Vault Options Review – Is Vaultoptions a Scam?

By | December 2, 2013

Monday, December 2nd, 2013 by Michael Freeman

How do we define a reliable broker? What characteristics make a broker trust-worthy? Timely withdrawals, proper regulations, good reputation,  decent payout and a good customer service experience! In this post I want to give you my own take on and if I think this is a scam site.

Is Vault Options Regulated? 

Unfortunately not. In fact, only a handful of brokers are now fully regulated in the EU. There is a higher chance of falling into a scam when registering with a non-regulated company, even though there are a handful of non regulated brokers with a good reputation.

Does Vault Options Offer Timely Withdrawals?

Unfortunately not. Based on endless testimonials it appears that is not a website that takes kindly to withdrawal requests as their representatives tend to disappear as soon as you make a request for a withdrawal. Be sure that before you request a withdrawal they will offer you ‘top notch’ service and you have to wonder why. The main tactic used by Vault Options is to keep getting you to deposit more and offer you all kinds of fancy incentives such as VIP, Gold, Diamond account and a bunch of incentives that require you to deposit more. There was not even a single review from a trader who managed to successfully withdraw money from VaultOptions. Do not trust this company, they are a scam!

Vault Options Reputation

You have to wonder why Vault Options is usually promoted on commercialized affiliate sites, Google Banners and email spam campaigns, while you won’t find anyone endorsing them of a legitimate forum where real traders get to voice their opinions. All you hear about when it comes to is problems!! Problems getting a hold of these scammers after requesting a withdrawal.

Google search “vault Options Scam” and you will find the nasty truth behind this company. I hope you are reading this review before wasting your money on this fraud operation. If you wired money via bank transfer you must file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. If you deposited your money with Vault Options via credit card you must file a dispute with your credit card company and then I recommend cancelling your card for safety and to prevent future misuse of your credit card information.


Are all Binary Options Companies Scams?

Due to a large number of fraud sites there is a growing concern among traders that these crooks are the reflection of the industry. This is absolutely not the case. Traders should always research the company before making commitments, and there are EU regulated and Legitimate brokers out there such as Topoption and Anyoption which all have a very clean history. Checkout the comparison between Anyoption and Topoption on Youtube.

If you’ve been scammed by Vault Options please share your experience below so other traders can understand the true face of this company. Mike

22 thoughts on “Vault Options Review – Is Vaultoptions a Scam?

  1. Kevin Stanley

    I’ve taken time to look at this logically, without the emotion that comes from losing $2000.00.

    Is ValueOptions a scam? Hard to prove. In my opinion, yes…but that’s just my opinion, take it or leave it.

    Are they ethical? Can you trust them? Do they do what they say they will do?
    Are they a legitimate broker? A MILLION TIMES NO…NO…NO!!!

    If you value your investment capital, then stay A MILLION MILES away from ValueOptions. Don’t touch them with a disinfected barge-pole. They offer zero value and they insist on controlling your options.

    My advice – go somewhere (anywhere) else. ValueOptions = ZeroOptions.

  2. Frank Hendriks

    Hi Kathleen,
    Sorry nto hear that you ha&d the same experience like me, as you can reed above. My question is: how can you get returned the money sent by wire? Because l also sent them money that way.

  3. Kathleen

    This site has only recently been available on SEO search. Don’t use Vault Options. I lost $45,000 to Vault,including profits. (No bonuses). The bank, police US and AUS will not act and the bank will not charge back my credit card. I sent some by wire -bank to bank- and this was returned.
    I got tipped off to get out.
    Please people complain in legal forums.

  4. Dimitris Asimakis

    I just had a phonecall by a representative of vaultoptions,called Michael White and he urged me to deposit 1000€ into an account,promising me that he will deposit an additional 1000€,so my account will be upgraded to a silver one.Then,he told me that he will call me every day and tell me where to place my money for daily profitable trades.In other words,he will trade for me…His last promise to me,was that by the end of the week,my account balance will reach up to 3000€.Thank god,i’ve read your opinion guys about them…I am really fed up whith all these scammers!Is there any truth out there?

