Rock The Stock is the latest Viral SCAM! Stay Away!!

By | June 15, 2015

Dear subscribers! A very important warning! A new, potentially dangerous scam that goes by the name ROCK THE STOCK has just been released today, from the creators of Insider John scam, the Binary Matrix Pro scam, the Insured Profits scam and the Binary Boom scam. Many fake websites have already been promoting this even before it had been released. and already published a scam warning. I wanted to wait until the official release of so that I can have a closer look at this new scam and give a more detailed description of this fake and possibly hazardous product. To remind you, the creators of BinaryBoom infected their users with computer viruses as was revealed by comments on the BinaryoptionsWatchDog review. There’s no reason why they might not do that again, and this time with more sophisticated and harmful viruses. So let’s have a close look at the RockTheStock scam.

Opening the website, I’m seeing a panel that shows a list of the “Newest Members,” with a total count of members standing at 4,739 and with a 68 new members in the last 24 hours. Remember – this website was just launched a few minutes before I started writing this article. Here’s the proof – this is where the site led me before the launch:


The time now while I’m writing this review is 5:06 PM EST on Sunday 6/14/2015. And here’s how the Rock The Stock homepage looks now just one hour after the official release:


So obviously, we’re dealing with liars. But that’s not surprising. So let’s have a look at the Rock the Stock video and see if it answers the question of “How To Easily Make Between $8,000 And $10,000 Per Week With Binary Options… on STOCKS.” Here’s a clue to what this new scam is all about – an AutoTrader that trades specifically stocks.

The RockTheStock actor is standing in Wall Street to make an impression that this is a real stocks trading software. But the man is an actor who probably doesn’t know a single thing about trading, please don’t forget that. He says he’s there to find the truth, the answer to how to really make money with binary options trading. In the end of this review, I will answer this question, but let’s have a look at their answer for a minute. The actors goes to try and find “real traders” and ask them this question. Takes him some time, but eventually he finds their other actor who says his a stock broker and agrees to give a couple of minutes of his time. The random “binary options trader” AKA actor says that the answer is no, and that money can only be made by trading stocks. How convenient! Lies on top of lies… He then meets a fourth actor and he asks if they’re using a software or manual trading. He says that they’re only using software! Again, they’re setting everything in place to convince YOU, that the only way to make money with binary options is to use a software to trade stocks – and then they sell you their Rock the Stock software that does just that.

But don’t let the men in the suits fool you. I am Michael Freeman and I’ve been seeing hundreds of people making money by manually trading currency pairs by following signals with short expiries (15 minutes to 1 hour mostly). Actually this is the only way to make long term profits. Most Auto Traders will not be able to achieve long-term success, especially not the once released by scam-artist.

I hope it’s already obvious to you that this is a scam, but I want to go ahead and see if there is a risk of getting your computer infected if you sign up with So I’m going to try and join the program. Now anyone who tried to join different binary options scams knows that the normal course of events is that you enter your information and are then directed to the broker to deposit your funds and then granted access to an online platform that makes it easy for you to lose your money FAST. With the Rock the Stock scam, in contrast, when you click sign up, a download automatically begins and an executable (.exe) file is downloaded to your system. WARNING: DO NOT OPEN THIS FILE. THERE IS A VERY HIGH CHANCE THAT YOUR COMPUTER WILL BE INFECTED WITH VIRUSES, TROJAN HORSES, ETC. That was exactly the case with these people’s last scam – the notorious BinaryBoom scam.

Here is a short warning I posted on YouTube – Rock The Stock Review (An honest one!!)

I believe I have made my point and that I’ve been very clear. If you sign up with the RockTheStock scam, do so at your own risk. I promised to give my own answer to the question of how to really make money with binary options. The answer is quite simple. Always choose a fully EU regulated broker to avoid getting scammed by the criminal brokers that work such scams. This will ensure that you will be able to withdraw your earnings. Also, choose a signal service that is trustworthy, such as my manual Signals Group on FaceBook which provides consistent %70-%85+ ITM to the community members as well as almost free webinars and educational sessions. Please visit my YouTube Channel (Mike’s Binary Options Channel) to learn about trading. Also visit my complete Binary Options Blacklist for more warnings. I encourage you to help me spread the word out by commenting below this review. Be safe and happy trading!

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23 thoughts on “Rock The Stock is the latest Viral SCAM! Stay Away!!

  1. Michael

    That is FUNNY! I sent an email to RocktheStock staff..I asked the staff for any HONEST brokers who do not scam me..I have NOT heard anything from them for nearly two months (they won’t answer me back). Obviously, they are the BIGGEST scam!

  2. Dennis M

    These guys are very slick, decent production skills and a new twist on winning at binary options trading. This article was concise and easy to understand. Thank you once again for putting the brakes on scammers like Rock the Stock, and by they way, they don’t.

  3. Jeff

    It is good that I regularly follow binary options channel and it updates me about such fraud and scams. I came to know about rock the stock couple of days ago and searching if it is good or not. But after reading here that it is fake, no chance!

