Is ITM Genesis Elite a SCAM or a Reliable Sofware?

By | August 10, 2014

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 by Michael Freeman

Is ITM Genesis Elite a scam? 

My quest to find if the ITM genesis Elite is legitimate, landed me on a YouTube video by a fairly believable  individual by the name of Randy Churchill and in his video, ITM Genesis Elite – Does The Software Work?, he mentioned how in the ITM Genesis Elite promotional videos, the promoter demonstrated live trades with a %100 a winning trading record. In fact, this promoter appeared to have posted lot’s of videos showcasing a flawless performance using the ITM Financial products such a the ITM Genesis Elite. Can anyone truly achieve such “excellency” with online trading?!

 ITM Genesis  Elite Live Trades – Real or Fake? 

I seriously question the authenticity of the trades and wonder if they were made using a live trading account or from a demo and as Randy stated “Binary International (the broker synced with ITM Genesis Elite) provides traders with a free demo so anyone who is interested to promote the ITM Financial Products (ITM Genesis Elite, GCAD and so on..) can register a free demo account and selectively showcase the most accurate trades and spam YouTube with promotional videos.”

It doesn’t take a math genius to showcase %100 winning live trades “risking” $1000’s of dollars on each trade,while you’re trading on a demo account and since demo and a live accounts are identical, viewers can’t really evaluate the true performance of the product and know if the trades are made with real money.

ITM Financial Products – Simply CRAP? 

Another point Randy made is in regards to the alleged track record of ITM Financial of releasing “worthless” products and advertising the same products with different names.  The main products advertised by ITM Financial are the ITM Platinum Pro, ITM Platinum Nexus, The GCAD Indicator and the ITM Genesis Elite, apparently all pointing to trading platform, requiring traders to register an account and in addition to pay a software fee of up to $4,997! This is just in the case you’re planning to buy the ITM Platinum Nexus life-time membership…On the product description, they epically quote: “for serious traders only”. It seems to me like they’re trying to catch a ‘big fish’ in an ocean of traders who are looking for a decent software.

Randy sums it up in one word, ‘CRAP’ and to add fuel to the fire, apparently Michael Hodges from is also not such a big fan of the ITM Financial products, according to his article titled “GCAD Indicator from ITM Financial Comes with a Catch” he emphasized the deliberate and obvious false advertising associated with the way in which ITM Financial sells the GCAD Indicator as a trading system while in reality it’s just another Technical Analysis Indicator, originally developed to spot trends for the CAD/JPY currency pair. The GCAD indicator is an Oscillator which can be found on MetaTrader 4 and many other charting solutions. What’s left to say? I am inclined to agree with randy’s statement “It’s CRAP” as well as with the point made by Michael Hodges in regards to the fine work of sugar-coating indicators into fancy looking products, however I am still interested to get some feedback and comments from traders who are using or previously used any of the above products so we can get a precise idea of what kind of performance one might expect.


Binary options trading requires a system that can take into account the broker’s entry/expiry times. Traders often miss out on many ideal trading opportunities when the signal services are sending them signals with an expiry that’s not available on their trading platform. It is frustrating to receive a strong signal and realize you can’t safely trade it. This is an issue that caused many signals services to fail, the inability to generate signals that match their clients platform’s expiry times.

I am still not confident in my assumption that ITM Genesis Elite is a scam,  perhaps it’s just a nicely wrapped  product with no real substance or maybe it’s based on real indicators but doesn’t meet the advertised performance. In order to properly evaluate ITM Genesis Elite, GCAD Indicator or any ITM Financial / products I would love to get your feedback, comments and detailed experiences.

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32 thoughts on “Is ITM Genesis Elite a SCAM or a Reliable Sofware?

  1. larry

    Thank you Michael Freeman for exposing the scam. I was just about to sign up with ITM Genesis Elite when I ran into your warning, this lady working for Binary International almost convinced me but I had second thoughts and decide to look them up. Larry

  2. Andrew

    I have tried several of these so called trading BOTTs and none of them have worked for me.I have better luck when I use my own judgement.

