Mike’s 5 Tips for Binary Options Traders

By | May 15, 2013

I think it’s about time to ‘step things up’ and provide my YouTube Viewers and site visitors with one all-inclusive blog post that will cover all the fundamental and most bottom-line tips I can gather for a successful day-trading approach with the goal to get as many viewers to report trading success in their trading journey! I want to see you folks  succeed and I have spent hours and days producing endless videos on my YouTube Channel covering basically every aspect of the trade and I am still pushing hard to ad additional content  for newbie, spectators,  active traders and for  the well-seasoned, advanced traders. This blog post is dedicated to beginners, intermediate and advanced traders. It’s a recap of all the fundamental tips that are known an widely accepted in the world-wide trading community, trading tips necessary for traders seeking to reach success! If you encounter any missing information that I failed to note down, please contact me and I will be more than happy to include it binary options tips guide:

Binary Options Trading Tips

  1. Trading Tips 1 –  Do not register an account with a money offer, bonus or any account incentive in exchange for a higher funding amount. Restrictions will prevent your access to immediate withdrawals which is why it’s not recommended for beginner traders.
  2. Trading Tips 2- Background the Broker before funding your account. Make sure that you are dealing with a reliable broker holding a good track-record, showing no alerting reviews on Google and in the Binary Options Forum community.
  3. Trading Tips-3 Deposit less and avoid VIP, Extra Incentive type accounts which in all cases will require a high deposit amount. The free training and VIP benefits do not worth the higher stake involved with depositing more into your account.
  4. Trading Tips-4 Focus on one or two assets – One of the reasons many traders fail is because the lack of focus on targeted asset research. Switching between assets is impossible to incorporate with a standard research, the more assets we trade the more factors that we must consider before determining each price prediction.
  5. Trading Tips 5 – Become Engaged – Many traders default to moving average calculations and pure technical analysis methods, while ignoring the macro influences on the underlying asset. Example of how to become engaged with research: ‘John’ reads that a war is about to break in the Middle East in a week from now ‘Jon’ enters a call position, prediction that the price of oil will increase as he decides to hold the binary option for a month week period, knowing that such trend might not last on the long run, as other economic influences would force the price of oil back to it’s ‘equilibrium’ market value when all other things equal. This is an example for a trader who is engaged with the asset of his choice, conducting ongoing research to determine major ‘macro affects’ that might influence the ‘underlying asset’.

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  1. Chris

    Wow! A simple yet very true article! I wish all people interested in trading binary options or using a binary option signal provider looks at the tips you provided before trading! Thank you Mike!



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