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By | February 15, 2015

Monday, February 16th, 2015 by Michael Freeman

Hi folks, I am excited to introduce my new Facebook binary options signals group. A great way to trade binary options and share ideas with other traders. A new community for binary options traders with mentoring and daily signals, but not just by me, I am well-connected in the industry and interact with my subscribers. It turns out that it paid off as I met some awesome people along the way.

It all started when I met Lee Oshea and Aditya Kumar, both have been following my YouTube channel and decided to join my new Facebook signals group. Early on I realized that I can use Facebook not only to send signals, but also as a platform for traders to engage in an open conversation with all members of the group, explore trading ideas, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and engage with the group. Another announcement I made was in regards to the signals, I gave the option for other traders to post their signals, of course be mindful and do your best before you alert the group, the point is that everyone is invited to take part in the group and potentially become an Admin.

In the last couple of weeks I found that both Lee Oshea and Aditya Kumar are not only good friends and awesome YouTube subscribers, they are also outstanding binary options traders. In fact, they helped boost the overall groups ITM, volume of signals and created a lot of engagement among the group’s members. Both are now Admins in the group and active traders, operating at different hours and posting signals in my private Facebook Signals Group.

Mike's Signals Group

I honestly think that establishing the Facebook Signals Group was a genius idea, after all, having other professional traders help me manage the group and post strong signals on a daily basis is not only a great way for me to focus on trading without the pressure to send a lot of signals every day, as I much rather send a few strong signals when I recognize good trading opportunities, it also became an online trading community vs just another signals service.

All you have to do is be a member of the group and each time a new signal is posted you will receive an email and a sound alert. You can see the group’s ITM and I’ll be glad to show you updated snapshots of signals posted in the group if you are not convinced. Check out my latest video introducing the group,I will be sure to post additional updates on a weekly basis showcasing the group’s performance.

Before you Join my new Facebook Signals Group, note that if you are already a member of my Auto Trading Service you will receive free access without any additional donation requirement or a broker registration.

Check out the endorsement and thank you letter I received from ALittle4Alot Foundation and the SyrianOrphans Foundation for the contributions we made to these life saving organizations.
Here is a video I posted when we reached $50  in donations.
You can register via the Groups Page. Please post your feedback or questions below this post. Cheers to a lot of success in 2015!

21 thoughts on “Mike’s Signals now available on Facebook

  1. Rafi

    I want to join your facebook group and have your signals. Acually, I donate every month close to $50. Do you want me to send you a few receipts? I also want to have your Auto Trader.
    I hope to have at last a reliable service.
    All the best,

  2. Ronnie H

    HELP! Signed up for the group, opened my Cherr Trade account and funded, received a link to join the group via email…but it does not work! I get a message saying it doesn’t exists or I don’t have permission to join it! Not getting response by email. I now have a new trading account I am not using! URGENT! PLEASE HELP?

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      Hi Ronnie, I just received your email. No worries, I will handle this issue quickly. Give me a moment and I’ll approve you into the group.

  3. Dan P

    Thanks again Mike for this group! Guys that have been following your suggestions have been absolutely killing it. My only disappointment is that I haven’t found you guys sooner. Going to follow it closely and hopefully continue to learn from the best! Binary trading is a great platform if you have the best to learn from.

  4. Raj kapoor

    I love your Facebook group Michael! What a great idea?! I can’t believe that in the last 4 years you didn’t think about this but it’s never too late to come out with something really good. You never failed to surprise me and you’re videos on YouTube are only getting better! I love your new apartment looks like you’re living the lime life!! I am all in with you!

  5. Sohail khan

    The statistics can’t lie, I followed over 70 traders with a %76 accuracy. I couldn’t always enter at the ideal strike rate but I am evidently itm’ing, as you guys say, most of the trades! You guys are simply the best.

  6. Greg

    This Facebook Group is one of the most useful things I joined in the last 3-4 years! I can’t thank you enough, Mike, to you and your friends/partners who are very active in this group and are helping us all to make more money! If someone is on the fence about joining, just go ahead and do it and you will start making more money in the next week! That’s what happened for me and I’ve never looked back.

  7. Clinton

    The fb group is best option for newbie like me. Your most of trade are successful and I made some great revenues from that. Really appreciated.

  8. Lily James

    One of my friend suggested your name on fb and I will surely going to join your group. She told me your ITM success rate. You are doing a great job!

  9. Ranjan Kumar

    You guys are the best! I am loving this group so much, I am always around on Facebook to check if you guys are posting signals lol

  10. Romeo Sharma

    Mik’e I love you and Aditya, keep the great performance you guys are amazing and your community is the best one I had the honor to be part of. I love you guys so much you are like family to me!

  11. Craig Bickford

    Mike, the Facebook group is doing awesome!It’s a terrific idea and a great way for newbies to get their feet with with some fantastic advice.

  12. bryan dale

    you guy are doing amazing!!!!! yesterday I took 4 winning trades from Rohan, 2 from Aditya and 3 from you Mike. You guys are not human!! Best binary options signals I’ve seen in my life. Thanx

  13. Audrey Innerst

    The facebook group is doing amazing and is such a great idea!! Thanks so much for helping newbies like me! Highly recommend

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      Hi Roberto, Of course! You can either register with one of my brokers or donate to a charity organization (or both), just forward me the receipt after you make the donation or fund a broker account. I will send you an invitation back via email. Cbeers! Mike

  14. Ronie Singal

    Where did you find this Aditya guy Mike? He is not human. I’ve never seen such a high trading performance

  15. Emily James

    You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! %76 ITM in the last 5 trading days! Thank you to Lee, Aditya and Michael for the efforts and helping new traders like us, generate money with binary options!!

  16. jack andrews

    Mike your group is doing amazing, I joined you on FB last week and I am really proud of how you set the group up! It’s a great idea and I am loving it!

  17. Reyes

    Hi Mike,

    May i know how to contact you? As i want to setup for facebook signal and autotrade. May i know which one is better? And can use for Topoption? Thanks

  18. Richard Thompson

    Well Done Mike! A pebble thrown in a pond causes ripples to the furthest shore!!!!


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