The Aussie Method is a SCAM and another joke!

By | June 23, 2015

We’ve seen the China Millionaire, the German Robot SCAM sites and now.. ‘what do you know?!’ The Aussie Method is here and I am about to ‘kill it’ with an awful review such as I did with every viral scam that was launched and solicited to online traders. Before I continue, I know that many review sites are very manipulative, so know right now that you are not about to read another promotional ‘The Aussie Method Review’, this is an article written by me, Michael Freeman, and in case you don’t know me, I posted over 230 videos on YouTube related to binary options trading and my channel is currently the biggest in the industry, I don’t promote BS to online traders.

I specialize in exposing scams such as The Aussie Method, I get over 300 emails every day and some include complaints and warnings and guess which software people are complaining about this time? The Aussie Method by “Jake Pertu”, the imaginary CEO or founder of the software, a person that you won’t find in a Google search, another fake identity such as “Cindy Taylor” from Profit with Cindy who turned out to be Katie Harvey (an actress from and the rest of the garbage that’s being mainly promoted via email campaigns, targeting unsuspecting binary options traders or other folks who are trying to “make a living” online.

You should really check out my new parody video on Binary Options Scams!! Most of my YouTube videos are educational and deal with actual binary options trading, targeting an audience of day traders who are interested in legitimate binary options education. The following video might give you some insight as to how the scams operate and how funny the claims they make are…when you think about it seriously! I really wish I knew about the website before posting my latest video, I would’ve added it to the parody as it’s nothing but another sad joke, I encourage you to check it out before I continue with my Aussie Method Review.

Binary Options Scams “You don’t really want it” directed by Michael Freeman 

I guess I am going to dedicate it to the SCAM by “Jake Pertu”..

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The website is a SCAM! If you do some research and compare the structure, pitch page, voice over, sales tactics to some of the other auto trading fraud sites I reviewed in the past and mentioned in this video.. such as Rock The Stock, Binary Hijack, Insider’s John and so on, you will find that all the scam websites are almost identical! Fake testimonials by the same actors, such as this young pretty lady I found acting for the “Binary Vault” and NOW also for The Aussie Method website. Let’s admit it, she is actually kind of cute but in reality she is just another actress and here she is once again, giving a fake testimonial! After Katie Harvey I think I am about to expose this girl, I don’t care how cute she is to be honest. Check her out: actress – fake review for the Aussie Method SCAM!


Ladies and gentlemen, by now you should already get the idea. In the online trading industry there are too many scam websites, created by online marketers and not by actual day traders with technical analysis experience. unfortunately the creators of The Aussie Method are clever and many new traders are probably going to make the mistake and sign up with this auto trading software, thinking that it’s a great opportunity. It’s human nature to try to look for short-cuts, but if you are looking to do things right, you should take every job, career or gig you are interested to try, step-by-step. Naturally in this case, signing up with a free demo account or paper-trading for a little while, might be a good way to start. You can also check out my recommended binary options signals services and you should know that not every service is a scam but unfortunately many of the ‘high production’ websites are created by online marketers and too many people email me after they lost all their money, therefore I hope that this review on the new Aussie Method, will reach as many people around the world as possible! You can also check into my new Facebook Signals Group, just watch some of my latest videos on YouTube with real live action, testimonials and honest traders working together to achieve good trading results with the help of a supportive community.

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12 thoughts on “The Aussie Method is a SCAM and another joke!

  1. Zachary Dce

    I have been looking for a way to make a little more extra income. Anytime i run across one of these i always look into it before i do anything. If you could point me in a good direction I would appreciate it.

  2. Derek S. Bednash

    I also sat and watched and listened to the Aussie Messology Video by Jackass Jake Perdu Also starring Slime Deva (whatever her Alias is Today)it then redirected to RB Options (another Blacklisted)Brokerage recommended and certified by “Junk”jake Perdu These marketing Co.’s get profits from RB options and I thank you Mike, for your ongoing due diligence exposing and testing these Scum Bag Parasitic Outfits.
    On Behalf of, Probably 1000’s of unsuspecting Victims, You’re The Hero
    Talk at Ya soon, Big D

  3. gonzalo gonzalez

    this a comment is not about aussie method but is something critical is concerning about a big scam and stealing specialist this side change the exp time after you place the tade so the odds to be in the money will be cero also is impossibly to withdrawal your money so healthy advise never trade or open an account with those robbers .

  4. Don

    I suspected something was up when the email arrived. I registered, but paid no money, and received a phonecall from the call centre within minutes, where a pushy Asian woman with an American accent tried to get me to invest $500 US. The site claims you don’t need a credit card, but that is the only deposit option available on the site. I’m glad I found your site. I will not be investing a thin dime.

  5. Brian

    I do not see any testimonial facts and figure about the Aussie Method Scam! How can I be convinced if it is a scam?

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      Here is an idea for you Brian. Go ahead and try it, you can also watch Michael Freeman’s review on YouTube and how he exposed that actors were hired for the testimonials on the site but if you still feel like trying it. Go ahead! Please do come back after a few days with a report on how you are doing.

  6. Miral Sawjani

    The Aussie method is a scam. The theory behind is you can achieve in excess of 100k in a month.

    Whilst this is tempting it is not realistic unless you have you a million dollar account and have lots of money to burn.

    Trading is a marathon not a sprint, it takes patience, discipline and lots of practice.

    Treat trading as a business and avoid such hype and the rest will follow with time , patience , discipline and know how through lots of demo testing.

  7. John Townsend

    THANK YOU so-ooo much for uncovering this latest scam. You perform an invaluable service of insight into these shark-infested financial waters that increasingly attempt to engulf us at every ill-informed turn we make!


  8. Ania Tabor

    Such shame that so cute girl is working for bad people, and take part in cheating people.
    Don’t get fooled with this beautiful face people, the Aussie Method is a SCAAAAM.

  9. Michael Freeman Post author

    Such a beautiful girl though, too bad she is working for scams like the Aussie Method and the Binary Vault!!

  10. Nate D. Burleigh

    Ughhh … not again. This time they’re coming for us from Down Under, where my own brother lives. I will have him keep an eye out at Bondi Beach for her Michael Freeman. What an actress. What a scam artist working for scammers Please make these stop. The Ausie Method is a SCAM. That’s all there is to it. Peace out.


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