New Binary Options Strategy for 2014

By | March 2, 2014

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 by Tim Lanoue 

When it comes to trading online with binary options every bit of knowledge and experience you have can determine whether or not you will be successful as an online trader.  Unfortunately with binary options many experienced traders have somewhat given binary options a bad wrap saying it is so easy to profit with binary options but to be honest it is anything but easy.  Trading online with binary options requires luck, dedication and experience in order to be successful.  Which is why the purpose of today’s article is to provide online traders with a great fundamental binary options strategy.

When it comes to trading with this binary options strategy we solely use fundamental analysis, the use of any technical analysis oriented trading patterns are not necessary.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what fundamental analysis it is the form of analysis that requires the analysis of an asset’s financial health, competition, and press releases concerning the assets future.  When it comes to using fundamental analysis we need to have access to a financial portal such as Google Finance.  One of the best advantages about Google Finance is that offer access to past relevant news, market levels, and a quick overview of an asset’s health.


Trading the news in any form of trading has always been a technique used by traders from different financial markets.  However, what I noticed was that many traders don’t seem to know how to properly trade the news to their advantage in order to profit from them.  In order to better trade press releases we need to make sure we have the right expiry time for our desired trades.  Most of the time binary options brokers will provide investment expiry times consisting anywhere from one minute to half a year so the window of opportunity we have with trading the news with binary options is relatively endless.  An example on how to trade the news would be if the asset Apple was about to release their new iPad or iPhone out to the general public.  Oftentimes with popular trends and technologies when press releases are announced a large growth will occur in the assets price level so in this case after the press release is made we could trade predicting that the price of the stock Apple will rise.  Also when it comes to choosing an appropriate expiry time any expiry time consisting of 15 minutes to end-of-day expiry times will more often that not work out in your favor.

Trading online with binary options is not quite the effortless joyride that many people make it out to be.  Trading the news has always been a popular strategy used by traders even before binary options came around.  Perhaps one of the best indicators that a good investment opportunity is knocking at your door would be if a popular asset is about to have a press release and is always present with binary options.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

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  1. Mark

    Hey Tim, this was a pretty good strategy. I have a question for you though… Have you actually used this yourself? I’m using it right now and it works perfectly. I appreciate your time and consideration, thanks!



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