The Truth, the Past and Mike’s Real Name!

By | June 30, 2015

I have to admit that I do feel kind of shy to tell you everything about me, Michael Freeman. I never actually shared my life’s story with any of my subscribers and YouTube viewers as my main focus is binary options trading, my YouTube channel is not a Vlog, or in other words, a YouTube channel documenting a YouTuber’s personal life. However, today I received an email by a person who claims to have exposed my real name, address and phone number. This individual is an affiliate working for a different website and unlike other members of this industry, I don’t feel like this individual deserves to have his name written here.

I have to thank him though, because he gave me this idea to tell you my life’s story and also address the accusations once again made by this individual. First before I continue, know that we’re possibly dealing with a 14-year-old kid who seems to have an obsession with me and loves to call me a “FA**OT” and a Retard in every sentence and on every post written on his website, irregardless if the content has anything to do with me.

Before I continue and provide you with my Life’s story, in a narrowed down version that fits a blog post, I want to let people in this industry know something very important. Binary options traders are not interested in blog wars, in foul language and obsessive hate campaigns. They are looking for a Reliable Signals Service or a Community and help with trading in genera. The last thing they care to read about is a bunch of drama, especially if it’s completely biased, they are looking to make money. I don’t think that a real trader would have the time to sit around and plot how to destroy Mike’s name, if he was into any type of serious business.

People who watched my YouTube videos and read my articles, know that I am a person they can trust and that I managed to establish a successful signals group on Facebook. We now have live evidence, webinars posted on my channel, endless of real testimonials by members who love the group and make money with the group. The point that I am trying to make is that, whatever you end up writing about me, makes people curious to learn more about me and when people get to know me, they immediately realize that all the attempts to discredit me are false. This is also one of the reasons why I never really responded, even though it’s been going on for more than a year now. There’s a reason why my channel is the biggest on YouTube in the binary options niche and why my blogs are viral.

Let’s continue, so today I received an email from this affiliate marketer who claims that he found the truth, he “exposed my real identity” … In a blog post, he shared an old photo of me from LinkedIn with the name Emmanuel Matityahu on it instead of Michael Freeman. He also revealed that I worked as a Marketing Coordinator for Google a few years ago. All this information is true so far… The address and phone number are actually incorrect but everything else was right in the money, but guess what? It was true before I changed my name LEGALLY to Michael Freeman. “You Got Me!” I must be a scammer if I didn’t like the name my parents gave me and decided to take matters into my own hands, of course!

Now why would I do change my name though? About 7-8 years ago while I was working for a water filtering company as a support/sales agent, my boss decided that my name should be Michael. I liked it! However I didn’t change it officially at the time, yet everyone around me started calling me Michael and it seemed to fit me well. My boss thought it was a friendly sales name and don’t forget that my birth name kind of sounds ancient and biblical, doesn’t it? So I decided to change my name! What’s the big deal? My name was previously Emmanuel Matityahu and now it’s Michael Freeman, end of story.

Ironically, that same person who accuses me of being “retarded”, failed to realize that over at Google, you won’t pass the job interview if you are retarded, in fact, getting the job at Google was one of the most difficult challenges I faced in my entire life. The catch is that I never really liked to work for people and take orders from managers, I am a free person and being a Free Man was my final goal. The 14 restaurants at the Google-Plex and Ping Pong tables were a lot of fun, but in reality it was all created in order to “retain the employees”. Eventually I decided to go in the same direction in life that most of you decided to take, and I will be forever thankful for finding online trading, establishing a great network of traders and helping my subscribers avoid scams. It’s a full-time job and trust me that it’s not easy, however it’s the direction I decided to take and I am happy with my life.

Emmanuel Matityahu – Former Employee at Google (Mountain View, California)


Here is a snapshot from my passport showing the name change, my birth place (USA), I am a dual citizen of Israel and the United States. I was born in 1986 at the Redwood City, California hospital to Israeli parents.


Here is a snapshot the angry affiliate shared on his website:


“you totally got me there buddy..”

Being a fast learner I managed to educate myself and develop trading techniques, which helped me generate some decent profits in 2012 and I decided to establish a YouTube channel and share my tips, strategies and warnings with the world. To all the affiliates who are jealous I must say, it’s not my fault that my channel became so viral with 14,000 subscribers at the moment. You should’ve been a partner instead, or at least, you should’ve minded your own business. Let me be me, and you can be you, unless you are not happy with yourself and you feel like spending your entire life picking on others, in this case, I can totally understand where you are coming from.

Let’s move on, so why am an Israeli and American and where do I currently stay? You got to ask my parents this question, my mom and dad decided to have a better life in the US, and there I was born and given a citizenship immediately. Now, since my parents are Jewish, I also qualified for an Israeli citizenship. As a kid my parents divorced and my dad stayed in the US and my mom moved  to Israel with me and my brother. I spent a few years as a kid growing up in Israel, but my dad managed to eventually convince me that life in the US is much better and I ended up moving to the US where I spent most of my adult life. Just like most kids who grew up in California, I was a spoiled kid, driving my car drunk on Highway 1 and on that road between San Jose to Santa Cruz (not recommended), this was during the time I lived in Half Moon Bay. I attended Half Moon Bay High where things got really wild I have to admit.

