Katie Harvey AKA kymmypops is a SCAM Artist!

By | June 13, 2015

It’s Michael Freeman and today is about time I expose Katie Harvey, the young woman who played the role of the rich girl, “Cindy Taylor”, showcased on the ProfitwithCindy.co SCAM website, and now she is apparently working with the AutomatedBinarySignals.com, as well as the “24-year-old single mother” who made it with the Financial Echo Success Story SCAM, and I am sure you guessed it by now, all of the 3 websites are fraud money-making schemes and Katie Harvey is an actress, people just love to hire, as she is obviously willing to lie on camera, promoting literally everything, as long as you pay her… and she is undeniably charming I must admit.

On Fiverr, Katie Harvey aka kymmypops,  is a top seller with over 10,000 gigs ordered which is really impressive and I am sure that not everything she did, involved the cooperation with fraud sites like the FinancialEcho.com, AutomatedBinarySignals.com and ProfitwithCindy.co, but the fact that she is actively working with many scams that became really viral in our industry and cost newbie online traders, millions of dollars, I think that even if only 1 of the orders that Katie Harvey accepted on Fiverr.com was a scam, it’s enough to conclude that she is a liar and a scam artist. In reality she is involved with many fishy websites and I am sure that the 3 websites I listed are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, as she is an accomplished actress now, who’s willing to lie for money and not all actors on Fiverr agree to lie. I checked some of the other profiles and found that some of them clearly state that they do not accept orders associated with porn, gambling or money-making schemes. I guess Katie is looking to make more sales…

To prove my point I hired her to endorse me & lie on camera for a few seconds, check this out:

The problem is not just with Katie Harvey but in reality it’s also the responsibility of Fiverr.com to ban users like Katie and buyers who attempt to hire people to lie and provide them with fake testimonials.  I am guessing that Fiverr.com, one of the top visited website in the world, can effort taking steps to prevent this kind of abuse. After all, they are getting %20 of every transaction made on their market place, so for every scam video that Katie Harvey accepted, Fiverr.com received a %20 cut. Is Fiverr.com a scam in a way for not implementing ethical moderation?

Cute, innocent smile…Katie Harvey, Dublin UK, playing the role of Cindy Taylor – Profit with Cindy!


Someone should really expose how Fiverr.com operates but since Katie Harvey has entered the world of binary options, it’s a responsibility to blacklist her, inform people of her true identity and of course, warn you about the websites she was hired to promote, such as the offers I mentioned previously. Profit with Cindy, Financial Echo Success Story and AutomatedBinarySignals.com are all money-making schemes and you are bound to lose between $250 to $1000 if you decide to sign up with any of those fake offers. For a complete list of scams, visit my updated Binary Options Blacklist. If you know of any other fraud websites that Katie Harvey is involved with, I encourage you to post a comment and let the world know and of course, if you have any feedback related to Profit with Cindy, Financial Echo or the AutomatedBinarySignals auto traders, you are free to post it below.

Katie Harvey’s Fiverr Profile page AKA kymmypops


Lastly, this is for Katie, look I know you want to sue me right now, especially after reading this review, good luck with that since as I mentioned, I am sure that not all the 10,000 orders you accepted are related to scam operations, however, the fact that you refuse to comment, respond or explain your actions indicates that you just don’t care and you are a low-life scam artist. I reached out to you many times but unfortunately you declined to respond therefore I decided to post this warning. I will also share this warning with other actors on Fiverr so they understand what might happen to them if they decide to cooperate with scams in the binary options field. This is a warning to everyone who decides to lie on camera, you will be exposed!

Another charming picture of the beautiful, young lady, the actress and top-seller Katie.


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Profit with Cindy – Exposed on WatchDog

Financial Echo – Exposed by Binaryoptions Anonymous

Good luck to Katie Harvey and hopefully she decides on a different path. I am sure that she can succeed on Fiverr.com without accepting offers from fraud websites and doing all the dirty work for them, such as the main part, lying. I certainly hope that Katie will read this review and take it in the right away. “Are you mad? Relax… take some Xanax, you’ve been exposed…”. P.S. – I know that Katie Harvey is a popular name so I really want to apologize to all the ladies out there who share this name. I am sure that people will not wrongfully associate her with you.

Katie Harvey’s Fiverr Profile page AKA kymmypops

37 thoughts on “Katie Harvey AKA kymmypops is a SCAM Artist!

