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By | February 21, 2017

Launched in 2013, has grown into the preferred destination for scores of traders in a remarkably short time. The success of the operation can be attributed to a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that IQoption’s minimums are hands-down the very best in the business. As one of the industry-leading brokers, IQ Option deserves a full review. Being as popular as they are comes with certain costs of course, one of which is that they receive some negative feedback from some of their disgruntled traders. I can whole-heartedly affirm though that the operation is legitimate indeed, and the complaints regarding various withdrawal issues are either unfounded, or they’re posted by traders who haven’t provided the documentation required for such an operation.

IQoption used to have an extremely advanced trading robots platform too, which allowed traders to create their own auto-traders and to put them to the test in various trading competitions. This feature has recently been discontinued though.

The IQoption platform is superb. It’s a proprietary one and it comes with a user-friendly trading interface, as well as a number of interactive learning tools. IQ Option features some of the best returns in the binary option trading industry, to go with its attractive minimums.

IQoption is licensed by CySEC, and as such, it is fully MiFID-compliant. In addition to its Maltese license, IQoption is registered with a number of other European regulators, such as the FCA, Consob, BaFin and AFM, among others.

IQ Option Withdrawals

Despite some of the complaints out there, provided all the required documents are made available, IQoption withdrawals are smooth and seamless. It takes the operator one day to process a withdrawal request. While IQ Option doesn’t charge any fees, various commissions may be charged by payment providers.

In some cases, the broker may indeed ask for certain documents from the traders. The exact requirements in this respect will be emailed to the trader. The required documents have to be scanned and sent in.

While there is no minimum on withdrawals, for technical reasons, the operator cannot process withdrawals of less than €2.

Payouts and Features

The maximum on IQoption payouts is in the neighborhood of 91% (in case of a correct prediction.) For most of the options though, it’s lower than that. Interestingly, IQ Option only offers two trade types: Turbo and Binary. The Turbo options feature expiries under 5 minutes, while the Binaries offer expiries over the 15 minute mark. A new option-type product is in the works as well, which I personally am looking forward to. Called “Classic” option, this category will allow traders to purchase options which they will be able to sell at any time, featuring limited loss potential and unlimited profitability.

For the time being though, we’re looking at 88% payouts on Turbo options and 77% on the Binaries in case of a correct prediction. On currency pairs like the EUR/GBP though, we have 90% in case of a correct prediction, so yes indeed, the IQoption payout rates are great.

When it comes to features and various trading tools, the IQoption platform is unbeatable. It carries all the indicators and graphical tools that one could possibly need for proper technical analysis. The charting feature supports 4 chart types, there are 4 lines and no fewer than 12 different indicators available.

The IQ Option trading interface offers one-click access to just about everything the operator has to offer. One can access his/her trading history and open positions (which are wonderfully drawn up onto the graph too), there’s a handy news section, video tutorials, as well as a special offers section, which features one or two assets on which the trading conditions are better than on others for some reason. One can view this feature as a sort of trading signal feature, which lets the trader decide the direction of the trade as well as expiry.

This sophisticated trading platform can be accessed by everyone, without the need to make a real money deposit. IQoption offer a great demo account, with $1,000 in virtual funds, which carries all the features of the real money trading platform.

IQ Option Trading Platform – FREE Demo

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The feature that I personally found the most attractive about IQoption is that they only require one to deposit $10. While for a seasoned trader, this super-low limit doesn’t really offer anything interesting, for a beginner, it shines an entirely different light upon the whole operation in terms of affordability. With such a generous minimum on deposits, comes an equally generous minimum investment amount. Traders are only required to stake $1 on their trades, which means that the minimum deposit will actually let them purchase 10 positions.

In light of the latest requirements of European regulators, IQ Option do not offer any sort of bonuses, nor do they actively encourage their traders to trade more in any way.

