Thousand Dollar Days SCAM

By | April 11, 2015

Another fake autotrader is now going viral, the Thousand Dollar Days software, so if you are looking to lose some money, you should go ahead and give it a try. In reality, this is another scam, a pure example of the average money-making scheme targeting binary options traders with fake promises. “A Team of Regulated Traders” as they state yet when I contacted their support to get some kind of a regulations or license number, they completely ignored my request. I highly doubt any claim made on the website. The fact that they guarantee a $1000/day for each member who joins is already enough to raise suspicion. Of course I can be picky and also mention the fake testimonials, snapshots, misleading disclaimers, lack of support and a list of warning signs I can go on forever.

The way the Thousand Dollar Days scam works is very simple, they do it by luring you in with promises no one can refuse and then get you to deposit money with unregulated brokers who are cooperating with their scam. seasoned traders know that they should avoid the average looking pitch page scam but many traders fall victims and it’s an unfortunate way to start a day trading career. I am hoping that this review will serve as a warning for new traders or anyone who is seeking to make money online in a legitimate way. I can tell you right now that, without trying this myself, this is a %100 pure scam and I find it necessary to warn as many people as I can.


The Thousand Dollar Days scam is not as viral as the Binary Boom software ( Scam Warning) and less traders are asking me about it but either way, it’s important for me to create a review where people can freely post their feedback and share their honest experience. I Googled “Thousand Dollar Days Review” and all I managed to find were a bunch of promotional reviews, none of the testimonials seem to be authentic. If I am wrong and this is truly a “break-trough system” I will be glad to admit it but honestly I believe that in time, visitors and members will post their feedback on and we will know exactly how well the software is performing.

So I will keep it short, I just wanted to alert you guys. This is a new scam and it’s being heavily promoted on many blogs, YouTube videos and via email campaigns. Be sure to leave your feedback if you have any information to share concerning Thousand Dollar Days. I welcome you all to visit my complete Binary Options Scams list as well as some of the binary options signals services I recommend. Stay safe everyone and thank you for taking a moment to read my warning.

8 thoughts on “Thousand Dollar Days SCAM

  1. Irena

    Thank You Mike, I´m glad for your review about this. I subscibed Thousand Dollar Days, but not deposit yet. So I know what to do now.

    Thank You.

  2. epicallyfun

    Thanks for letting us know about such a scam, another great and informative article by you Mike!

    Even though it is not as popular, many are losing money from it.

  3. Steve

    Luckily, I didn’t end up losing money like Bill did. I was foolish enough to believe these guys and deposited $300.00(the minimum at this time)and would have most certainly lost it if my credit card company didn’t put a hold on the transaction. Right after I hit the button to make the deposit I realized the whole thing was pure BS. My bank canceled the transaction and they issued me a new card.

  4. Bill Hamstra

    It’s a scam I signed lost my $250. in two days ,tried support several times never ever got a reply.Avoid this it’s a scam.
    Hope this helps

    Bill Hamstra

  5. Keith

    Thank you Mike, there are sooo many scams around, I am really grateful to you for keeping me safe! Looking forward to working with you and the team. I have sent my details already.

    Being a newbie it is really hard to know what is rubbish and a sure fire way to loose everything and bail out of a great opportunity.

    Best regards

  6. John Whitmore

    I got an email from this site and played along and told them I was ready to sign up and someone did email me back then I turned on them about the so called broker well anyway the did not contact me anymore after I told them they were on the blacklist lol thanks Mike.

  7. Adriano L. Silva

    Another scan hehe, to out … !!!
    Thank you for always alert us Mike and continue this great hard work. IS WE !!!


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