The Fisher Method SCAM – Fishing for new VICTIMS!!!

By | June 12, 2015

A new SCAM is out, folks! I hope none of my subscribers have signed up with It amazes me how those scammers manage to come up with new ideas to scam people every day. They must be doing nothing all day but devising fresh and innovative ideas to steal your money. This one smells really fishy!

The Fisher Method is actually a real method. But can it make you a millionaire or even make you at least $500 every day like the creators of this scam promise? Definitely not. The Fisher Method is a technique used by statisticians to test hypotheses in specific situations. I promise you there’s absolutely no connection between this technique and binary options, and that no skilled trader, such as Afzal, Snir and the other signal providers in my manual signals group on FaceBook, ever use such a method to achieve the trading success we’ve been enjoying since the opening of the group. It’s simply a gimmick that was created by the marketers of this scam to convince unsuspecting traders, newbies in particular, that this time they are on to something. Well, guys, unfortunately, is just another scam offer you should avoid.

I want to go over the characteristics that enable me to identify scams so that you, dear gals and guys, can do the same thing. Scams are released every day and there’s no way I can possibly warn against all of them in time, so I would like to teach you how to discern for yourself if a certain offer is a scam. First of all, a scam will always make promises that seem too good to be true, like a promise to make you a millionaire or even to make hundreds and thousands of dollars daily. Second, they will always have a pitch video which shows you forged account balances, trades, testimonials, etc. They will sometimes add different logos so that subconsciously you will feel that this is familiar and therefore trustworthy. In the case of the Fisher Method scam you will find logos of Sky News, MSNBC, CBC News, etc. Third, there will often be an actor that pretends to be the creator of the method. In our case, he calls himself “Jacob Clark,” and says he’s a professor of mathematics. A quick search reveals that the picture provided is used by few other websites, making it clear that “Jacob Clark” is a fake character. There are many other signs that tell me that this is a scam. I don’t even need to try this to know. The fact that the binary options WatchDog has blacklisted it is perhaps the most obvious sign, see:


Hopefully, these characteristics will be enough to help you decide if a certain offer is a scam. Although there are a few legit binary options Auto Traders out there, my whole effort is to empower you by bringing the trading knowledge to you. Therefore, I suggest to all my subscribers to join my manual signals group on FaceBook. Our group is a community of learning first and foremost. Almost free of charge webinars by our most successful signal providers, study sessions, and one-on-one tutoring are only some of the features that make this group an ideal platform for newbies and advanced binary options traders alike. And I will never force you to sign up with a nasty, dishonest broker, such as those supported by the Fisher Method app and other scams, brokers that have virtually zero customer service once you have finished depositing funds. To join my group, you are encouraged to sign up with fully EU regulated and licensed brokers.

Please write a comment below if you had any experience with the Fisher Method, whether it’s the statistical method or the binary option scam. Please don’t stand by and let those scammers “fish” your fellow traders. See you all on my FaceBook group!

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