I also spent a lot of time wakeboarding both in Israel and in the US, this pictures are from Eilat, Israel. The Red Sea is not ideal for wakeboarding.. I much rather waterboard on sweet late water but I’ll do it anywhere, anytime!!!


Today I am Michael Freeman, the leader of the most successful Facebook signals group and community. I posted an article in the past on ‘the reasons why we are  so successful’ and why my business model works and delivers great ITM results to our following members in the group & for the admins who are heavily rewarded on a weekly basis!

10 Reasons Why we are the best Binary Options Signals Service and Community Online!

I don’t want to go on and brag about my life, in fact, it wasn’t a smooth ride. I worked really hard for many years while I was still in College and paid for my own education even though my family had the money to afford it. If anyone wants to judge me, you better have a look in the mirror first and tell me what you see, and “If your slate is not clean then you can throw stones”. I say this to everyone who decided to negatively campaign against me. You are dealing with the wrong retard, the Michael Freeman who people choose to trust for the right reasons!

Join Mike’s Binary Options Group on Facebook

I encourage our group’s members, visitors and everyone to share your feedback. If you have any questions for me or anything else you would like to know about my group or about my personal life, be sure to respond and I’ll be glad to share as many details as I can, of course everyone deserves some level of privacy so I won’t give you the password to my email or the names of my ex-girlfriends, otherwise I will really be exposed!! haha what can I say? This is me.

I should also add that one of the reasons why I wasn’t so excited about sharing my association with Israel is because I have many loyal followers who live in countries that are considered enemy countries, so I wasn’t sure if they would accept me as a friend, mentor or as anything. However, in our group we now have people from all over the world and no one seems to care too much about other people’s religion or personal life.

We don’t have time to waste and our only goal is to focus on trading so we can continue and provide our members with great results. All the evidence to support my claims that the group is successful are available on my YouTube channel. We get a lot of support, my admins are amazing traders and I am blessed to have the best traders working with me and delivering great results, on a daily basis, to my group’s members and keeping us in the lead! The group together generates over 30 signals every day and our top admin never dropped below %80 ITM for months, in fact is current ITM is around %86!!!! No wonder he nailed his last LIVE Webinar with 10/10 ITM’s in a row, resulting in a major success to the many traders who attended the webinar. His performance results are not based on 50-70 trades, Afzal delivered 100’s of signals over the last months and his performance is undeniably above any ITM performance you will consistently get from anyone I’ve ever seen trade binary options!!! I look for talents and we seem to find each other. I also posted an article dedicated to Afzal, an open letter to my favorite binary options trader!

Mike’s YouTube Channel – You will find real testimonials, live webinars and more information regarding my group. If you are interested to trade professionally, it’s about time you should join us and quit wasting your time.

P.S. – Where do I now live? I almost forgot, I recently purchased an apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s expensive and it’s not worth it! Don’t ever buy an apartment in Tel Aviv and make the same mistake that I made lol. The only good thing about it is that I can rent this apartment quickly and get out of here any time and move back to the US, which is my plan in the very near future, especially if Iran decides to attack. You never know ?!  😉

62 thoughts on “The Truth, the Past and Mike’s Real Name!

  1. Dragos Ciobanu

    Wow! What an impressive story, Michael! In a way I am grateful for what happened (don’t get me wrong, please!) because now I have a complete picture about you – a picture that makes me highly appreciate you aside of the amazing things you do with the FB signals group and blog and all your initiative to help people walk towards financial freedom creating in the same time a safe environment for them…Much Gratitude for you and all your initiatives, my friend!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Thank you so much Dragos, your kind feedback is always noticed and very much appreciated! God Bless you!

  2. Osheen Cholakian

    You shoulda picked James Bond, or Ultimate Warrior as your new name. You give us Bond like tools, and battle all these crazy peeps attacking you. Like celebrity of the binary options. You deserve star on wallstreet walk of fame.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      James Bond LOL good idea 😛 .. maybe in a few years when people forget who he was haha

  3. jackie

    Good for you Michael, negativity eats away at you so do as you are and reject it or even better as the king said (return to sender) unopened!

  4. Jared B

    I love how open you are, Mike! The haters gotta hate but if you’re standing on solid truth with nothing to hide then you can just laugh off the attacks from the low-life losers who at the root of it all are only jealous of a guy like you and have to resort to dishonest practices to make a few dirty dollars. The thing about chucking mud is – some of it always sticks! And them scammers are looking very brown and sticky right about now! 🙂

  5. Natalie Paget

    what an inspiration you are Michael, to have someone call you out on a name change just goes to show they know nothing about you. You are the most generous person I have ever seen in binary and after being scammed by my broker I feel so blessed to have found you and your Facebook group. Thank you for all that you do daily to give the info to the person that may be taken for a ride. I was one of them and glad to have found this group to help me get out of the debt that my broker has put me through. Thank you thank you thank you.

