OptionRobot.com Scam Review: Can You Profit? 

By | February 16, 2017

Yes, as you all may have been wondering we are still alive and kicking!  We would thoroughly like to apologize for our extreme absence from the binary options industry for quite sometime but we would like to announce that we are back full-time stronger than ever and plan to provide you with mountains of educational articles and endless amounts of comprehensive scam reviews! With this promise set in stone, let’s get back to business and discuss a rather unique trading software that has recently emerged within the binary options industry known as the OptionRobot. Now, just like any day-trader would like to know can you actually generate a consistent profit with the OptionRobot trading software for binary options?

Unlike most of the binary option software, systems or services that will promise you the moon and to take you from rags-to-riches, this is perhaps one of the few software that doesn’t feed with you falsehoods and deceit.

Brief OptionRobot Oversight

With the OptionRobot software accepting traders from East to West, North to South and from all walks of life it has accumulated a tremendous amount of users all within a relatively short duration of time. In less than a year, OptionRobot.com has accrued a user base exceeding 14,000 traders so obviously this system is doing something right! Another aspect of this software that deserves some recognition would be how it actually assigns reliable or regulated brokers for you to sign up with. We have seen far too many times binary option trading systems and software that are supposed to be the next quote-on-quote “great thing” yet before you even have the opportunity to get started you become hesitant and stop right in your tracks because the brokers assigned to you to gain access to the software have an unfavorably bad number of reviews and a bad reputation.

With the OptionRobot software you are encouraged to sign up with reliable brokers that have outstanding and untarnished reputations. You don’t have to worry about signing up with unreliable brokers which is perhaps one of the many reasons why this software has generated such a vast and dense trader base! One truth we are have learned the hard way over our time in this industry would be that a binary options trading system, software or service is only as good as the broker they require you to sign up with. Remember that if you could because that is the cold, honest truth! You could have the best system in the world but if you can’t withdraw your funds then what is the point?

Not to mention that the OptionRobot software can be used in a manual or automated investment mode whereas 9 out of every 10 systems only give you the option of fully-automated trading and more often than not they don’t even empower you and give you the ability to turn those software off if the accuracy of the systems starts to deteriorate and crumble. As you may have assumed by now, though the OptionRobot software does provide you with this ability along with the power to manipulate whatever settings you deem fit.

According to the website and from the creators of the OptionRobot system, we know that the implementation of technical indicators are widely used and incorporated into the framework of this software. There are currently 6 different indicators that can be utilized at any one time while investing with the OptionRobot: CCI indicator, Stochastic indicator, MACD indicator, Williams indicator, RSI indicator and trend indicator.

OptionRobot Settings

Perhaps the most satisfying and encouraging discovery would be that these technical indicators are actually real indicators used by reputable charting solutions such as MetaTrader4 and ThinkorSwim. We have grown accustomed to systems creating their own and “amazing” indicators so it’s relief to know that this certainly is not one of those cases again. We have also learned that the trend indicator mentioned is actually a front-weighted moving average indicator and performs quite effectively when paired with the RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator. This very well may be the only binary options trading system that doesn’t rely on the utilization of some “advanced” or magical trading algorithm.

So how is the OptionRobot more effective than competing trading systems? The OptionRobot is more effective and reliable in a number of different ways. Perhaps the most significant way though would be that this semi-automated and fully-automated system actually has a “power-off” button that you can click on at anytime to prohibit any further investments from being executed. To be honest, this is a rather rare find to discover among a system that can operate completely on auto-pilot when we know that most of the auto-trading systems that emerge in this industry are scams and lack this simple technological input which oftentimes leave your trading accounts bone-dry.