  4. Daniel

    Wow! Very detailed review, Michael. I didn’t even have to check out this scammy website on my own thanks to your walkthrough. In fact, I was kind of worried to even have a look at because my computer had already been infected when I tried BinaryBoom. I had to eventually get a new computer as it got really fucked up… Thank you so much for your important work, exposing nasty scammers. Keep it up man! By the way, thanks for accepting me to your facebook manual signal group! I’m doing very, VERY good. Finally a group that actually helps me generate profits (and I tried quite a few facebook signal groups none were any good…)

  5. John

    Hey guys, Rock the Stock is a COMPLETE JOKE! When I was new to Binary Options, I was scammed y one of these conmen. By ALL MEANS, STAY AWAY from these con artists. They have bad intentions

  6. Oscar Pimentel

    Rock the Stock is another scam made by the same scammers of BinaryMatrixPro, you can find the connections very easily, Michael thank you taking your time on sharing this reviews, you’re saving thousands of people’s money here, we are all grateful for it!!

  7. Bronwyn Shadwell

    I’ve seen a warning about Rock The Stock being a scam on Binary Options Anonymous as well and this just serves to confirm it. Sheez not only are they trying to steal our money but now they are trying to infect our computers too! What lengths will they go to next?

  8. SaiChung

    The number 1 thing to learn Binary Options is …
    Liars are always showing up to hide the Scams, like
    Rock The Stock here; in fact they are
    Ready To Steal … not only your earnings, but also Your Private Info !!!

  9. Binary Triggers

    Another well crafted script to deceive the unsuspecting public.
    Rock the Stock you have just been SERVED.I say STOP THE TALK It is clear that these con-artists have the same formula over and over again.Outrageous claims like make $10,000 a day, hired actor/actresses with fake testimonials,.Scam or unregulated dubious brokers…need I say more?
    we shall not relent in our effort to expose these scams .
    They need to come up with new tricks because this is just ridiculously played out.
    I shall stop for now..

  10. Leslie

    This continueous harassment must be brought to an end by the powers that be like IC3, etc so we, as the innocent public can get on with our lives. I have NOT even opened this Rock The Stock link but have been infected by it’s virus thru other links on emails. Enough is enough. Big thanks to, BOAnonymous and Mike’s blog and Utube for going the distance in exposing these fraudulent scams.

  11. Lawrence

    The claims on the Rock the Stock vedeo are too good to be true. how can one make such amount in one day from $450?. Even is the signal is 100% correct which also makes it too good to be true. SCAM!!!

  12. Paul McLoughlin

    Thanks for the heads up about Rock the stock been a scam.. it seems there is at least one new scam launched in this industry every day so its great to have people like you putting some creditbility back into a great industry with honesty

  13. Tim van Steen

    This is DEFINITELY a scam, asking ‘real’ traders in wallstreet about binary options, and ofcourse there is NO chance that there is a better binary option service online… I think there is no service on the web that’s more scam and fake than this one .. DON’T TRUST ROCK THE STOCK, it’s a big scam, they are lying. I am happy to see that the scam reviews are at the top when you search for it!

  14. Constance Nkomo

    Scams are being made everyday to take people’s hard earned money and ROCKtheSTOCK is one of them, don’t be mislead good people by this one, it’s the same as Binary Boom, Insured profits and BinaryMatrixPro, they don’t end up by taking your money but they infect your computer with a virus, so please don’t fall for their scam you’ll regret it, I was also scammed by Insured profits and never got my money back, this people are shameless, greedy and they don’t care about other people, if you want to make money there are honest legit services to do that just do a research don’t jump to any scams advertised, these scams have somethings in common they promise big money and that you’ll be rich sooner than you think wich is rubbish there’s no software which can do that so open your eyes good people.

  15. Ania Tabor

    Be careful people with this SCAM, Rock The Stock as usually is promising impossible, so if you want to lose money go ahead. Do you really believe that it’s so easy to earn money? No way! But you can earn money with Binary Options, you have to just learn, how to do this, take your time, find some help, Michaels Freeman group is great, there are really good traders and helpful people, just watch, play demo first, and you can be good trader as well one day. Just stay away from SCAM. Good luck.

  16. Siv Ram

    Rock The Stock, RTS.. REALLY TOTAL SCAM..lolz.. as long our wonder Michael is here, there is no chance for you to survive..good job bro

  17. Lau Theng Foong

    This is definitely a scam software. They just never stop trying to scam innocent people into losing their money.Luckily for us that we are able to find some honest review to expose their wrongdoings and prevent more people from losing their hard earned money.So guys, please make sure that you are totally confident on the software (browse through reviews and recomendations from trusted website such as watchdogs and Mike’BO Portal) before really putting money into it as this is not a game to play and it might as well be a good source of passive income if you do it the right way.

  18. Enea Enea Enea

    Super SCAM!!!! Don’t even open that website, open your eyes and be smart, otherwise you’re gonna lose all your money.

  19. Faaysal Rahman

    So a group of Foxes behind these new scams releasing every single week! They are innovating new scams and ideas to cheat the innocent people.But this time they are exposed before even launching their scam! That should be named as “Lose Your stock”! thank you Michael Freeman for your continuous effort to discover scam artists and keep innocent people safe.

  20. Angelos

    Hallo Mike thanx for opening our eyes to all this enemies of our hard earned money.I have lost more than 70000 euros from different scam companies included 2 forex companies and 2 binary options websites .thank you so much for the protection to our lives.God Bless you!

  21. Natalie Paget

    I am so thankful to Michael for exposing these scammers, I am done spending money on things that don’t work. Huge scam stay away.

  22. Zulfadli Zainuddin

    stay away from this scammers. thanks micheal for reminding. Becareful when log in into this scammers website.

  23. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin

    Please stay away..Rock The Stock is a SCAMMMMMM..please beware!! not sign up


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