IQ Option Customer Support

IQoption support can be contacted from the website of the operation, or directly from the trading interface. They have a ticket-based system going, which requires traders to open a ticket and to ask their question. It will then take the IQoption support staff an average of 25 minutes to answer the question. Those who do not want to wait, can contact IQ Option support by phone too. Their number is +44 20 8068 0760, and it’s available 24/7, around the clock. There is no localized phone support.

IQoption’s Weekend Quotes

Some traders will be surprised to see that IQ Option features quotes during the weekends too, when the markets are closed. These quotes are a unique feature which allows traders to trade through OTC (Over the Counter) instruments on weekends too. An OTC deal is a deal made between two parties, without going public.

IQ Option Review Conclusion

I’ve done a lot of trading through various brokers and trading platforms, and with certainty stemming from that experience, I can affirm that is one of the best binary brokers out there. Their platform is superb in every way, they are accessible for everyone, and their payouts are extremely fair as well. It is one of my top trading destinations, as it’s quite possibly the best place to start your trading venture. If for some reason you don’t already have an account with them, make sure to open a free IQ Option account as this is definitely one of the best binary options brokers out there.

IQ Option Risk Warning

33 thoughts on “IQoption Review

  1. Leon Mare

    Hi Mike, anyone in the know. I have watched all the IQ Option videos inside the platform but I did not see a demo how to set the entry point (SR i suppose) in advance so it will be filled when/if available.
    Can anyone explain it to me or refer me to a video>

    BTW – the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” never works…

  2. Diane

    Hello Mike

    When signing up with iqoption do I have to accept an account manager or not? I am a newbie to this and do not know anything about trading.
    The only thing I have done in the past was to register with copybuffet software on autotrader which swallow my deposit. Without any understanding to what I was doing I was later on contacted from account manager. But it did not make any progress whatsoever so instead of money to grow I was losing. They asked me to add more but I refuse as I did not see any positive actions that could enable me to add more money. so how to learn on my own or should I trust the account manager?

  3. paul goodman

    is genuine. just got my last comment wiped out because of the stupid captcha system, wish all websites would stop using it, whoever came up with it, like my dad says, should be thrown against a wall and shot. will try again don,t expect to get past the cloak and dagger crap.if we make a mistake why can,t you hold and keep the comment, so we can correct it. this happens on a lot of sites, too much hassle, i usually just sign out.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I tried removing it but got over 300 spam comments over a period of 25 hours… so it’s kinda useful 🙂 Regarding Binomo, didn’t get any complaints about them. However, they don’t seem to be regulated.

  4. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin

    i also have experience with IQ option problem at all..for me,they’re honest broker,reliable and trusted..affordable min deposit,unique platform (user friendly) and I very like very much their customer service ..answered all my inquiries with fast response!!..

  5. Tony

    Pdeen, you are not making any sense here. And are you really telling Michael Freeman that he hasn’t traded? That is just hilarious! Yes, the delay on IQ Option is annoying, and I have fast internet so it’s them, not me, but that doesn’t make it a scam. As Michael said, if you’re going to make allegations like this, give some real evidence.

    1. Pdeen

      To Tony lm not saying that Mike has not traded but let me tell you Tony hilarious you probably work for IQ lve been trading for years and there’s a lot of scammmmmmms out there and it about scamming hard working people out of there money HILARIOUS TONY ?????? It’s about manipulating the PLATEFORM get your head out of the SAND

  6. Aloise Ngari

    Great broker according to me. It is however not advisable for big accounts since you might not be able to trade more than $500 a times. Every expiry has a limit of $7,000 hence if someone else trades a big chunk you will be in trouble.

  7. aloyce

    Apart from the delay due to slow internet (no broker is exempt from this), this is the best broker I have dealt with. No issues whatsoever with withdrawals. I trade right off their platform without having to open another charting. The payouts on the EUR/USD can go to as low as 58% though. I have been using it for more than a year now.

