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By | May 27, 2015

I am really excited to announce that we’re now offering LIVE binary options webinars on Mike’s Facebook group. The top traders and admins in the group will be hosting these events. On Thursday 12GMT, our SUPERSTAR and top trader Syed Afzal Ahmed from Canada, will be hosting the first webinar and we have many traders in the group anxiously waiting to see how it goes and what kind of experience they are expected to get out of this. To remind you, Afzal’s performance, over the last months trading at Mike’s Facebook Group, never dropped below %80 ITM, and statistically it demands a true understanding of how markets work, how to read the news, when to trade and when to hold back. It also requires one skill that many traders lack, and it is the ability to remain cool and enter trades at the ideal price level. Sounds easy? Well it’s been months since I established the group and no one ever delivered such great results. I’ve seen traders pull a %70 ITM or even %80 ITM over the course of a few days or a few weeks but I’ve never seen anyone in my group or in any group, deliver above %80 ITM consistently on good days and on bad days, which earned him the title of the SUPERSTAR in our community at Mikes Signals Group on FB.

GET READY!!! Coming up in less than 24 hours!!!


However, not everything is as bright and easy as it seems, we have a constant flow of new members and each trader comes with a different background, some are not familiar with basic terms such as ITM or OTM, strike rate, support and resistance, therefore we decided to incorporate free educational sessions over the weekend. Our top traders and admins post tips and strategies on the wall while markets are closed.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level with the LIVE binary options webinars and I see no better person for this job, Afzal will lead the first webinar and I want to go over what you can expect and share some tips with you guys, especially since it’s the first webinar and some of you never attended one before. Be sure to read the first article I previously wrote on Tips for my Facebook Group.

A binary options webinar is  basically an interactive way to trade, the webinar’s host will be taking questions live and everyone who’s attending the webinar will be able to view Afzal’s screen as he trades with a broker’s platform and trading charts. The idea is to provide you with signals while giving you an insight into what’s actually happening with the markets, what technical analysis indicators are used to predict each signal and educate you so eventually you will be able to develop the same trading skills.

The webinars will provide you with ‘Hands on experience’ and it’s a great opportunity for binary options traders of all levels to learn, ask questions and follow a leading trader in action. Remember that there are no stupid questions and the webinar is like a classroom, so you can ask any questions and it’s the webinar’s host responsibility to take your questions. It’s really exciting and I will be sure to record the webinars and post the videos on my channel for educational purposes and to show my YouTube viewers what kind of an awesome group we have!

I encourage you to stay tuned for the video, I will post it by Saturday on my channel so you can check out how the webinar went, I will post the video irregardless of the results but I have no doubt that Afzal will deliver us with an amazing performance as always. Good luck to everyone who will be attending the webinar, I will be there too. If you are not yet part of Mikes facebook group you can join us via the following link. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to comment below this post.

Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group on FaceB00k


12 thoughts on “Webinars on Mike’s Signals Group on Facebook

  1. kwanbuntiong

    hi mike, i find your website from watchdog and i want to join your group .. so please recommended a trust broker for me to began.

  2. Mark Willis

    It’s so great to see that Mike’s Signals Group has finally launched the LIVE webinars, which is surely gonna help all its members in the future. It was long due actually. Just finished watching the first two webinars by Afzal Ahmed on your channel. Our man was surely on a roll in both of these. Can’t believe that while answering all the queries of every one there and managing the whole webinar, he could still pull off 10 winning trades in a row. That’s pretty insane if you ask me. Man’s a monster… for sure!!!

  3. Alex Bates

    Hey Michael, I miss the group soo much, I know I crossed the line, from that day I realize I was been really childish to the biggest guy in binary options, I have been working on strategys harder than ever, I have been managing 7/8 itms most of the time,you know how much I admire your work and your personality I’m really sorry, we all make mistakes, please Michael, let me back…

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Alex, you are missing out on a lot!!! You really need to grow up a little bit, I noticed you are trying to create a new website now and you also asked me about private matters that are not related to you. Why should I add you back? We have great traders in the group, Afzal won 3 bonuses this week.. and you are now in the process of creating new websites, do you really have time to trade? I know you are ‘an okay trader’ but if I let you back in, I want you to be active and refrain from making any silly remarks. Let me know what your intentions are.. and I’ll consider adding you back Alex.

  4. Edib

    Can i join this plz. Im new to tradeing but realy want to learn about this!!!

  5. Matthew

    This group is outstanding, webinars,itm bonuses and more importantly, the members that are in it, the administrators are very good at trading and Michael has done a very good job on keeping this organize and profitable, by far the best manual’s signals group out there, anyone who is starting binary options, should join this group now!!!

  6. Alex Bates

    Completly Amazing, this group just keeps on getting better, webinars,great itm results and so much more to come, don’t you dare miss this group guys, it’s one of a life time, your doing a fantastic job Michael Freeman, Best Man I know in this industry, way to go man!!

  7. leslie wild

    Hi Mike, I am not sure at this moment if I have been sent the invite or link to get into the webinar. I do know that afzal said he would be emailing people on tuesday or wednesday to give instructions etc, but as of this moment I have not received anything only this email from you informing about the upcoming webinars, thanks Leslie

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Leslie, I just spoke with Afzal so him and Valentina will be sending out the invitations in the next hour or two to all the members who signed up. 🙂


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