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By | September 21, 2013

Saturday, September 21st, 2013 by Tim Lanoue

For many of you who may have researched binary options you may have come across an article written by Forbes magazine instructing readers to stay away from the trading industry and invest their money elsewhere.  Despite Forbes typically high standards and well researched standards practiced by their editors, Forbes article titled “Don’t Gamble on Binary Options” was poorly looked into providing readers with false information while also being greatly contradicting.  Providing hungry readers with no fundamental background information clouds these readers ability to make an accurate and positive description of what binary options are all about.  The aim of today’s articles is to point out the ill-advised comments and expose how Forbes contradicts this article providing readers with a more composed view.

Lies in Truth from ForbesCom

The beginning argument used by Forbes is that binary options appeals to those people who gamble online.  They claim that binary options have disguised themselves to appear invisible with the gambling industry which is a claim that cannot be proven.  To be honest, if you have met a professional trader they can concur with you that inexperienced traders are indeed “gamblers.”  When one possesses no fundamental knowledge regarding binary options and choose to trade online to try and make money could be one of the most detrimental decisions one could make.  However, educated and seasoned traders who know the ins-and-outs, know the assets they are trading and all the factors that can affect the value of an asset should not be classified as gamblers.  In addition, there is a vital difference between gambling and trading that should not be forgotten.  For example, when gambling the gambler has only two variables that reflect the outcome of your performance.  Those two would be luck and the result of the dice roll; no one can make their own luck nor can they roll any number they please on demand which classifies gambling as gambling because nothing is known for certain except statistical probabilities.  On the contrary, the great entity about binary options is that you don’t have to beat a pip spread or play with leverage.  It without a doubt is the most rapidly expanding form of online trading available to all people who choose to yield it.

Forbes only argument they have is that binary options could end up becoming addicting, which is yet again another claim that cannot be backed up anytime soon.  Not only do they offer feeble claims and arguments but they also present an underlying tone that gives the vibe of suspension which stirs readers away from binary options.  In addition, the second dispute is about how plugged binary options in the trading market, which is true.  The market runs every existent online trading realm, without the market there would be no trading.  Due to the fact that binary options are dependent from the values in the market is no different than any other form of trading.  Aside from it being obvious there is no valid argument that binary brokers make it impossible not to win.

Another true point not to be misinterpreted by the reader is that the average success rate needed to make money would be 54%.  Many traders would criticize how such a percent could be feat, however, that is not a hard percent to beat.  In fact, the success rate needed to make money online through binary options is considerably less than other forms of online trading..  This is largely due to the fact that binary options trading do not possess spreads whereas in Forex they are.  Also, payout structures in binary options are much more rewarding than those available in Forex and other forms of trading.

Lastly, he claims that binary options brokers are functioning in an entirely unregulated atmosphere.  This comment may have been true many years back but many of the brokers now-a-days are regulated and fully licensed to serve as outputs for traders.  The first licensed broker was established in 2012 and after that many brokers followed the pack and became regulated. Binary options has always received the brutal force of negative press from those commentators that prefer Forex or know little about the subject matter.  However, the most contradicting yet interesting part of this article is that Forbes runs advertisements for binary options brokers, given that fact that this article opposes them.

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