  6. Miral Sawjani

    An inspirational story. You are an inspiration to many Michael. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Your work is without doubt un-commendable. There are no words to express how much you have achieved and still strive to achieve.

    You have supported many traders, many charities go through some real tough times including myself. All I can say is ‘THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART’ and may you forever be blessed with good wishes , health and laughter.

  7. Oscar Pimentel

    This article will be my favorite article of all time, it just shows a what genuine guy you are, looking really happy and enjoying life with a big smile on that picture, Keep it up!!

  8. Heidi Thoresen

    Hi Michael, I love Your name, and I love you, I knew you wore a real person all the time With a huge heart. I joined Your binary options signalsgroup on facebook to make Money, but it has become so much more. Now I know that you are a great man, a very smart man and we will always support you, we have no reason to ever leave you not even in bad days. You are the sweetest, anyone can see that and I am sooo proud of you and grateful for putting Your face out there, even when it was never neccesary. Haters makes you stronger and better. You will always be free it is okey to have a personal life but at least everybody know you are not a robot or a 14 year old kid:-D You are so hot too haha.xoxo<3

  9. Bassam Jamal

    I will say this honestly,I believe God led me to your group on FB. I was praying and I kept running into all the binary scams. I was giving up hope and then I found your site/group. I’m glad you are defending yourself against these scammers. You are not only protecting yourself but the rest of us too and we have your back. Don’t stop believe! We Support You! and YES WE CAN!

  10. Christie Castaneda

    It doesn’t matter what your name is, (celebrities and writers change their names all the time) you’re a self-made man and there won’t ever be another group like the one you’ve made. We know that you have a good heart and all your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, it really makes a huge impact in our lives and for that we’re grateful.

  11. Karen Watson

    There is nothing wrong with changing your name, many do it every day. A persons name does not make the person who they are. Where a person lives does not make you who you are. It’s the size of your heart that makes you who you are. And Michael Freeman’s heart is huge and full of love. If we had more Michael Freeman’s we would have a lot less scams.

  12. Glynn Uhlman

    Hi Michael. Googles loss, our trading families gain. You always show your true colours and tell it like it is, from your heart! We all respect you as a business person and a friend to so many traders that you have helped succeed along the way. The founding of your Signals Facebook page is a testament and legacy to your personal success as the top leader in the Binary Options industry. You have changed so many lives for the better and have asked for nothing in return. For this so many people are truly grateful, as many people looking into this industry are struggling to make ends meet, and need a leg up. You have been that booster giving so many a hand to get to a better place. Please don’t stop being you, and don’t let any negative campaigns bring you down. The nah sayers are simply jealous and envious of your tremendous success and what you have achieved in your life. Keep your head held high in knowing you help so many people succeed. From the bottom of our hearts we are grateful for your continued efforts! God Bless my friend, Michael Freeman.

  13. Nick

    In life you meet many people, for the observant in the first 30 seconds you can get a vibe about a person. The consistent vibe I got from Michael Freeman was firstly when I watched his YouTube videos, then reading his blogs, then joining his Facebook Group. The bottom line Mike is a no-nonsense, sincere, honest, genuine and very generous sort of guy, both when it comes to his time, money, energy, training, fighting for the eradicating of scam’s on the internet (saving people millions $’s from scammers). My only advice to people wishing to learn how to trade binary options… don’t blindly accept opinions from strangers in regards to others. Don’t judge people before you get to know them. Without a doubt Michael Freeman is the only person (in the world of binary options) who does not charge people to be part of his group, whilst other so call trading guru’s charge you for each interaction or by the month for their services, Mikes services are totally free, no strings attached. Rather than paying him money you can make money every day, week, month each year. The reality IN YOUR FACE is, the open opportunity of siding with such an inspiring and hard working sort of guy and his team is PRICELESS! (P.S. He does accept donations if and when you can afford, as you make the green stuff c/- his group). Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself, Cheers

  14. marc barling

    thanks mike i know you are real but good on you for putting the facts out there oh by the way we share a birthday lol i knew i liked you for some other reason lol

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      LEO POWER Marc !!!! 😀 I appreciate your comments so much people!!! I am blessed to have the most amazing group in the world! <3

  15. Oscar Pimentel

    I just finished reading it, I’m really happy that the mentor I have is 100% legit and not some idiot who’s hiding behind a fake name or a cartoon profile. You seem like a guy I would definitely have a beer with and talk about life experiences, You really are just a good,humble and genuine guy that I can trust, I knew that before this article was published but this article just pushed that trust even higher,thank you for sharing so much private information, I know it wasn’t easy opening up to us since there are so many haters out there but it just shows us you care more about us than them, I didn’t think about it much, but your last name “freeman” means a lot to me more than before, a “free man” living his life the way he desires, Love the attitude you have on taking this group to next level, God bless you Michael Freeman!