Furthermore, this software encourages and increases user-control whereas most other systems greatly limit or even prohibit any user-control. One piece of advice that we can offer you would be to avoid any software that doesn’t grant you a substantial amount of user-control. Too many times have we witnessed malicious and deceptive trading apps that promise you the ability to generate unrealistic profits while doing it on complete auto-pilot. What they fail to mention is that as soon as you sign up there is no way to turn the system off. Not only does OptionRobot grant this power but it also warrants the investor the ability to select over 130 custom setting variations that can be applied at any one moment. You get to decide your trade amounts, which indicators are used, what method of investing the software implements and much more!

One characteristic that we are quite fond of in regards to the OptionRobot would be how they don’t offer you any unrealistic guarantees or empty-promises. Nowhere on the site will you find any claims or fake testimonials that we are so accustomed to seeing. In addition, the OptionRobot.com doesn’t incorporate an elementary pitch video created by ludicrous con-artists who possess a half-witted intelligence level. The lack of notorious marketing widgets is also duly noted and greatly appreciated because we are beyond fed up with the “limited number of spots” marketing tactic pushed down upon us by unreliable trading systems.

OptionRobot Support

Another great advantage about the OptionRobot as well would be that it offers 24/7 customer support in the form of live chat and email. Every time that I’ve had a question about how the software functions or how to change the software’s settings the support team has been extremely quick to reply and seem to possess a solid foundation of knowledge of how the system works which makes the support just that much better. So not only do you have more trading features and support than any other binary options auto trader on the market with OptionRobot.com but you also have the ability to invest with reliable binary option brokers which is seldom an opportunity presented to day-traders looking to get started with a reliable auto-trader for binary options!

OptionRobot Tips

Before we conclude our OptionRobot review, we would just like to include a few tips that were shared that we believe could help you out greatly down the road while using this system. Below are 5 OptionRobot trading tips that should be followed by anyone planning or currently using the OptionRobot trading software!

  • Always invest on manual to achieve better entry rates!
  • Perhaps the biggest tip that I can provide you all to apply when using the OptionRobot trading software would be to avoid press releases and major market reports when planning to invest with the automated software. One note you should keep in mind would be that there are no trading systems or software that can accurately interpret the affects of a market report because many of the assets being discussed become volatile and behave in a manner that cannot be gauged effectively by the software. Don’t invest during major political events or market reports; market conditions become choppy and the software in incapable to accurately read these sort of conditions.
  • Another tip that could greatly improve your success rate with the OptionRobot trading software would be to make sure that you are not investing during any neutral market trends. When using the OptionRobot trading software I have always found that I generate the best success when there is a strong bullish (upward) or bearish (downward) market trend for the targeted assets that I have planned for the software to invest on my behalf.
  • A third tip that I have found to increase my success rate by a percentage or two would be to make sure to select low volatility currency pairs to invest with. So currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf, Usd/Cad, Aud/Usd and even the Usd/Jpy which isn’t typically classified as a low volatility currency pair but is still effective to invest with. The reason why we want to stick with more low volatility currency pairs would be because they are less prone to change directions due to minor fluctuations that may occur in the market.
  • Use same functioning indicators with one another, not versus each other. So with the OptionRobot you have a trend indicator, a couple reversal indicators and volume and momentum measuring indicators. An example provided by one of our most successful subscribers would be not to use a trend continuing indicator like the OptionRobot Trend indicator while using the RSI or MACD because those indicators function essentially opposite of one another.
  • We have received countless feedback from our subscribers who are posting results or emailing us results of them posting 10, 20, to even 40+ trades a DAY while using the OptionRobot system. You need to invest smart. Apply a money management strategy and try to limit yourself to 10 or less trades per day. Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects among newbie binary option investors would be to apply a proper money management strategy. Typically I recommend investors starting out with a passive style of account management which requires the investor to place 3 to 5% of their trading account balance per investment and once you become more accustomed to the OptionRobot then you can slowly move to a more aggressive style of account management which requires between 7 to 10% of your investment account balance per investment. Do your best NOT to overtrade, you only need 3 to 7 investments per day to effectively supplement your income through binary options since the return rates are so high. One statement that I preach quite a bit to newbie binary option investors would be that investing binary options is like a marathon not a sprint!  Do your best to limit emotions, don’t get greedy and let the software do its work and the results will follow!
  • Never use the Martingale method of investing, 60 second expirations (unless you are doing really well or have some strategy to use with it) and don’t chase losing trades by doubling up. Just move on to the next one and the software will do the rest.
  • One of the great features about OptionRobot.com would be that investors have the ability to remain in control of every aspect but the signal placing aspect which can be expected with an auto trader. What I have found to work quite effectively and to help develop proper money management skills would be to set Max Simultaneous Trades to a value between 1 and 2. Remember, we aren’t trying to be greedy here and by setting the maximum investment amounts to a low value number investors can practice and increase money management skills. Take one investment day at a time and if you lose more than 2 or 3 investments for the day then just stop investing that day, clearly the markets aren’t behaving and to be honest you can’t win every investment day.

