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By | February 23, 2017

HighLow (HighLow.net) is a binary option broker based in Australia. I’ve always had a keen interest in binary option operators from Down Under, because they have to fulfill some very strict regulatory criteria, and as such, they all tend to be extremely serious about they do. They aim to draw in traders through a combination of superb trading tools/platform and excellent payout rates/attractive minimums. This is obviously all true in HighLow’s case too.

Online since 2014, HighLow has already managed to build up a good reputation. Licensed by ASIC, the operation has adopted an innovative approach to binary option trading, evident in the web-based and mobile trading platforms it offers. The broker uses the single market-maker business model, and it does not accept traders from the US.

Why do I personally like HighLow though? First of all, the returns it features are downright superb. On some option types, it can be as high as 100%. Traders can access their funds quickly, and they can make withdrawals just as quickly, without having to deal with any hidden terms and conditions in this regard. New account creation is rewarded with cash back, and their support staff is amazing. Funds safety is excellent. The broker keeps trader monies in segregated accounts and it does not use them for any other purposes.

HighLow feature a superb demo account too. There’s a “quick demo” option, which lets everyone jump right into the middle of virtual money trading, at the click of a button. While profits-wise, the demo account is wholly irrelevant, it does offer traders a way to explore the software, the option types and the general inner workings of the operation. HighLow is one of only a handful of binary option brokers who let their traders create a demo account which can then be maintained after the creation of a real money account too.

Just about the only downside to HighLow is the fact that they do not accept US traders, but given the business model that they use, that is indeed understandable and thus hardly an actual drawback.

The corporate entity behind the brokerage is Highlow Markets Pty Ltd, and it’s based in Sydney, Australia.

HighLow Review

HighLow is AU-Regulated!

HighLow Withdrawals

Withdrawals are fast and simple with HighLow. They accept a number of deposit methods, such as credit cards, Neteller, bank wire and scores of eWallets. Every one of the deposit methods can be used for withdrawals too. Withdrawal requests are always processed in a timely manner. The site offers a cash back deal for newly created accounts, and the terms and conditions attached to it may limit one’s ability to withdraw.

To make a long story short: withdrawals cannot be made until the redemption requirements on the bonus have been met. These requirements are extremely reasonable though. They’re not designed to impede traders’ ability to withdraw their monies. As said above, trader funds are held in secure, segregated accounts with the National Australia Bank (NAB). Withdrawals are possible to overseas bank accounts too, in which case, a $20 fee will be charged on every transfer.

Payouts and Features

According to some reviewers, the maximum payout rates offered by HighLow are around the 90% mark, but apparently, in reality they are 200% on some options- according to HighLow.net. However, the site counts your initial investment as part of the return too, so it’s safe to say that the maximum is in fact 100%. 90% may be the average, which is very impressive at any rate.

The HighLow trading interface can be accessed by all comers at no cost, through the free demo feature. The platform features plain and simple graphics, obviously designed with functionality in mind. The amount of information displayed for every option type is sufficient, some would call it an “information-rich environment.” There’s a superb walkthrough feature at the site, which takes traders trough the trading platform one step at a time, providing plenty of information about asset selection, about adding various assets to the favorites and about the actual trading process. The charting solution used in the trading interface may seem a little raw at first, but it is quite useful, even though one can’t apply various technical indicators to it directly.

The option-types featured aren’t particularly impressive, but there are a few of them you won’t find anywhere else. The most basic type is the High/Low, suited for trading range-bound markets or small movements in the underlying asset-price. The return on such options is in the 80-90% range.

High/Low Spread options feature Bid/Ask spreads, reflecting the way price-making happens in the Forex markets. The payouts on such options can be as high as 100%. These options are suitable for trading larger market movements, as the larger payouts make them quite attractive indeed.

The Turbo options are essentially short-term options. They cover expiry times ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and they’re obviously suited for those after instant gratification.

The Turbo Spread options are just like the Turbo ones, with the difference that they feature Bid/Ask spreads, and are thus suitable for trading larger market movements.

The Traders’ Choice indicator is the simplest and handiest way for traders to gain an understanding on where the investor-sentiment is in regards to a certain asset. One can choose to follow the flock or to strike out against the masses. Either way, the indicator is a basic trading tool that makes the decision an easier one for beginners as well as for advanced traders. Located on the left-hand side of the traded asset chart, the Traders’ Choice indicator is continuously updated.

HighLow’s Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimum required first deposit is $50. The minimum trade amount has been set to $10, which means that one can log at least 5 trades on a minimum deposit. While much larger sums can be staked on single trades too, for those trading on a minimum deposit, it is recommended to stick to the minimums.

As far as bonuses go, HighLow offer a $50 cashback deal. This deal is apparently valid for demo accounts too, though in that case, the money is obviously only virtual. The redemption requirements on the cashbacks are extremely reasonable, and as soon as they’re fulfilled, traders are free to withdraw their cashback monies.

Customer Support

The backbone of the HighLow customer support is a ticketing system, which essentially allows traders to air their grievances through email. Other than that, there’s a phone number available as well: 1300-870-442. This is only valid in Australia though and it only works on weekdays, between 9:00 and 4:00. It is always recommended that you read through the FAQ before you contact the support staff.

HighLow Review Conclusion

Everything considered, HighLow is a good binary option broker. It will not short-change its customers and it will not tinker with the pricing. The trading platform is solid, though it could use a few more analysis-oriented tools.

In short, if you’re in Australia or in other countries where HighLow is available, look no further. HighLow is the BEST binary options broker for you.

Open an Account

Signing up with HighLow will grant you FREE access to my signals group and the broker’s platform is fully compatible with our signals.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below this HighLow review.

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15 thoughts on “HighLow Review – Best AU-Regulated Broker

  1. Thiru

    Thanks for the detailed information about Australian binary options.

  2. Maxwell Mago

    Hi, thank you for the review but does Highlow deal with traders from Zimbabwe. I intend to do my deposits and withdrawals using my visa card. Best regards.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Yes, that would be one of the best choices if you’re looking for a binary options broker.

  3. Sue L.

    Hello Michael, I just opened a HighLow.net trading account and then saw your link for your Signals Group. I am from Canada, can I still sign up for the group?


  4. J.R.

    I would choose this broker BIG TIME if just Swissie and Canadian dollar were among the assets… it’s fine they only provide seven currency pairs, but I would possibly not prefer AUD/JPY and NZD/JPY when the number of assets is that limited. Anyway, I just signed up and I’m going to try out their demo. Seems to be one of the absolutely best non-Nadex BO brokers?

    1. J.R.

      SORRY, I just saw that Swissie and Canadian dollar are indeed among their assets. I may have read old info before. Try out their demo, everybody!

  5. Abd Ruslan

    best broker yet so far.no hassle,no phone call to nudge you on this and that.simply fund in and start trading right away

      1. Michael Freeman Post author

        The problem with Canada is that the government outlawed binary options. The US did the same, but at least they still allow exchange-based trading, such as Nadex. Unfortunately, I am not able to recommend binary options trading to Canadians at the moment.

        1. Peter Anderson

          Thanks for your reply. I wonder what other option traders in Canada are doing. Anyone out there have anything to share on this?

          1. Lakh Jhajj

            Kill the govt. that’s all I can say. Lol. They tied our hands so much. At least should opened to Nadex so we can use a regulated binary exchange. If they were outlawing binary options

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