  16. Valentina

    I read this article again and again, I must say this is the truth! I am so proud and happy to be part of your team Mike and I am happy to know you! I read all the comments here and I am happy to see the support these people are giving you because you deserve it Mike! You are the man who created something amazing helping other people to find their way to their success, with new name or old name who cares? I wanted to change my name as well in the past I just never liked it. I know many people who call themselves with different names without change them officially. I don’t think they are “scammers” either….

  17. Maria Palacio

    Michael, Thank you for being honest one more time. very exciting story about you. I think that we all know you very good by now, there is nothing can change who you are and believe me you are !!ONE OF THE KIND!!you are a very brave person who desert nothing, but admiration from all of us. you can change your name every day, but you can’t change the person who you are. you are doing such great job helping us to learn and find a way to support our families without asking any money. I just got something to say “GOD BLESS YOU”

  18. Anton Graham

    Michael I like Israel and there people. This reminds me of my epic journey in 2011 at the age of 50 solo cycling with my MTB from Cape Town through 12 African countries all the way to Israel, 15 000 km. On this journey I have experienced how people open their big hearts and share the little they have with me. I felt like a freeman on my bicycle. This is the kind of man Michael Freeman is, IN MY OPINION, that is behind the signal group which I am proud to be part of. A freeman with a big heart that wants to share. My bicycle is a symbol of freedom. In actual fact my bicycle is still with a good friend that lives in Monoson in Tel Aviv. Michael keep up with the great work. You still a young man but I solute you.

  19. Svanhild Hansen

    For those who believe that Mike Freeman is a scam, I have news for you.
    Among all the fraudulent groups and services in Binary Option Trading, Mike Freeman has given us a safe haven. He keeps rule strict to protect us from loosing money. Who else would do that?

    His admins and top traders are super and Mike really makes it easy for alot of people to surplus their income and get better safer lifes with growing bank accounts.

    We dwell in an environment of friendship and helpful caring people. There are tons of knowledge that is shared and educatuional tools to use, mostly for free. Where can you find that elsewhere?

    I did alot of googling before I found this group, and I also saw some negative reviews of Michael Freeman. Its a jungle out there and even good guys get slandered. I can personally assure that you can trust this guy. Hope to see you in our group one day!

  20. Chris Targia

    I think you are for REAL !,and a honest person. If you were a fraud, you wouldnt make so many YOU TUBE vidios, and have you own WEB SITE..Mikes Binary Options Channel. I am glad there are poeple like you in this world, if so the world would be a better place !..KEEP IT UP Mike

  21. Luis Carlos

    The truth is that you have created the most fantastic group I’ve ever met in the world of binary options , there are many scams ‘s all over the internet to deceive people and to STEAL literally the little we had to invest to has financially freedoom, the truth is that who calls you names and verbally mistreats you, have no more than ENVY (big time) oF YOU , this group is one big happy family where we exchange ideas , strategies , grow as traders and as people , I’m in the group for two months now and following the Admin and Top traders even though rookie (each i’m) could earn money , about 72 % ITM .You are the most reliable person I know in binary options , continues so one hundred percent true and zero percent fake / scam. Thank you Michael for opportunity , you are a great man.

  22. Thomas

    Hi Michael,

    Good to learn about a bit of your past though it would have mattered less if you didn’t say it. However, after reading the above especially the fact that you are a Jew has gladdened my heart even more.

    I had liked your approach and chracter from the first video on You Tube where you came across as a very honest bloke. I am glad to admit that after 4 months association with the group my admiration and respect for you has only gone up though have to admit sometimes you stress yourself and say some unkind words.

    Today I realised that you are so honest because you are a Jew not an American as thought earlier. I have known 3 Jewish families before in Mumbai, India where I was raised and grew up. All the them had the same characteristics of honesty, lovable and absolute friends to the core who could be relied when needed. All of them believe went back to Tel Aviv after graduating.

    I too am a honest bloke and have suffered as a result at the hands of cheats and scoundrels some of whom I was able to take on but lost out to some powerful bastards who were ruthless to even threaten harming my little girls.

    I know you are showing lots of courage to take these scoundrels on who will go any lengths to put this forum down. However our group is very robust and strong and think everyone knows it is full of honest people. I also feel assured that you are in Israel where you cant be touched.

    I have not made lot of money from my association with the group due to time constraints but hoping to hop on to the live seminars on a regular basis.

    Apologies for the long post. Keep it going Michael. Let me again reiterate whatever your name is doesn’t matter. A rose by any name smells the same so also a man of imbeccable character.