  1. Tarnia

    I am a voiceover artist on Fiverr if this is true then a lot of us are working hard and honestly trying to make a living there where top rated sellers like KP take the majority of the work. On fiverr top rated sellers are treated like gods and the rest of us do not really measure up I am afraid. I like fiverr its a good site and I will continue to work hard (fiverr.com/tarnia)

  2. Dragos Ciobanu

    What I find interesting about human nature (this includes myself too) is that instead of learning the easy way many people tend to learn exactly the hard way. I was scammed many times because I was just looking for a “short cut” trying to avoid the proven way of learning how to make money – in binary options and not only. Finally, after losing enough money feeling so painful I was able to discover the right way to learn and make money: getting into Michael Freeman’s group. As long as people will look for short cuts and quick money they will definitely encounter people like Katie (I will stay away of making any judgement as nobody’s perfect)…

  3. Faysal Rahman

    Katie harvey is a genious Fiverr.com artist who has claimed in her recent scam advertisement that she has got 16Million in her Bank account.wow katie are u pretty sure about that? If u had that amount of money u would have never seated in the same chair in every scam advertisement.lol.well she is a genious in a nevative way.and Fiverr.com is promoting them which is a lame activity.

  4. Nick

    I would like to pass on a personal message to Katie Harvey.
    “Katie I mean this with the utmost sincerity when I say that you are attractive, your presentation and demeanor is no doubt what draws people to view your advertising videos. I appreciate that you are a paid actor just playing a role, however it is critically important that you come to terms with the seriousness of the message that you are promoting to the trading community c/- Fiverr.com. People are losing billions of dollars each year due to scam promoters. So how should this affect you along with the countless other actors promoting similar products with Fiverr.com? If you were hired to play the lead actress role in the next installment of “Kill Bil” (the movie), would you proceed to mortally wound your fellow actors by plunging swords through their hearts, or literally remove their head from limbs just because you are paid to do it, or would you be hoping for special effects? The reality is your acting lead role to promote scam advertising is literally killing the trading community, at the hands of the scammers, thieves, criminals. Traders families, their hard earned savings, livelihood are being stolen from them due to these fake scam adverts, this is real, no special effects are at play here. Like professional actors you have a moral choice, you can either continue to prostitute yourself, with your attractive face and reputation by fronting and being paid by these scam advertisers, or you could do the right thing and come clean, find an acting job that enriches your audience not repeatedly rapes them financially. Please do not be short sighted, the great money you’re are earning right now may seem alluring, however in the long term, this money is just a drop in the ocean. Your choices in life will either mean short term riches, an empty soul, surrounded by fake friends and an embarrassed family. The other options is so much easier, brighter and a lot more fund. Come clean give up criminal scam advertising which fleece the innocent before karma catches up with you. If you have reservations about taking the right path, just ask yourself, “In the years to come how would you like your family and future children to view you, as a great actress or criminal aid, defrauding traders on this planet for millions?” There-in you will find you answer. If’s not to late, take what advice and assistance you need, come clean and wipe your name and reputation from such advertising scams ACT NOW! while you still have time”.

  5. Marie Grobbelaar

    PLEASE look into this matter. These people should be stopped at once! They absolutely steal from people like me and others. There are already reviews on how they take money from people’s credit cards, and keep on taking money monthly without consent of the “buyer”, sending a small container from time to time still to your address which you still have to pay import tax money to get the parcel at the post office.This is a scam which has to be exposed and people should be warned not to buy this product to “so called receive” an extra one for free! ITS NOT FOR FREE AND THEY CHARGE YOU MONTH AFTER MONTH with an amount which is much higher than they “advertise” their product for!

  6. Bronwyn Shadwell

    I would like to address this to Katie Harvey, or Kymmypops or Cindy or whoever you really are?? There is something seriously wrong with your character if opportunity controls your honesty!! As if Profit With Cindy wasn’t enough damage caused you had to add salt to the wound with AutomatedBinarySignals.com And the Financial Echo Success Story and worryingly who knows what else! Gosh…your sense of entitlement in stealing innocent people’s money is just disgusting! Honestly girl, didn’t your parents ever teach you about things like morals, honesty, ethics, respect and doing the right thing? Thank heavens for decent human beings like Michael Freeman in standing up for what he believes in….exposing horrid people like you!