  8. J.R.

    OK the charts are beautiful and evocative and you can move them and zoom so smoothly. But why to do that when you need your or mt4 anyway? Even if you trusted on rates delivered by your brokerage, the charts just aren’t good enough for technical analysis. Or are they??Please convince me because I really like IQ Option! Why are the candlestick bodies always equalized with their neighbours? Using IQ platform you will not notice concepts like Harami, Engulfing, Gap, and so on. Every bar opens where the previous closed. Do features like this benefit the trader and justify the platform?
    Then there are the bunches of indicators, yes, very nice! But if you look at them closely, you will see that the moving averages are limited to 200 periods, so you can’t use, let us say, SN IR’s standard setup with 360 EMA.

    The platform is heavy and causes delays in case I haven’t got the Fastest Internet Connection of the World. I often receive a message (seconds after I have pushed the green or the red button) that the option was never sold because the price has changed. Or, in the worst case, a contract is executed, but with a delay. Then I possibly get a better sr than I ever had dared to wait for… possibly not.

    In the demo mode I often lose my patience, push the button fivehundred times, nothing happens still. Then, suddenly, maybe twenty trades are executed and the account is blown up, or it grows by seventy–ninety percent. Once I got truly rich in playground money when this happened many times in a row. Absolutely nothing to try in real money!

    Is IQ Option really as good as, let us say, 24option or Top/AnyOption?
    All right, you can invest $1, even $1.50… but sometimes low stakes coincide with a sluggish data transfer. Then the low stakes may give little return.

  9. Meg

    Love IQ and make profits. Great interface and mobile app is fab. 30 sec/1min turbos can be problematic but notsomuch if you read your charts, manage your account and have a healthy attitude to risk. Their tournaments are brilliant and you can make extra money – plus they offer tutorials and good customer care. My only beef is the low binary price for some forex pairs late in the day (UK). For those who think their demo account works differently from real I wonder if it’s to do with risk attitude? IQ like other brokers require good internet connection or there will be a delay. This is a review based on a learning curve entirely down to IQ and its supporters. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

    1. J.R.

      There is a typical delay issue that I only have seen when in IQ.
      I use three other brokerages, two of which provide SpotOption platform, one has made some own gear.

      A support guy or acc. manager from IQ said they were going to solve it. We’ll see… A fine brokerage, anyway.

  10. karthik p

    i am using iq for about three months…i never had any issue with withdrawal or prize manipulation.the only problem is for longer expiry binary they will offer my case i never had issue trade delay too so far soo good. usually withdrawal will happen same day.

  11. Dave

    Me and my friends like 15 off us been using iq for over a year we all say it’s the best broker we’ve come across withdrawals are very good too off course there’s delays but some delays work to our advantage

    1. J.R.

      If no delays worked to our advantage, they would be the best indicator available.

  12. Jason Clark

    A few issues with this broker: 1- major delays in execution-especially if the trade was going in ure favour, sometimeso it doesn’t even allow, however when the trade was going against u it enters regardless of the delay in execution.
    2. Major issues with withdrawal- they keep saying they don’t find mail documents even after I have sent them multiple times in a row.
    3. I previously had an issue which is resolved nw where I was on 1 min candlestick chart however I had a candle open every 30s instead of the 1 min.
    They might be legit but they definitely don’t treat traders from certain countries fairly

    1. Lora

      On the mobile app does the same. Keep changing the candles, I set 1 min, and then jumps to 30 sec or 2 mins. The execution on the demo is sometimes very slow and the percentages are low in the evening time like 58 or maximum 77%. Other times much higher.

  13. Felipe

    I started at Mike’s Facebook Group with IQoption and was very sad when they stoped to accept Canadian traders. This is far the best, reliable and trusted Brokers I ever worked with. No problem to withdraw, no problems with my trades, and I can play with the expiration having the ability to catch and follow the signals safely and also able to open the trades with the best SR.
    They are really serious. I am still having the account, however, when I try to deposit funds, because I am from Canada, they do not accept my money, if was another broker will take it and after send you a msg saying “Sorry we do not accept traders from your region”. A++++ Broker in my opinion.