    Best Regards

  23. Ram Unas

    Michael you should not pay attention to all kinds of crazy kids who are jealous .They want to fraud but you disturb them, they can only be angry and they can’t do anything I’m from Eastern Europe from Lithuania and here you have a friends.There are few of as, and we support you,be strong my friend

  24. Calin Bejan

    Patience is the key to everything and maybe smart decisions, but then with patience I came to a post about Michael and I joined the his FB group. I am excited about this.

  25. Ruby Brodersen

    Every human has a past. The key for me is that you are now and you’re doing. I board not read all your text because for me it was yesterday and your life. Who never make mistakes ????
    Ruby Brodersen

  26. Donna M

    Wow – what a story! Thanks for letting us get to know a bit more of the real you. As a person who has legally changed her name, I think it is ridiculous that anyone should be trying to use that to discredit you. I have witnessed your kind heart and sincere regard for the members of your Facebook signals group firsthand and am so grateful to you for creating this wonderful AND PROFITABLE trading family. Don’t let someone who won’t even reveal his true name get you down! He will likely be forgotten soon enough…

  27. Chenelle Stewart

    You ignored this person’s shenanigans and ignorance for over a year! Wow that takes a lot of maturity and patience. Little does he know that you being transparent with your life, has not only made me trust you even more, it has made me glad that I know your birthday is coming up in July, so that we can celebrate a hero in the world of binary options! I am grateful to your parents for having such a great son to change the lives of many people and protect us from scammers!
    Before I got into Binary Options trading, I prayed to God for him to lead and guide me, so I would not be taken advantage of and I found out about you on binary options watchdog and you have help lead and guide me and then I found your fb group. I am learning so much and itming daily! Glory to God! Prayer changes things ad God lead me to your group. Thank you for being vulnerable and opening up about your life. It did even more good than harm, trust me! Oh and by the way, I got my name changed when I got Married, from Tucker to Stewart, so we have even more in common!LOL like changing a name is wrong!

    Take care Michael and be encouraged!

    Chenelle Tucker Stewart

  28. Margaret Mayo

    I feel very fortunate to have been able to find your site. I also got ripped off by a blacklist binary, although, managed to get out as my inner gut told me they were shifty before losing to much. Since I have been involved on your site I have learned and now able to place trades with the help of your awesome admins responsibly. You have never put expectations of promises of making big money but rather cautioned your members to act in a proper manner. Kudos to you for putting your life story out there, honesty pays off and the creeps who are trying to trash you because you are a threat exposing their sites will soon melt away , as it is hard to challenge pureness. Wish there were more people like you willing to take on the fight. Thank you from Canada for making it possible to learn, have fun, and be responsible all in one.

  29. Amanda Katherine

    There is no crueler stage to work on than the internet. It takes a lot of guts and bravado to reveal your true self online. There are so many people who get their thrills simply by trolling and bullying via the web. Add the threat of losing money (earned by scamming) and they will become twice as mean. Embracing your roots and dealing with the haters honestly is the best move. You have now taken their feeling of power away.

    What I love about this group, besides the ITM’s, is the cultural diversity. I love seeing Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others working together towards a common goal, without letting the stupid politics and racism get in the way. I have never experienced such an online community until now. That alone is a huge accomplishment. You are creating a beautiful social experiment at the same time as you are helping people earn money, no matter where they are from.

    With each day you will see more people joining your group. And we say WELCOME! Come one and all, no matter where you are from.

    Keep smiling, keep believing, and keep moving forward. Let’s show the world that it IS possible to bring such a diverse group together and make good things happen. I love that. Toss away their hate and embrace the future. Peace and love always. <3

  30. Roger Silvia


    The old adage “don’t judge the book by its cover” I feel can be applied to you. Somehow, this person is very jugmental about what he see’s in you from all over social media and doesn’t even bother to get to know the real Micheal Freeman from deep inside you. You have a good heart Mike. Fortunately, he’s not a friend of yours. Unlike me when a former friend decided to start a lie against me and another friend of ours for his selfish interest. He was not very successful and that person is completely out of our company and running in debt. They can’t put a good man down like you Mike.

    Your story is worth telling, why don’t you start compiling it and published it in the near future? I would entitle the book something like, “Inside Micheal Freeman”….

  31. Hans

    Michael, you are a real person and The only thing a have to say: I have lots of respect, respect and respect for you! Live Your Life as you wish.
    Thanks for sharing with us that you are a real human bring in this crazy world. Enjoy Life !7

  32. Don Murray

    What can I say. I find it absolutley disgusting that a good man has to justify himself because of some pratts who are overwhelmed by jealousy. As I see it Michael Freeman, I dont care if you had 20 previous names. These things are personal to you Michael and although people are snooping about, you really do not need to justify to them. The most important thing is WE, as your facebook family have full faith in your direction and leadership and everyone who doubts you will have their Karma one day. Your a good man Mike through and through. You have our backing antime.