  7. Freeman Ativor

    In fact i cant simply believe why people should be so cruel on earth just by luring people to part with their hard earn money into scams and Katie Harvey here is just acting soo greedy as a Scam Artist for most of these dubious fraudulent act of tradind schemes that come out every single minute.Partnering with soo many scam schemes such as ProfitwithCindy.co SCAM,AutomatedBinarySignals.com and the Financial Echo Success Story SCAM just to name a few where she acted with different looks and palyed different characters just to name a few all in the name of lieing and deceiving people to put their monies into SCAM =D
    Karma will surely get you Katie if you dont stop these dubious acts for all that are doing is even vanities and you think you are manking money whiles you will leave the earth one day without a single $ in you grave.
    Its better you tune your mind to impact lives all over the world with something very better like how Michael Freeman has imparted my life for the better and God will surely rain His favour upon him in every aspect of his life without struggle at all.My advice to you all lovely readers of this blog is to stay away from this Scam artiste and focus all your attention in our God given community that Michael has brought to us.God bless you

  8. Mikey TwoCubes

    Thank you Michael for informing us about another scam.
    In short…

  9. SaiChung

    Brain ON guys and gals, do you think she, Katie Harvey, herself was Really in such Scams as ProfitwithCindy, FinancialEcho and AutomatedBinarySignals? She definitely needed not to Act right in front of the camera if she was practically piling up these Easy and Amazing Sums. If you were “so Rich” like Katie Harvey, will you? Unless you’re a talented, sadly immorally, actor/actress … Scamming on behalf of those Scammers again and again. So these are obvious Scams for sure … Stay away … Report and/or Revenge with Michael Freeman whose Group and Services on Binary Options are genuine and legitimate!

  10. Tim van Steen

    ÚNbelievable that this women is scamming so many people. How coúld you act as a single mother who’s rich and live a good life with swindling.. She knows that all her video’s are dishonest, can’t believe that she’s okay with herself while she knows that thousands of people are losing money with this scam, because of HER video. The very first site I found when I wanted to trade binary options was a scam site, and much other scam’s followed.. Just to let know how many scams there are, compared to the sites that are real. I hope that this article will prevent other people from following scam sites and I hope that soon Google or another company will make sure that all the scams are not findable on the internet anymore!!

  11. Ania Tabor

    Katie Harvey how is it possible, that such cute girl, that you seem to be, can be such bitch that is taking part in cheating people with this kind of money-making schemes, selling yourself so cheap, shame on you! I hope you will change your mind, and will not work for SCAM like Profit with Cindy, Financial Echo Success Story and AutomatedBinarySignals.com anymore. Because now, if I will see you anywhere anymore, promoting anything, I will be sure it’s a lie.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I really hope that later down the line we won’t find her promoting new binary options scams!

  12. Oscar Pimentel

    Well Katie Harvey, it looks like karma has finally hit you in the face, you thought this was so easy, been a part of scams who take thousands of dollars from innocent people who try very hard to survive in this economic mess, You and the scams that you have been working with (Profit with Cindy,Financial Echo and the AutomatedBinarySignals) are going down for what you have done, Michael will get you and anyone else who will try to scams innocent people, because I know Michael will protect us from people like you, you should be disgusted for what you have done, and this goes to anyone who is trying to scam people, you will not be unnoticed, sooner or later, Michael will reveal your scams to the public so you will never do anything evil against innocent people again, Michael thank you for all the time and trouble you’ve gone through to protect! us.God Bless you!!

  13. Maram Abdeen

    Katie Harvey, this lady is a cheap service selling person. I have seen her on fiverr over and over promoting a lot of lies to innocent people. The reader to my message, please be careful, she is a scammer and trickster.. I have been looking at one of her fiverr account waiting for someone who want to hire to talk lies for or other services only for 5$, Can you imagine this? this is very rude. Therefore, I would like to thank binaryoptionaschannel for giving the opportunity to let the people know about this!

  14. Renz

    Katie Harvey WTF how could you do that?Taking the risks of exposing your face with a fake name and you know for sure that those are scams and will take many people’s money but still you take the offers. Why can’t you just be a real actress if you want exposure and money.
    Now that Micheal Freeman
    expose you I hope you know now how it feels to be fooled and for sure you will be criticized by your own action.

  15. Marcelo Garcia

    It goes to show what Katie Harvey is all about. She seems to promote anything that will fill her pockets with money disregarding the fact that it may be false advertising. Which is the case in all of her promotional commercials she is not to be trusted, many of her advertisements are all scams and are meant to hurt the binary options industry rather than to enhance it.

    Do not associate yourself with her or promote any of her videos or blogs. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that there are people out there that are willing to do whatever it takes for a quick buck. People like this have no integrity and should be exposed.

  16. Daniel

    Katie Harvey, WTF?!?! I fell in love with this woman and I believed her. Spent nights and days thinking about her… Finally, I signed up with the ProfitWithCindy scam and I lost thousands of dollars! WHY?! WHY did I believe her?