  3. Sara

    I am using Genesis Elite from last year and I must say it is superb. The only thing and a word of experience that I want to share with all of you is don’t follow the videos. The trades placed in the videos shown by ITM is for that particular time and for the market conditions at that time as we all know conditions vary each time. I learn from the videos and for the first 3 months I loose around $1500 but later I reduce my losses and from last 4 months I keep earning having bunch of $$ in my pocket by using this incredible tool.

  4. Sam

    My dear friends, if you follow charts and some good simple basic techniques, and be true to yourself, you will make 60% profits easily. Do not just depend or waste money on software. Learn to trade. there are opportunities. Just take them. Michael, even I tried your auto trader. I lost my 250$. I wrote you few emails and also on fb but did not hear from you. Hence do not listen to anyone. learn the strategy and work and improve ur strategy. In the beginning you will lose and it is ok. But slowly you will lean. I myself lost 12k so far. but now I am back to winning track. So just have the faith. Good luck.

  5. John

    I agree that ITM Genesis Elite, Saturn Pro, Smart Money, Proteus Ultra and M-Stat, GCAD 60 second (CAD/JPY pair) indicator and BO TrackElite are all junk, pure SCAMS!!!

    You will never get more than %50 ITM !!! This is pure bullshit!! I will not rest until everyone knows about this scam. Never join Binary International, they are the broker behind all of this.

    Also, Randy Churchill is a very terrible reference to base your opinion on. The man clearly avoids debates on ITM and other indicators when confronted with facts. Just like any other wanna-be affiliate marketer.

  6. Hashem

    Hello Jack, Could you please give us the link they provided to download Proteus Ultra ?!!

    or if you can link the installation file in here.

  7. matthew willey

    love what you are doing. keep up the great work. would like to be added to the auto trader list.


    Sorry for the mistakes…corrections to the above: They coaxed me…;;
    Third line:This amount.

    Fourth Line: Who can …etc…

  9. bob neal

    thanks for replying,
    I was hoping that at least the new Proteus would work reliably. If these platforms worked as good as they demonstrated, they wouldn’t need to keep releasing new versions. Their support people seem nice and helpful with setting up your computer, but their products have issues.

  10. Jack

    Hi Bob , Trying Proteus Ultra now , not too impressed yet . They already have another newer indicator called mStat . Of course you have to deposit more money , I told them thanks but no thanks .

  11. bob neal

    Jack, I also have had mixed results with Genesis Elite. How is Proteus going? I want to try it, but don’t want to tie up $1000, if it doesn’t work reliably.
    bob neal

  12. Shawn

    Man,ITM is BS for sure. Any youtube video that sells something and doesn’t allow comments should be a warning to all starting traders. You can still watch it but DON’T Believe it. Skepticism is a highly overlooked skill in Binary options, if your naive and truly believe the scammers you are going to always lose money. Read Mike’s blogs, do research join forums that cater to Traders, network and learn to do it yourself. Stop watching and hoping, start growing and learning by doing. Line your own pockets. Sorry for ranting Mike.

  13. Jack

    I have tried Genesis elite and also Proteus , no success with either one .Fortunately I only used a demo account so didn’t lose any real money . BI offers good support and withdrawals are no problem , There’s another product coming out called Ultra and I plan to get it and will report on the results , after all , they should get it right sometime !

  14. Kees

    When you use the software and losing money, it’s your own mistake in this case. When you are a client of About Genesis Elite!. When it was really working, they didn’t need to launch a new software called PROTEUS. I’m testing it, but i’m waiting for an upgrade, because after a while i need to insert my tpl again, otherwise it gives me the wrong indication. It’s still working than, but slower than the market, so if you don’t see that, you will loose all the trades you make. I will give you an update when i now more about this Proteus!!

    About Binary International. To me it seems like a good company, because they always respond immediately and help you where they can and unlike other company’s, they never ask you to deposit more money in your account and i tried a lot of brokers, but they all do. They have the same platform as 24OPTIONS, but there platform is much faster when you take a trade. With 24OPTIONS i lost a lot of money, so i now what i’m talking about. In the end, they are all the same!, they want to make money and not give it away. So i hope one day, there will be a software that really works!, aren’t we all?