  33. Marcelo Souza

    In English below. (I’m sorry for my English)

    Michael. É muito gentil da sua parte ter dado essa explicação. Ficamos grato por você se preocupar em deixar tudo claro. Mas isso simplesmente não tem necessidade. Acredito que todos que estão no seu grupo já te conhecem o necessário. Que é criar oportunidades de lucro pra nós e evitar que percamos dinheiro em golpes. Apenas isso já dá pra ver como é a sua índole. Porém entendo a vontade que você teve em fazer essa explicação. Isso com certeza foi gerado pelo clima de familia que há no “nosso” grupo, vou chamar de “nosso” e não apenas de “seu” porque é isso que eu vejo, um grupo real onde as pessoas se ajudam e se preocupam com os outros. Como já citei uma vez eu fiquei emocionado em ver que membros me procuraram em particular para me passar dicas e ideias de gerenciamento de risco quando eu falei que não estava indo muito bem. Seu grupo me impressionou por eu encontrar pessoas pelo mundo inteiro que não estão olhando apenas para elas mesmas, mas eles querem que todos fiquem bem. Você não precisa nos dar nenhuma explicação, aqueles que estão com você já conhecem o necessário da sua pessoa. Fique em paz e vamos lucrar. 🙂

    Michael. It is very kind of you to have given this explanation. We were grateful for you to worry about leaving everything clear. But this simply does not need. I believe that everyone who is in your group already know you needed. Which is to create profit opportunities for us and prevent lose money in scams. This alone you can see how your character. But I understand the desire you had to make this explanation. It certainly was generated by the family atmosphere that is in “our” group, I will call “our” and not just “your” because that’s what I see, a real group where people help and care about others. As already mentioned once I was thrilled to see that members came to me in particular to give me tips and risk management ideas when I said I was not going very well. His group struck me as I meet people all over the world who are not looking only for themselves, but they want everyone to stay well. You need not give us any explanation, those who are with you already know the need of person. Be at peace and we will profit. 🙂

  34. Peter Ball

    There really is nothing else to say except CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL FREEMAN on your fantastic life story and the SUCCESS you have made of your life, also you are slowly changing the lives of thousands of others too, Thank You so much, YOU are THE MAN to FOLLOW, and I love being part of YOUR FAMILY.

    Peter, UK.

  35. Lau Theng Foong

    It takes a lot for a person to share his life story to the world and it shows the world what an amazing guy you are,Mike. Having read this, I think you deserve a lot of respect and support from other because of what you have done and contribute to the society. The ones that determine to mess with your life should be ashamed of themselves. We does not care whether your name is Emmanuel Matityahu or Michael Freeman, the guy we have respect is you yourself and what you have done to help others. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the FB family. Thanks Mike for the opportunity and cheers. ^^

  36. wesley dewah

    That is quite a detailed exposé of yourself Micheal,I am sure anyone still having doubts doubts after this is either crazy or has not had the honour to experience the amazing binary options group that is the Michael Freeman’s Manual signals facebook group.This group is the best in the industry,not just growing your growing money by the endless ITM signals but also increasing one’s knowledge of binary options aswell!Keep up the good work Micheal.

  37. Ed de Bakker

    This is the time to learn and never forget that we can only judge others by their actions. I know that some people have an opinion just because of the color of the skin, religion or whatever. So now I know even a name can make a difference!? The man changed his name, so what? What if he just used a fake name??? Would that make any difference??? Not to me, I think it is sad in a way that one even has to consider doing that.

    I will keep on judging on peoples actions. I am involved with Michael Freeman for three months now. Of course I don’t really know him, so I have no real opinion on a personal level. But man… look at what he has acclompished! You just got to love the guy! I know for a fact lots of people do. I don’t need to have a phonecall with his ex-girlfriends to decide that! 🙂

  38. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin

    May GOD always bless u Mike..u have a good fighter spirit,brave,sincere and honest heart…let’s rock the world with your successes..may GOD keep your health well and always rewarding u…you’re a true leader to us and hope will be last forever..AMEN

  39. Art Fisher

    First of all, I must admit when I first saw one of Mike’s videos, I felt like the results was providing were exaggerated.

    Then, as I watched more videos and saw his sincerity and transparency, I knew he was different than the typical binary options guru.

    I did a lot of studying, ran into scam after scam. Lucky for me, I only
    ever tried a few of them. I can remember buying a so called robot and a garbage signal service.

    I was finally ready to use Michael’s advice and signals. It was at that time he advised not getting any broker except Nadex for the U.S. I got sidetracked with Internet Marketing.

    The next time I had an opportunity to work with Michael, he was focused on a different type of business. I continued with my internet marketing until recently a binary options platform opened up which prompted me to looked for information on Michaels website.

    I couldn’t find anything, good or bad about them.
    I do okay with that platform. nothing stellar though. Here it is the end of June and I guess all the stars aligned and I am now a part of Michael’s Facebook group.

    To say I was impressed is an understatement. I was actually blown away! Signal quality I had never seen before and the amount of signals are awesome too. My first day in the group, I traded 8 signals, split a couple of them and was in the money for all 8(10) of them!

