The BitCoin Robot Review – Is the BTC Robot a Scam?

By | August 19, 2013

Monday, August 19th, 2013 by Michael Freeman 

Is the Bitcoin Robot really an “ever lasting money making machine”? Presented as the new online gold rush, the Bitcoin Robot is getting a lot of attention in the Online Media. This new money making system was developed by Steve and Mike, developers of FAPTurbo and lunched on August, 2013.

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In  latest years there is an exponential growing demand for the Bitcoin currency as it provides with full encryption user privacy. The Bitcoin currency is known to offer the highest level of security and privacy with online transactions and many online users now prefer to use it over Credit Cards and even PayPal. In this video I decided to share my opinion on this new BitCoin Robot Software and go over ‘online encryption’ and how Bitcoins can be used to ensure the privacy that many users are seeking with their online activities.

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Is the BitCoin Robot a scam? 

None of the Bitcoin Robot Reviews Indicate how the bot actually works and mostly provide with general information on BitCoins. On the BTC website they mention that commissions are not charged while Bitcoins are always purchased with at least a %1 commission and is a great example for a low commission exchange where users can purchase bitcoins.

As with every new product I recommend being cautious. Wait for real reviews to surface and don’t go based on the paid reviews that were obviously planted by the company or affiliated companies. This product  is marketed with claims of security and privacy that is granted for the BitCoin Robot users while in reality the funding of this software and any future deposits make into the software or done via Credit Cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer and not via actual Bitcoins which is a clean indicator that any claims of security and privacy are inaccurate. If you are looking to trade Bitcoins on a binary options platform the Bitcoin Robot is useless as it doesn’t provide you with signals.

Feel free to share your experiences or feedback on the New BitCoin Robot in the comment section. I would love to get some feedback from users who tried the Bitcoin Robot or actively use this service. Thank you for visiting my Bitcoin Robot Review!

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  1. FrankyColeman

    Fellas i need to convert btc to payeer, do you think this service is trustworthy?

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      We will review this service shortly. Feel free to email us in a few days to ask about our Goldux review.


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