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Dimitris, I am really sorry about your experience with Vault Options. Unfortunately some brokers instruct their customer service and account representatives to push investor to deposit more and this is a bad idea because the training and incentives they offer you are often not worth it, I posted a video on this topic. Check it out If you didn’t take a bonus I would try to request a withdrawal and if it doesn’t work you can always go through other channels to get your money back. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! Mike

  5. Frank

    I have also a very, very bad expieriance with aultoptions. It costed me, because l was so naïve to trust them,more than 30.000$. Their ‘brokers are really unscrupulous scoundrels with az lot of false talking, only wanting to take your money as much as possible. For the moment l have around 34000$ on my account, as good as worthless, because it’s all bonusses. If l want to withdraw this money, l should have to trade until eternity: for 30 times the bonus-value! I guess l can consider my money like total-loss. In the mean time l wonder if there is any possibility to fight back and maybe being able to recuperate some money.

  6. Anna

    This is the biggest rip-off I have seen. They should all go to jail and wipe this company off the face of the earth. They lied from A to Z just to get your money. They defraud you and you do not get anything back. Somebody should make an end to this.

  7. Joseph

    Hi Mike,
    I joined this scammers on January 7th, 2014 with a $250.00 deposit via my credit card. They promised heaven ans earth. As a newbie to this business, i took their crap hook and sinker and believed every word of it. First thing they did was gave me a 100% bonus which I later discovered has a string attached to it of 30x trading requirement before withdrawal. I then recommended 2 of my friends who also made deposits with them. A couple of days later, one of referral contacted me and alerted me to the fact everything we were told by the slick tongue rep was all lies. That was when I went in and read the terms and conditions. I immediately found out that all the garbage the rep told me to get me to sign up was that, garbage. I knew from then on that I had to fight to get my money back. I decided to beat them at their own game by doing exactly what the terms and conditions called for. I took my account from $250 to over $6000 in less than a month turning down their brokers who constantly harass me with phone calls to upgrade my account to platinum and trade with them. I refused their help and did my own trading accumulating a $6000 profit. I waited as the as stated in the agreement for 30 days before requesting a withdrawal and that’s when my nightmare began. Every time I made a request, it was cancelled for one reason or another. I provided them with every document requested and followed up they received such documents. I got back confirmation e-mails of the receipts and still all my requests were cancelled. When finally sent them a stinker that I was going to the authorities, they finally approved my request but only returned my initial deposit of $250. At the same time, they removed the $250 bonus that I earned from my account. After complaining about that, they told me that there was a form I had to fill for the bonus to be applied to my account. Nothing of such is stated in the agreement mind you. I told them to forward the form which they did and I went ahead completed sent and received a confirmation of receipt. To this date, I am yet to receive any of my profits. Each request is met with additional obstacle and cancellation. This people are scammers and wonder how they are able to operate in the most financially sophisticated nation in the world. If anyone ever tell you about vault options, please run.

  8. Kevin

    Hi Mike.
    Following up on my comment of 31 Dec 2103,once I was (reasonably) sure that VaultOptions was not all that it pretended to be, I reported a case of internet fraud and cancelled my credit card with my bank. The bank have since refunded the USD 2000.00 that I “invested” and they have replaced my card.

    I have had a few phone calls from VaultOptions since then, urging me to upgrade my account and promising one on one broker contact for training towards successful trading if I did so. As with Franciso, this upgrade would cost USD 5000.00.

    I strongly advise anybody reading this to stay well away from VaultOptions. In my experience, they are not to be trusted.

  9. Francisco

    VaultOptions is a platform of binary options very misleading . At first you get the more friendly face and lure you to invest more and more, when you’ve already invested you get two or three winners little light trading amount , then you get a slightly higher trading and you go and you lose , of course this does not is so , then they call you to tell you very nice not to worry that lacked little to gain and proposes a secure trading with much more amount to get your money lost for them.
                 But is not everything here . When you’ve lost a inportante amount lost by them calling you another course another broker other than telling you as you had many missed the broker first no longer working who have hechado and to recover all the investment the new broker , but of course with a condition you have to cover the Gold membership is $ 5,000 thereby guarantee that you ‘ll get back what you invested and they have scammed. Then you repeat the method again small amount and then wanting to recover all make you lose and I do so on an $ 7,200

  10. Jen

    Wow, Vault Options sounds awful! What a huge scam. They should be locked up! Thanks for giving us some viable, reputable alternatives.