    The only thing I’m upset about is it took me almost a year to get involved. Thank you Michael! I really appreciate being accepted into the group.

    Wake boarding is a lot of fun by the way! I’ve only done it a couple of times. I surf a lot though!

  40. pam khanyile

    Firstly I would like to thank Michael Freeman aka (Emmanuel Matityahu) for the watchdog website and secondly accepting me into his FB group.

    My reasons for thanking him is I have been burnt and really quite badly by the SCAMS on binary options. I am unemployed and used my pension payout to make an income on binary options but these fake software took advantage of my so hard earned money and I do not even own a cent out of it.

    Michael helped by advertising his group on FB and have never, let me repeat never ever made a profit of even $10 on my own or from the SCAMS (fake software/robots) now I can proudly say through his FB group I am able to make $100 and more!!!!! Thanks Michael. People tend to forget that there is no Saint in this world even Jesus said that He is no Saint himself but only Thy Father. Mostly few/less people have nothing on their closets to hide.

    We are in this group with one common idea that is to make money not to dish out other people(s)dirty laundry that have nothing to do with trading.

    Mike this is how we go strong and I think you should give yourself a tap in the shoulder because you stay rent free in other people(s) mind’s as they are busy thinking how and what should they do in order to discredit you and the group.

    I will just brush them off because I can see that they are fighting with me indirectly so as not to be knowledgeable about trading but only concerned with fattening their bank accounts with our monies

    If you haven’t joined Mike’s FB group, I am telling you, you are loosing BIG time!!!!

    Viva to all members of Mike’s FB gruop. In SA we say Amandla!!!!! (Power)

  41. Les

    Michael, in the modern day era, you are a true leader, one to look to for the way forward, there must be no mirrors in our lives, just memories to use as guides. Thank you for being yourself, period.

  42. Nate D. Burleigh

    This reminds me of the movie 8 Mile when B-Rabbit (Eminem) got up to the mic and told his entire story so that the other rappers in the competition couldn’t use his own story against him anymore. Well done Mike. You put the Haters in their place. And who cares who they are. They are nothing compared to you. Your group has basically saved my life. I was wallowing in sorrow for myself having gone through some surgeries and lost my job before I ran into your group by chance. Now I feel like I have something to live for. A patriarch that tells it how it is. Admins that help me make money to support my family. There is nothing they can say about you anymore. Just drop the mic and walk off stage now Mike. You’ve proven yourself. And know that your binary options family loves you and could care less what the haters say. God bless you for being who you are and for coming into my life in my time of need. I know I’m not the only one that can say that. Love ya buddy. Keep up the great work exposing the scams for who they are and loving and supporting your FaceBook family.

  43. Lan Hunt

    I started trading around february 2015, i wasnt making very much using the information i’d found elsewhere, in fact i was losing more than anything. Then i stumbled on Michael Freemans youtube channel, i approached with a degree of skepticism at first thinking Michael Freeman was a made up name and that he was just another scammer, but i decided to give his info a go. I eventually joined his facebook group and demo’d to see if it could live up to the hype, it did!
    At first it was a good group, now its a great group, over the last 3 and a half months i’ve been able to learn how to trade successfully by myself and even developed my own strategy from the traders within the group and learning the hard way. A lot more than i can say for the other “traders” on youtube, recently i was offered a paid position at the group to provide signals, ALL OF THIS I OWE to MIKE and his traders! so after 3 1/2 gruelling months of 12 hour days i’ve been able to achieve my dream of being a full time trader and im only 21!!!. Thank you Mike, truly for helping me achieve what i’ve wanted for so long, and providing a group where people can grow and learn as traders. Thank you so much for bringing me into this family, i intend on staying as long as i can 🙂

  44. Naresh Nash

    The Name Doesn’t Matter, What We Do With It Matters.
    you are a great leader, mentor and more over great human, who literally helped thousands of us.
    The Name Michael freeman is So famous in Binary options industry now, when we type Binary option in YouTube, we see one of your Videos.
    And thousands of us are following it.

    Your life story says that nothing is impossible in life, if we are determine and dedicated.

    You are the GURU of Binary Options trading now.
    God bless you and All the Admins. Who is help us to achieve our dream.

    Thank you for Creating this Fantastic Facebook Family.

  45. Dave Kalidhasan

    As far as i’m concerned it doesn’t make a difference to me if you’re a JEW, MUSLIM, CHRISTIAN, HINDU, ATHEIST, or GAY, STRAIGHT, BISEXUAL… I just DON’T CARE !!! As long as you are a GOOD HUMAN BEING who shows respect and care to fellow humans.. then thats all THAT MATTERS TO ME.

    As far as i’m concerned you’re a GOOD STRAIGHT TALKING HONEST GUY.. and so i’ll STAND BY YOU AGAINST ANY JACKASSS.

