis is a different person, you are referring to Gary Davis.. Jarratt Davis is a reliable Forex mentor with a proven track record. I encourage you to check him out if you are no longer confused in regards to the names.


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