  11. caleb

    I have not taken any bonus. I was just wanting to manage it myself and stay away from any complication. just wanted to know if it was a legit process and site.

  12. Caleb

    I became a member of vault options. If i maintain it myself, is it a legitimate site that will allow me to withdraw my earnings?

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I am hearing from subscribers who’ve been experiencing some withdrawal issues with Vault Options. Did you take a bonus? Research them a little bit on Google, they are getting lot’s of negative feedback on different sites.

  13. Kevin

    Not only are VaultOptions crooks, they are also cowards. I got very annoyed that these predators would rip people off they way they do…and I told them so in a barrage of e-mails. Eventually, my e-mails were returned undelivered. There is a very special place in hell reserved for these unscrupulous scamsters.

  14. shelley

    Hi Mike
    Ok I’ll tell you what happend to me. I watched a video on Instant Profits and then read alot of reviews and Duh I bought into the scam and opened an account with Vault Options and when I realized I just got screwed over by Instant profits I asked Vault Options for the money back I had just deposited into my new account that I opened. They sent me an email stating that I would have to give them all kinds of info 1st so I phoned them and told them I was going to get my credit card company involved like you suggested and she said she would check to see if she could put the money back on my credit card and call me back. She did call me back and its now going to take 5 to 6 business days to retrieve my money back on my card and trust me if its not all there I will be phoning my credit card company and let them handle these guys. Why its going to take so long is total BS and she didn’t have an answer for me about that either. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson about affiliates, thanks for the tip about calling my credit card company as soon as I said that she was more helpful giving me my money back…

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Shelley, I am really sorry to learn about your experience but I do hope that other traders who are thinking to invest with Vault Options will read your comment and re-think, hopefully before it’s too late. There is a growing number of fake signals services, offering a free trial if you register with their partnered broker. If they only offer 1-2 brokers, it’s already suspicious and could be a service operated by the actual company itself. I hope that tougher regulations will be imposed soon on the industry which will prevent scam sites from operating from ‘virtual offices’ and under multiple DBA names, refusing withdrawals and freezing accounts whenever they feel like it.

      How on earth did it become acceptable for scam sites to get away with stealing so much money from people? The only difference between a guy robbing a liqueur store and this online form of robbery, is that the online scam artists are more intelligent, but I see it as the same thing or even worst! Taking money that doesn’t belong to you while victimizing people who trust you is inhuman, otherwise I don’t understand how they can sleep at night. I am amazed at how authorities are not doing anything about this. I gave an example, in one of my videos on Youtube titled ‘Is Binary Options a Scam?’, from the ‘moving industry’ on how authorities fail to put an end to scam companies, with or without regulations, and the problem with the moving industry is that, many companies are regulated by the Department of Transportation, yet these regulations are not preventing them from extorting families at their toughest moments of relocating their home, and in many cases people relocate due to foreclosure which is not a happy moment…so to be scammed during your toughest moments is really sad. I know that many traders are trying to make a living and look for alternative ways to make money, only to find out later that they’re being scammed. It’s troubling! This is why, ‘trust’ is something that we cannot give to just anyone who seems nice, friendly, promising and all the good things.

      I remember my self as a kid, I was very friendly and very trusting and I would always get ripped off! People interpret ‘good’ as ‘naive’, everyone is fighting to get money, it’s a war zone. It just doesn’t seem this way with all the “smiling” and “lying”… but don’t ever be fooled. Everyone wants your business, everyone wants your money.

      All the best to you! Thank you for sharing your story! Mike

  15. Ramon

    This Vault Options Review is very helpful! I will take note of it and ensure not to be attracted to any offer and features that this company will present. It’s really sad to know how some companies can manage to fool traders just to earn income from it. I hope those scam companies like Vault Options will pay for what they are doing to the traders. We should really know facts about any broker before consider to use if we don’t want to loss our money from them.

  16. Randy Churchill

    The biggest scam I have seen in Binary Options. Cannot get your money back. Lots of scams to restrict your capital from being withdrawn.

  17. nassar

    thats not true i depsited 200usd & requested withdra it and they gave it back to me in 3 day in my dept card account …
    good luck

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Wait, are you sure you don’t work for Vault Options? Let’s wait and see what other traders have to say about the withdrawal process with this company because so far I’ve been hearing only bad things about them. Thank you for dropping a comment. Cheers! Mike


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