    Changing a name LEGALLY IS NOT A CRIME.. besides i added DAVE to my ORIGINAL BIRTH NAME Kalidhasan (many of my fellow countrymen couldn’t pronounce my name). And so i my name was changed to DAVE KALIDHASAN (Dave is easier for ANYONE to pronounce).

    Finally, Michael Freeman i can’t find ANY MISTAKE that u had made.. as accused by the accuser.

    However, i would like to add that YOU DID MAKE A MISTAKE HERE and that is you had used the word “irregardless” (in the 2nd Paragraph). Kindly take note there is NO SUCH WORD, you should instead use the word “REGARDLESS”. The Oxford dictionary has long accused the general public of misusing the word. And so i GUESS I’LL JUST HAVE TO REPRIMAND YOU for using the word “irregardless” !!! Haha..LOL

    Dave Kalidhasan

  46. Tolulope Ayeni

    Mike according to you, “We get a lot of support, my admins are amazing traders and I am blessed to have the best traders working with me and delivering great results, on a daily basis, to my group’s members and keeping us in the lead! The group together generates over 30 signals every day and our top admin never dropped below %80 ITM for months, in fact is current ITM is around %86!!!! No wonder he nailed his last LIVE Webinar with 10/10 ITM’s in a row, resulting in a major success to the many traders who attended the webinar. His performance results are not based on 50-70 trades, Afzal delivered 100’s of signals over the last months and his performance is undeniably above any ITM performance you will consistently get from anyone I’ve ever seen trade binary options!!!” Afzal, Snir,Rene, Lan are enough blessing to counter that m*ron’s postings. Mike and team, you guys rock!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I am %100 with you on this one Tolulope. We had many traders come and go but the strong ones stayed and they are the most dedicated people I know!!

  47. Sharan D

    You truly are very inspiring and motivating and thats all that matters! So don’t take all these BS blogs and scammers seriously as we always believe have faith in you Mike! 🙂

    PS: I am happy that I have learnt somethings new about you through this blog. Cheers!

  48. Daniel Pearson

    That was a truly inspiring read Michael. This article just shows how much of an amazing person you are. People who live in rival countries shouldn’t have anything against you; especially after they see how you help people and genuinely care for your fans and traders. People criticizing you must just be jealous of your success, such a shame people hate on someone who is doing good things for FREE with no expectation of extrovert gains, but I guess you’ll always have haters so just had to ignore them or deal with them like you always do haha. It takes a lot of guts to change your name and take the journey you have. If anything this post will make people think even more of you than they already think . Truly inspiring. Just thought I’d share my opinion 🙂 .

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Daniel after getting to know so many folks from all over the world, I am confident that most people will not judge me for my background. We are a diverse group and it’s one of the most interesting experiences in my life. I never had friends from Pakistan or from Egypt, now I have a big family with me from all over the world!! 🙂

  49. ngoc nguyen

    Everyone has baggage but if I may quote from the late Nelson Mandela “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” And Michael what you have done up until today have proved that you are a conqueror! Don’t ever let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. Hey, as they said hater gonna hate!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I love the quote Ngoc!! In Hebrew they say “life’s a narrow bridge and the most important thing is not to have any fear” it’s also a song, it sounds better in Hebrew… lol

  50. Bronwyn Shadwell

    Much respect to you Michael Freeman!I used to think you were an amazing guy for everything you have done but after reading this i think you are super amazing! It takes a lot of guts to open up one’s personal life and past to the public – especially when you don’t have too – but you did and i admire you for it! I am part of your Facebook group…sorry family….and i can testify to how you have changed so many lives for the better including mine. I think that The Truth, The Past and Mike’s Real Name is one of the best articles you’ve written so far. Thank you for all you do for us Mike!!

  51. Matiba Mbogo

    Wow!, At the end of the day Mike, your helping a whole lot of people and I truly thank you. “I am a free person and being a Free Man was my final goal” i like that line, hahaha.. THANK YOU MIKE!!!

  52. Muhammad

    wow…i just have to say that i have more respect for you than ever before after getting know the real you.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Thank you so much, my fingers hurt from typing 😛 I love you guys <3

  53. Thananiphon

    Hi Micheal Freeman,

    Thanks for your posted your life’s story to let us know.

    Firstly,i need to tell you before that my english language is bad.But i will try to make it best…Hahaah

    Your life is very interesting and i need to thank you again for help me from scammer !.Thanks to meet you here.

  54. Lovekesh Rathore

    life is unpredictable .. it’s always surprise u … i was almost hopeless about treading .. but then my friend add me in Mike group & it’s just change my life / treading skill .. now i m more focused & succeed … I want to Thank to mcheal freemen once for creat this amazing group & accepting me 🙂 u guys doing amazing JOB … KEeP Rocking … GOD bless you 🙂

  55. Graham

    I always say take people how you find them,not someone elses opinions or thoughts. live and let live.that whats makes the world go round.
    good Luck to you in what ever you do Michael,and everyone else who thinks the same of my thoughts.


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