Trading Tips for Bullish Markets

By | February 24, 2014

Monday, February 24th, 2014 by Tim Lanoue

Bullish markets are the most often sought type of market in the financial and trading industry because it represents a growth in the economy.  Although an overall long term bullish market has been rare lately due to the recession taking place in the United States it doesn’t mean that many assets and goods don’t represent short-term bullish trends providing us with many opportunities to make great trades.  The purpose of today’s article is to provide you with the tools needed to help identify and bullish markets/trends and tips of how to trade with a bullish environment.

So what are bullish markets?  Bullish markets are when our economy is climbing and growing in an upward direction.  Prices of goods, stocks, and commodities are rising telling us that our economy is growing stronger and looking upward.  Bullish trends are the cause of bullish market conditions because price action drives an assets trend therefore driving the market conditions.  If we have poor asset trends then we have poor market conditions, and vice versa.  Identifying a bullish market is pretty simple and requires us just to look at the trends of certain assets.  Ways to identify a bullish trend would be to analyze the trend of an asset, if the trend of the asset is climbing higher and higher than it is known as bullish and it is driving our market conditions to become more bullish.  Other ways to see if a bullish market is coming or developing would be to apply fundamental analysis, where you look at larger corporations earnings and asset value growth.  In order to check these fundamental aspects one needs to access a financial portal such as Google Finance.


I’m not going to dive into a strict trading pattern for trading bullish market conditions but rather point out to you great trading patterns to use when a strong bullish trend or growing bullish market is developing.  Below I listed four links to binary option trading patterns that would best serve you for when it comes to trading these market conditions.  The first two articles provide you with information involving the utilization of price action trading pattern which is often the trading pattern of choice due to reliability and high success rates.  The third article below is a highly accurate trading pattern that often results in a winning percentage of 75% and higher.  While the last article below goes over a rather unique trading pattern that is extremely effective with bullish trends.

The Holy Grail Bullish Trading Pattern Combination for Binary Options! 

 Advance Resistance Level Trading Pattern

Price Action Trading Pattern

Strategy for Binary Options

The TSF Indicator

Bullish markets is any countries most desired market condition because it symbolizes a strong and growing economy.  Bullish conditions offer the best opportunities to online traders making it the condition of choice among binary option traders and traders of other fields.  Identifying a bullish trend or market condition is rather simply and requires little to no knowledge.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and thank you for your time.

2 thoughts on “Trading Tips for Bullish Markets

  1. Tim Lanoue

    Hey Tony,

    Expiry times when using a timeframe consisting of 15 minutes should be in the range of 5 minutes to 15 minutes, any expiry times outside of those time frames will more than likely affect the chance of you winning that trade.

    Thanks for your time and if you have any other questions please feel free to leave!


  2. TONY

    Good day i like the 75 percent and above strategy but i do have a question in the chart example u used it was a 15 minutes chart and when the EMA crossed and your RSI and stochastic signaled what should be your expiry time and also can i use the strategy also from the 5 minutes chart if yes what would the expiry also be thanks awaiting your reply.


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