OptionRobot Review Conclusion

We’ve been fortunate enough to become one of the most visited binary options portals out of the web and after some much needed time off we feel extremely blessed and grateful to start delivering you with free educational strategy articles, intuitive trading approaches and never-ending scam reviews to keep you safe and take your binary options investing to new heights. Please if you at anytime have any questions or feedback to share with us about the OptionRobot trading system or investing online in general, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.  We are here to grow and prosper together as a community as we have since day one and that is what we shall continue to do!

Thank you for taking the time to read our OptionRobot scam review and if you would like to become part of our investment group of over 3,000 subscribers, please feel free to subscribe to our blog on the right hand side of this page! Make sure to stick around because we will be providing you guys with endless amounts of great educational content and conclusive scam reviews to come!


OptionRobot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is OptionRobot.com?

The OptionRobot is a browser-based binary options auto trader that places high probability investments directly to your linked broker accounts. It greatly enhances the investors user-control by allowing them to incorporate up to 6 different technical indicators, up to 3 different styles of investing, choosing with currency pairs they would like invested, vary your investment amount along with allows you to turn the auto trading off at any moment. This is the first binary options auto trader that still allows the investor to remain in control!

Is OptionRobot another online binary options trading scam?

No, although as with any investment, there’s a chance of losing money, especially if you don’t know how to configure the software properly. However, the OptionRobot is the first binary options auto trader that offers a Free Demo Account and keeps the user in control! Any other binary options auto trader severely limits the users control and doesn’t allow the day-trader to utilize half of the trading features along with generate half the success rate of this trading software.

Can OptionRobot be used on the go with tablets, cellphones and other mobile devices?

Absolutely, that is one of the best features about the OptionRobot! All you need is access to the Internet and you can utilize the OptionRobot virtually anywhere from any mobile device!

Does the OptionRobot offer a free demo account?

Unlike 99% of other binary option auto traders, the OptionRobot offers a free demo account!

Does the OptionRobot have reliable binary option brokers for investors to choose from?

Opposed to other binary option auto traders that only offer complete garbage binary option brokers, the OptionRobot allows investors to utilize reliable binary option brokers! Depending on where you reside will dictate which broker is available for you to use with the OptionRobot trading system.

How is OptionRobot more effective than other competing auto traders?

What truly separates the OptionRobot from other competing binary option auto traders would be that it empowers user-control and actually generates winning investments. Investors have the ability to choose up to 3 different styles of investing, up to 6 different technical indicators to implement, have investment amounts ranging between $5 to $500 and maintain the ability to turn off the auto trader at any moment! Not to mention that the OptionRobot is highly reviewed!

How many investment signals can I expect on a daily basis with OptionRobot?

Depending on the style of investing and the currency pairs you choose to authorize, the OptionRobot typically generates anywhere from 10 to 30 investment signals per day. In all honesty, the OptionRobot can generate up to 40 and more investment signals per day although I don’t recommend investors to place more than 5 to 10 investments per day otherwise they can fall victim to overtrading which oftentimes leads to bad investment habits in their future investment endeavors.

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