    Thank you, Michael Freeman, for exposing Katie Harvey for the scam that she represents, and thank you for pointing me at the right direction. Currently I’m doing great with your manual signals group on facebook. Finally, a legit service that’s actually making me money instead of making me lose…

  17. James F

    Wow this is crazy! I can’t believe that this woman has sold her soul on fiverr to promote scams. Thank god that Michael Freeman has exposed Katie Harvey for who she really is! I cant believe you would allow hard working people to lose their money online for what? A couple of bucks? Do you have a heart? You are shining a horribly negative light on the The Binary Options and Forex industry. We need more genuine services around like the ones shown on this website. people, you should bring scams to the attention of Michael so he expose them for who they really are!

  18. Don Murray

    Katie Harvey AKA kymmypops, profitwithcindy.com, financialecho.com, automatedbinarysignals.com and whatever fraudulent scheme your involved with. You make me sick that a fellow Irish citizen would so openly and happily defraud people with your testimonials videos via Fiver.com. Have you ever stopped to think that just maybe some people have very little left and are trying to make their lives a little better and then manipulative people like you come along and give false hope and accusations to a dream the is never going to happen for people because your a SCAMMER. Get a life, I work in Dublin every week, wish I could confront you.

  19. Saulius

    I get at leat 10 of e-mails per day coming to my mailbox with a similar content, offering to sign up and to become rich in several days or to become a millionaire. Actually by the type of similar and very unprofessional e-mail content, even not looking at the scammer website you can feel this is a fraud and scam. The same actress Katie Harvey is hired in all these: Profit with Cindy, Financial Echo or the AutomatedBinarySignals. I am sure she is hired for even more scammers offering signals and autotraders.
    Do not sign up on such websites. Their content is fake. I am just surprised what a low morality of a person is that Katie is ready to do…It says that for money you can buy everything and what you cannot buy for a money, you can buy for a very, very big money.

  20. Darren

    Please STOP these SCAMS Katie Harvey!!
    Why everyday you tried to play another role in THREE different scam sites just to sucks people hard earn money!!
    Thanks for this honest review and i hope many of them will stay away from this SCAM artist and try to search for some reviews before joining any sites.

  21. Binary triggers

    Katie “Douchebag’ Harvey,this is unacceptable.I am deeply appalled by the fact that you are promoting scams just for quick cash.
    You are too hot and pretty not to be using ur screen charm to promote everything positive and good.
    Katie “Kon Artist” Harvey, you even took the bait for Mike Freeman.Lol
    Well it is one thing to lie on camera it is another thing to do it for peanuts..Oh do u think you don’t look the same in all the 3 scams FinancialEcho.com and AutomatedBinarySignals.com and Profit With Cindy you are promoting?You think you won’t be spotted out? I would rather get up close and personal with you than seeing you get up close and personal on the wrong side of the Law-because that is where you are headed..lol.Beware and steer clear..turn a new leaf and maybe the testimonial on riding Mike’s Lambo would be a DREAM COME TRUE. –

  22. Faruk Bobat

    Thank you Michael Freeman…I have followed you for a very long time and you have always come up trumps…you are genuine article!!

  23. Binary triggers

    “Douchebag’ Harvey,this is unacceptable.I am deeply appalled by the fact that you are promoting scams just for quick cash.
    You are too hot and pretty not to be using ur screen charm to promote everything positive and good.
    Katie “Kon Artist” Harvey, you even took the baitKatie for Mike Freeman lol.
    Well it is one thing to lie on camera it is another thing to do it for peanuts..Oh do u think you don’t look the same in all the 3 scams FinancialEcho.com and AutomatedBinarySignals.com and Profit With Cindy you are promoting?You think you won’t be spotted out?
    I would rather get up close and personal with you than..seeing you get up close and personal on the wrong side of the Law-because that is where you are headed..lol
    Beware and steer clear..turn a new leaf and maybe the testimonial on riding Mike’s Lambo would be a DREAM COME TRUE.

  24. Jacob Jones

    People like Katie Harvey make me sick!!! I always wondered who are those wrongdoers faking the false testimonials you see with all those scam binary option websites, such as ProfitWithCidney, AutomatedBinarySignals.com, and FinancialEcho. I thought that they are marketers working for the company. Thanks for exposing Fiverr.com as one of the biggest sources of such fraud actors. Fiverr.com and people who join forces with scam companies who steal thousands of dollars from innocent people, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!