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Unfortunately your nice promotional response is not inline with all the complaints I’ve read and received via email concerning and the lame products they offer. After posting this review I got several emails from traders who lost a lot of money with all the ITM Financial upgrades, upsales… It’s kind of like the “Scientology money making scheme” which some call a religion. If you really want to “spiritually advance” as a Scientologist you must purchase more and more books and stupid ass things that their “Church of Aliens” are selling people…eventually costing you thousands of dollars…I don’t see any difference in the business model. They get you in the door, the only goal they have is to get you to spend as much money as you can on their stupid products and in your case Kees, assuming you’re not working for them, they’ve succeeded. They even convinced you that when you lose using their software (which suppose to help), it’s purely your fault.. WTF? talk about “Brain-Washing”…..

      Take yourself for example, you already tried ITM Genesis Elite which is very expensive.. obviously, you are losing money and dare to say that if anyone loses money it’s their own fault, for a minute there I thought you’re a liar and you work for the company but I noticed you also emailed me before asking questions based on your email…so it’s very disappointing to get this comment from you. You are promoting Binary International on my blog or you are just brain-washed and slightly retarded, so you lost your money with ITM Genesis Elite, now you’re waiting for some new upgrade with Proteus because it’s obviously not working for you..

      Let me tell you what kind of a person you are Kees, the type of person who gets slapped on the face in life, over and over, many times and just never learn.. come by, I’ll give you a really good slap on the face and maybe you’ll wake up! Binary International is not a reliable broker anyway, 24Option is also getting many complaints on FPA so your choice of brokers is completely retarded…. anyway, Kees I wish you all the best really.. I am sad for you..

  15. Beth Smoltz

    Trust me guys these people are all scam artist, they have set up multiple names on the internet aliases , to say positive things about themselves, I believe they are all owned buy the same people I lost 2 thousand dollars plus, they lied and said that itm financial is in the United States, they post videos everyday about the misleading software, I have so much more to say but I am not done with them.

  16. Leonidas

    It is difficult to refer to the products as a scam. but. the products are more than a little misleading…knowing how to read fib lines is the least necessary in order to harness the claims of the videos.

    fib lines are renamed within the tool, additionally, the fib lines are redrawn automatically…often within the expiry of the trade executed. effectively changing the validity of the trade decision made.

    at best the products are well packaged rehashes of traditional indicators…the success rates are nowhere near the 81+ percentages suggested in the videos. these said videos are ultimately the only training/guidance for using the products – the acc manager’s struggle with the product themselves let alone have the ability to explain them…one had the gaul to ask me how I was able to get the indicator up to a success rate of 50%…50% = zero sum gain

    Needless to say I think the product is relatively a waste of time, taking into account the range of truly free custom indicators that you can import to MT4. some of the products it is producing are a real hazard…sending multiple signals at the same time so making a trade decision based on the software an even less calculated gamble than if you merely trade in the direction of trader sentiment shown at most broker platforms.

    And I hate to be Captain Obvious but BI/ITM are there to make money, the product needs to entice and push the illusion that it can create a millionaire out of you. One rule I have begun living by in the quest for getting rich quick: if a ‘free’ software requires you to sign with a particular broker…that is not free trade educators, that is covert brokers trying to entice you.

    And finally one thing all must remember, is that no indicator will work as a strategy and no one indicator will sustain a high success rate over a prolonged period of time…what works this week may not work next.

  17. Britney Anderson

    I don’t think anyone is telling someone that you should try their product

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I appreciate your suggestions and feedback on this post Britney. I would love to get some more feedback from traders who are using any of the above binary options products.

  18. Jacob Jones

    What’s the purpose of trying any of the ITM Financial products if they all lead to the same broker??