  14. Elie machaalany

    IQ option have several good points, thus negative ones. IQ option have a great easy use friendly platform for windows/cellphone that makes the trading interesting to use way more then other brokers that you may find difficult to understand, or lets say not very user friendly..
    Thus, a huge negative part from IQ option is the delay in placing the order.. its takes like 1-2 sec to place the order.. this would cause you big trouble if you are trying to catch a spike in a volatile market..
    Overall its a great broker, carry about its customers and they deserve there success
    I was preferring if they would have left there IQRobot in use, they confirmed it was unstable, but i’m sure it was okey for some of us. we all wish if they could get back that robot.

  15. Donald D

    All the current comments just seem like people with 0 knowledge, or competition . I tested out IQ via my German friend’s account with real money. I must say IQ option is one of the greatest platforms out there. There’s no wonder why they are linked with Aston Martin and other backers. The site is clean, professional, and even has an app for macs and phones that runs very smoothly. You can experience some trade latency, but if you’re quick you’ll be able to hit the strike rates you intend to. Much better than the 3-5 second delay brokers force you into. Support and resistance and 60 second trading is risky. Just because you lose money, or don’t know what you’re doing, doesn’t deem something a scam. Just make sure you get a good broker when you sign up. And here’s a fun fact. The demo runs on actual market prices. But no one really listens to people who write reviews in all caps anyway.

  16. Hak

    Could people list their biggest withdrawal amount of pure profits please? Always nice to know how far you can go before the broker does not like you anymore:-)

  17. Garretsen

    In the past I have had only positive experiences with iqoption, usually if there was a delay it was my own internet connection causing the problems. Withdrawing profits was always quick and not an issue and their platform is superb!

    However, the last time I traded with iqoption was one year ago so things may have changed since then.

  18. Peter deen

    I know for a fact iq option is a scam broker lve been using them 4to5 week lm SO SIR PRISED you’re got them down has a trusted broker there is much more going there just to say being regulated does not say they are not fiddling l don’t normals put or write on these sites but because there is that 95% binary brokers SCAMMING HARD WORKING PEOPLE OUT OF THERE MONEY THERES A LOT MORE PEOPLE NOT COMING FORWARD l would love to meet one of these LOW LIVES

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      IQ Option is definitely not a scam. And I know that for a fact since hundreds of my students and fellow traders are trading with them and loving them. If you have any proof that they are a scam, feel free to present it here or send it to me via email.

      1. Pdeen

        I have a acc for the demo it is fixed and when you have REAL ACC BUFFETING AND 2 to 3 SECOND DELAY WHEN YOUR MAKING A TRADE WHICH MAKE S A BIG DIFFRENTS WHEN TRADING AND HOW DO YOU THINK THEY MAKE MONEY ON YOUR LOSES IVE BEEN TRADING FOR A LONG TIME 95% of BINARY brokers are scams put some in and make some trades and you’ll so fined out when your trade end of the time it holds back FACT IVE TRADIED YOU HAVENT BEWARNED

      2. Felipe

        Agree 100%. Not Scam, great Broker for me. Never had any problems when i was using this platform.

  19. Pdeen

    Hi strongly disagree that IQ is the best platform it is dodgy the demo is nothing like the real platform the platform is fixed and manipulated by IQ lve been using it now 4 week when you trade there a 2 sec delay be warned there s people on that platform losing money when they’ve won fact. There is few people winning but a lot of LOSING BE WARNED8

    1. Hak

      2 sec delay does not make a broker a scam, it’s annoying, mostly on turbos, cysec are voting for removal of trades below 5 minutes now by the way so that’s going to be interesting. You need to come with a better explanation on why the are a scam

    2. Ferdy

      The 2 sec delay can be in many factor, but mostly because of the internet provider or you just to far from the main server of iq option. Try to check ur internet performance to iqoption server by opening cmd, type “ping” and see if the time given is less than 200ms. If u got more, then dont blame it on iqoption because u just too far from the iqoption server. I hav a good experience with iqoption, and i can say it’s best binary option broker for beginner or anyone who just want to earn money but dont have enough money to spend.


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