Open Letter to my Favorite Binary Options Trader!

By | June 7, 2015

It’s Michael Freeman here and today I want to write an open letter to my favorite binary options trader, who’s also an admin at Mike’s Signals Group on FaceBook. 

Afzal Ahmed, there’s really no way I can express the way I feel about your contributions so I thought I’ll just write an open letter, an article and share my thoughts and feelings with the world! First, I never claimed to be the king of binary options, I love to help day traders and I guess people feel like I am a contribution to their success, especially when it comes to preventing them from signing up with binary options scams and in many cases, I go as far as helping my subscribers with credit card disputes which is very time-consuming, especially when you get over 200 emails every day, but what keeps me going is the fact that I love my job.

You got to love what you’re doing in order to see real success and this might explain why my YouTube channel, for 4 years now, is still the most viral channel in the binary options industry.

Enough about Michael Freeman now, even though I do love to brag about what I do, knowing that some of my competition are constantly reading and stalking my articles and videos…Trying to catch up with me, replicate old ideas I once had, while I am busy moving forward and maintaining my spot at the frontline of this industry, with good intentions and hard-work.

I am not the type of person to flatter people or in other terms, I am not an “ass kisser” but Afzal Ahmed is something else, he could be from a different planet and his ‘market value’ is unknown, for all we know he is a true star!! We even have other binary options groups trying to steal him away with lucrative offers, right after I posted a webinar in which he nailed 10 winning trades in a row, live on camera but unfortunately for them, he chose to maintain his loyalty to Mike’s Facebook Group.

Guess what? People are not purely motivated by money even though I certainly reward him for his great achievements, and in the last 4 years I honestly never witnessed a trader who can persistently manage to keep a binary options ITM results of over %85 without ever dropping below %80 on his weekly average!!! If I was running a failed binary options group I would surely try to steal you too so I totally understand them!! 😉

Now before I continue, I want to share Afzal’s latest Binary Options Webinar so you can see how he pulled 10 winning trades in a row live during his latest webinar. Unfortunately we didn’t capture many other amazing days, but we will, in which he managed to pull 15 winning trades in a row, EPIC moments indeed, but many great days are ahead of us and now that we host and record live webinars, the glorious moments will be recorded!!!

Afzal’s 2nd Webinar – I encourage you to watch it entirely.

New Traders….Please I beg you, don’t annoy me by asking me about the %100 Profit Bot or any of the scams that promise you a %90-%100 success rate with binary options, by sitting on your sofa, eating potatoes and glancing at your computer screen.. It doesn’t exist and you will never get it with a few clicks. NEVER! Get it out of your head and realize that it takes a little bit more effort, not so much, but you can’t be completely, %100 passive, come on?!

In reality, if you want to make money with binary options and you the following terms, “ITM, support and resistance, candles and PUT/CALL”, don’t ring a bell to you..DO NOT trade on your own by guessing if the price will go up or down and I know that some of you think it’s some kind of a game and do it for fun but if you are looking for fun, you’ll have a lot more fun playing at an online casino. If you lack technical analysis skills, a robot is not going to save you, instead you will need the support of a group with ongoing education and reliable signals you can follow and learn from and this is exactly what our Binary Options Group on Facebook is about!

Here is why our group is the best: It’s actually very simple and I will be glad to counter any arguments or claims that a better binary options group exists on Facebook or anywhere online. We are the only group that encourages talents to contribute to the group by posting ITM signals as I pay members bonuses ALL THE TIME, out of my own pocket on a weekly basis! I pay my admins, and I assigned Valentina Velkova to take care of the important job of keeping track of the performance results of each and every binary options trader who’s posting signals on our private wall. Critics might ask, well if people are competing for bonuses, how do you prevent members who lack trading skills from ruining the wall with bad signals? Well, it’s a really silly question because we do keep track of our top traders and admins performance results and it’s available for everyone to see, it’s updated weekly and some traders have been with us for months, enough to gather the necessary stats in order to evaluate how well they perform. If a member chooses to follow one of our traders who’s not doing so well and not listed on the TOP 7 best traders list, it’s their own fault if they end up losing, for safety, we remind our members constantly to follow our Top Traders.