  25. atharv sakhale

    I Have seen many Hollywood movies and many actors, but none as disgusting and fake as Katie Harvey.Each time i watch her on websites she is promoting one fake service after other.We are not going let this happen and we will show ur real image to the world.I urge everyone to not fall into this women’s fall promises and i recommend you to not use any of the products that she advertises or supports

  26. sharon

    Katie Harvey is the lady with many names, a lady that does not mind if you have five children who need feeding, and your trying to provide for them, you put your faith in her, only to lose everything and have your dream smashed.

  27. Faruk Bobat

    Wow Katie Harvey…this is outrageous promoting one scam after another like the FinancialEcho.com, AutomatedBinarySignals.com and ProfitwithCindy.co. WHEN WILL YOU STOP?? People like you promoting scaming is destroying genuine people’s hard earned money but more importantly destroying peoples faith in a genuine money making binary options trading, a path to prosperity for many people.I am ANGRY and ANNOYED with YOU Katie Harvey that you have no heart and you actively lie and deceive to people so they can part with their hard-earned income. How can you stoop so low and don’t you have no morality I ask YOU? PLEASE PLEASE stop promoting dodgy money making businesses and give a chance to genuine hard-working people to earn few dollars.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Wow Katie, it seems like my frequent blog followers don’t really like you so much, I wonder why?! .. Perhaps it’s because you are obviously working for scams and you know it, you get the scripts and you know that you are selling garbage to the masses.

  28. Frank

    Wow ! Wonderfull .. I talk about about her skills not her beauty !
    Katie Harvey is a great actress, she knows how to hypnotize you, how to promote offers.. wait i mean how to promote SCAMS !
    Don’t trust actors studio, she is like many politicians, beautiful speech, charisma but finally it’s just lies and you always loose money with them !
    Stop trust Katie Harvey, stop accept scams offers by her.
    The videos that she made are just bad jokes !

    There are many others people that you can trust as Michael Freeman that is by far one of the best, so take time and think again about who you choose to follow..

  29. perismaria theodosiou

    katie harvey you lied to me during our personal chat on profits with Cindy. really why you would put me and my family in a bad situation like this? you promised me tons of profits with your auto system and so many other lies…. God, i wish i had a screen shoot of our conversation. Thanks to Watchdog and Michael freeman reviews/reports i saved my family from disaster. Shame on you. i can’t wait seeing you begging for mercy…… you fooled a lot of innocent people and your punishment won’t take long
    3 mins · Like

  30. Heidi Thoresen

    Great article Michael Freeman. I hope Katie Harvey will learn a lesson, she is so cute she could get anything she wants. She sure look like a Profit with Cindy kind of girl. lol.

  31. Bharat Bhushan Goyal

    Katie Harvey you are extremely pathetic! I can’t believe you are part of so many scams!? I thought you were only working with Profit with Cindy and now I come to find that you are also working with FinancialEcho.com and AutomatedBinarySignals.com, you should really look in the mirror and practice basic human decency!!!!!!

  32. joe

    haha some of these scams are just ridiculous…people like Katie Harvey are just sad!

  33. Miral Sawjani

    Profit with Cindy is a Scam. Katie Harvey the actress is just an actress here to promote and hide the true scammers re: the creator of the product and the ones profiting from the Cindy system.

    Fiver and lots of other mediums are easy mediums to promote such systems. I would urge any newcomer or experienced trader to tread with caution when dealing with such websites.

    It would be better to self-trade and have the support of like minded traders such as those seen in Michael Freemans Group who work 24-7 to ensure that newbie and existing traders get the best start in a safe environment.

    Treat this like a business and the rest will follow. Utilise the benefits a support network such as what Michael Freeman offers and the path to financial independence will be that much safer and less bumpier in the long run.

  34. Cesar Cury

    Katie Harvey AKA kymmypops is a SCAM Artist!

    Of course she is, and many others are! Every single day we see many “Binary Super Super” or become a new millionaire right now with this fantastic product, when, in fact, this actors are making people suffering, losing their money…

    If you are attracted by this videos, ATTENTION, stay out from this scammers, the only thing they want is gain money when you lost yours!

    Learn how to trade manually, develop your own strategy, you have in this blog all information you need, and after study a lot join to the Mikes Manual Group on Facebook, and you will see how the things work in the real scenario.

    I was scammed many times, but now i know i’m in a great group, with professional people!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Thank you Cesar! I hope that this review serves as a warning to other sellers on Fiverr not to work with the scams that are plaguing the binary options industry.


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