  19. Britney

    I also do the bounce this morning I was 5-0 with it on eur/usd. I’m still testing it though and I don’t use their broker I use stockpair and ctoption. I don’t really trust their broker. And I’m only telling you guys what work for me. The bounce occur at the medium or high and I don’t really know how to explain it when the price reach blue reversal or so if it bounce of twice I take the third bounce for five minutes. I guess these strategies are kind of like support and resistance break or bounce strategies and I take these when smart money is the same color or is tapering of really low like its so low it looks like it’s going to change color. These are what I use that all. I do not do the one touch they tell you to do or the no touch or the boundary cause it doesn’t wrk for me at all.

  20. George

    BS!!!!!!!!!!! ITM Genesis Elite doens’t work! I also had a very bad experience with Binary International so even if the software was worth anything, it doesn’t change the fact that Binary International, the sponsoring broker, really sucks!

  21. Britney

    I use the 1 minute time frame but sometimes I switch through time to see if there would be a rebound. What I look for is a strong break through the reversal band it’s usually a big candle then I look for it to drop a little and take the trade in the direction shown. For instance, if the reversal band is red and it breaks through the highest level nd smart money is blue take up 5 mins but I wait for a little retracement nd probability must be high 80% up. I have pics but I’m not sure where to post.

  22. Kees

    Hello Britney. which time frame are you using when you take a 5 minute trade and are you also looking at the color of the reversal band? Thank for your reaction!!

  23. Britney

    Yeah I know I argued with them for awhile about not teaching how to use there products. They are definitely misleading, no argument here. I’m just providing some insight for those who have already wasted money with high expectations from ITM Genesis Elite.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Your feedback is appreciated Britney, thank you very much! Hopefully this can help active traders increase their performance with the software…if they’re already using it, why not? Agree! Cheers! Mike

  24. Britney

    Itm genesis work if you know how to read fib line.
    I’m using there two strategies so far it seem to be working out. I get a higher win rate with the no touch strategy but I do a five minute trade in the direction it seems to be going instead of a no touch.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      It sounds to be like Auto Binary Signals!! Traders are looking for a service that provides signals WITHOUT requiring them to have professional background in technical analysis or trading in general…why is there a catch? Isn’t the purpose of a signals service or a signal trading system is to simplify trading? No where on the ITM Genesis Elite do I see a place where it states “Must know how to read FIB Line, and if you can’t read it, you will lose money with our software”

      Sounds very misleading to me and explains some of the complaints I received after posting this article. Yes, it’s probably not a scam but the ITM Financial products in general are overpriced and in this case, requires a technical analysis understanding. Either way, I am glad your strategies are working for you Britney! Thank you for the feedback.

  25. Kees


    The Genesis elite doesn’t work and i tested it for month’s.
    Also the GCAD and all the other indicators they provide are not working.
    Now the released a new indicator, the ITM Proteus and this one is giving clear signals, but they also don’t end up in the money, so this is another ITM software that doesnt work.
    When you see the video’s it’s working fantastic, but let’s face it.
    Binary option brokers are making money when you are loosing it and ITM is related to Binary International.
    If they give you a software that really works, they will be bank robbed in no time.
    It’s like all the providers of free software and robots!. You have to deposit money by a broker they recommend and this broker will give money to the software provider! In the end, you loose your money and you have payed for the software.
    Binary options seems like a real business, but they are the same like casino’s. Most people, (about 95-98% will loose there money and trust me, I’ve bin there!!

  26. Graham Roberts

    Hi Michael,
    I have used the ITM software for sometime and basically I am not convinced either way on its performance, I found some of the trades I copied of the guy in the videos worked quite well but a 60% success rate for me rather than the virtually 100% for him.
    My opinion is as a platform Binary International is easy to use etc and the support is good also however I also believe BI & ITM are one in the same or at least tied together like Siamese twins,
    I also think their prime intention like any business is to make money and to get traders to constantly top up their accounts with fresh money my own personal account history I started with $500 and commenced trading I eventually was down to only $25 at this point I had virtually no help from my so called account manager, I then received a call from BI with regard to my account they promised to help recover my losses ect as long as I funded my account again which I did with a further $500 and to be fair my manager was very helpful installing software etc but the outcome was the same another $500 down the drain.
    I am either a very poor trader or the software doesn’t work or I’m just unlucky Lol I will not be funding my account again.


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