We’re still the only group online that is able to pay A LOT OF MONEY to our Talented Traders and this is how we find talents like Afzal, Snir Yamin, Tec Trader. Chances are that if I was greedy and wouldn’t provide my traders with a bonus structure that provides them with an incentive to do better, they wouldn’t be around trading for my members.

We now also provide webinars and free lessons over the weekend, to help our new traders learn more about online trading so they can eventually learn the necessary skills to trade binary options on their own. We also don’t charge any recurring fees or money to join us, once you’re in, you never have to pay a dollar. Try to beat that…

All that I require from members who are in my group is to follow the rules and you are more than welcome to be part of our growing family, in fact we are now the fastest growing binary options community on Facebook. I encourage everyone to join us, be sure to also watch Afzal’s 10 winning trades in a row – live webinar, if only I could capture the days he managed to pull 15 ITM’s in a row but I will and we will start hosting webinars on a weekly basis now so you better stay tuned!

I’ll sum up this article by thanking Afzal Ahmed once again for being one of the best traders I ever met, and in my circle you’ll find 1000’s of Forex and Binary Options traders. You are only 24 years old, but you know what…age is meaningless when you’re dealing with true talents!! I just love this group and I want to thank all my admins for being such great sports, loyal, dedicated and hard-working. Let’s keep ITM’ing, god bless you all! This group is like family to me and I love you all!!!

Check out some of the feedback from YouTube after the webinar above was posted on my YouTube channel.




Thank you for taking the time to read some of the amazing and heart warming feedback that our members left on YouTube. You are welcome to share your questions or feedback below and if you are interested to join us, you are more than welcome. Join Mike’s Group on Facebook

22 thoughts on “Open Letter to my Favorite Binary Options Trader!

  1. old eyes

    Well firstly many thanks for being here Michael,
    my first look at your site was last night and you have already saved me from a potentially expensive venture
    in to the Aussie Method,
    I watched the video of Afzal’s NFP trading and was really very much impressed by his trading skills and his calm demeanor, he is as well as a great trader a great young person and he as well as you Michael is truly
    I wish you both well into the future with your trading and well being,
    be safe and happy
    same wishes to the whole group and Admin,

    1. Elias

      You sound like the perfect group any one could and want to bullshit its the real deal! I’mean glade I’m in

  2. Andrea

    This was absolutely phenomenal! Azfal is truly gifted and anybody wanting to trade binary options would do well to listen to him. I’m actually blown away.

    I want to say to you, Michael, thank you for making all this possible. This is truly a game-changer for all of us.

    Thank you so much, both of you!

    Rock on!


  3. Billy

    Afzal is a true barbarian in making trades! Thank you for sharing this incredible webinar as it really goes in depth. I’m new to this so it will help.

  4. Nicola

    Great work! Afzal’s ratio is above 85% for such long time, he seems very intelligent and smart person. Thanks Michael for sharing such details with us. Keep posting about new scams and save our money and time 🙂

  5. Christian

    Afzal you are a killer beast, cool the way you look at the charts simpel and beautiful. Michael like always good reading…..

  6. Constance Nkomo

    This group is special and unique, there’s no other group like this in the whole world even if you can try and form your owm group it will never match this one I’m telling you, we have amazing talents here-Afzal Ahmed( our own Afzalbot), Snir Yamin, Tec Trader, they dedicate they time to help us and give us amazing skills meaning trading strategies and they are not greedy nor selfish cause they have good hearts,we also have such a lovely lady who’s watching and guiding us 24/7 Valentina Velkova and doesn’t get tired she’s amazing, oh people we are so blessed with this family, Michael Freeman is doing a wonderful job to this group, where can you find a person who’s so generous paying admins from his own pocket? He is really a blessing to this global family we love you all guys, keep up the great work and let’s keep ITMing all the way, haters gonna hate and there’s nothing they can do which can destroy this lovely family.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Amazing! Thank you so much Constance for the nice comment! Afzal deserves it and he is such an asset for our binary options group.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      You are an awesome Admin Val, thank you for all the hard work!

  7. Derek

    I agree Michael Freeman. Afzal Ahmed is a true rockstar. Thoroughly enjoyed watching his webinar. He’s a real asset to the best binary signals trading group on the planet i.e., our very own Mike’s Signals Group on Facebook. Along with the super talented traders like Afzal Ahmed, I specially like the job done by all the admins there. Just love the quality control where only the absolute best signals are visible, and how because of that I could, till now, earn a substantial amount in just 5 months of me joining the group. I couldn’t be more happier. Just love our group.

  8. Hkllama

    Wow! I am 24-years-old and what have I accomplished? Afzal Ahmed sounds like a very talented and dedicated binary options trader. I hate how there are so many negative people on the internet, so it’s refreshing to read such a nice and positive open letter about Ahmed.

  9. SaiChung

    Just 3 words from the bottom of my heart – SIMPLY THE BEST !

  10. Willy

    Lol that video was pretty powerful. The binary options world is somewhat confusing to me so I’m thankful there are great facebook groups I can go to for support. Thanks!

  11. Jay

    Wow! I agree with Heidi that this is a very touching and genuine letter. It’s not often that you hear people speak so positively about others. Great job Michael!

  12. Heidi Thoresen

    What a beautiful touching letter Michael. You have so many talented traders posting in the group now, it seems to be a magnet for good traders. But most importantly what you have now in the admin positions are people with really GOOD HEART.

  13. Britanica

    I watched the video and had trouble understanding some parts with his heavy accent but great video none the less. I am new to binary trading so I wanted to do some research and found this blog. Great information and very informative post. I will have to re watch the video again tomorrow!

  14. Alex Bates

    Now you are giving out webinars to the members….Something really unexpected, you just keep on pushing this group to be the best group out there and I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg, Anyone who reads this, stop wasting time with other groups, they just want your money and don’t really care if you are profiting or not, this man does care, he’s a noble man who stills find time to donate to charities, he raised over 100,000 dollars for those in need, your not only in just any group, Michael will always be available if you have any doubts or questions, this is the only door to your financial goals, too good to believe? ask the anyone who is that group and the evidence will speak for itself, Michael….you’re an amazing man, take care of yourself, and I hope the very best for you, you’re the only man who cares for anyone in this industry, not their money, God bless you man….

  15. Cesar Cury

    Our group is the best in the whole internet because we have the best traders and the best people behind the traders giving the necessary support to them, i mean you Michael Freeman and Valentina Velkova.

    You said all the truth, Afzal is a monster, sometimes i think “where this guy saw it?” and a few minutes later we have another ITM, and this is fantastic!

    In the last week, following Afzal and Snir, and trading with my signals i got 77% profit.

    We are the best, and your effort to make it happen is absolutely incredible, and i’m proud to be a member and contribute in a small way with my signals.

  16. Martin Tilles

    I watched the latest webinar of Afzal and it was hilarious to watch(in a good way). Specially the part where one person said he was able to profit 10K! I was literally laughing and my heart was pounding out of happiness because the signal was going way up high for USD/JPY on Friday. I was asleep that day so wasn’t able to trade and kept that way when i missed the NFP as i think its too risky for me as a newbie. Afzal is just amazing when it comes to giving good signals. I just wish i could be a guy like that or even better so I could post amazing signals as well. Thanks Afzal for a wonderful work you’re doing for the family. And thank you Mike for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing group with lots of potential amazing traders. GOD bless this group!! 🙂

    And for those who think this is a fake review, go to Mike’s page and watch the 2nd webinar of Afzal. You judge for yourselves.


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