Guaranteed Outcome SCAM!!! Warning!

By | April 2, 2015

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 by Michael Freeman

Guaranteed Outcome is a SCAM! The same ole’ phrases are getting old and online traders are sick and tired of hearing about how they can make millions in a few weeks, the same dream that and other fake Auto Traders are selling the public, on a weekly basis, each time with a different name, today this “Guaranteed” to lose your money offer is joining my blacklist. For experienced online traders, it’s obviously a joke, a fake software that one can easily detect. Unfortunately many new traders and online newbie opportunities seekers are signing up with shady offers like Guaranteed Outcome, now promoted all over the web on fake blogs and via email marketing campaigns. If you search for reviews on Guaranteed Outcome on Google, you will find nothing but great endorsements. Why is that? It’s because the people behind the scam are clever enough to create these positive reviews before they launch the product to the public just in case someone like me will post a warning.

By the time, I post this warning, I am pretty sure that 100’s of people already fell victim to the “Guaranteed to Lose Your Money ASAP scam” AKA Guaranteed Outcome. “Victor Lambert” or whoever you are, my friend you are a scammer and now you are exposed.

Notice that all the websites promoting this offer are not related to online trading and/or websites where other fake offers are promoted without any solid evidence or testimonials of anyone’s success, you won’t find any success stories besides the one’s by actors hired by to say whatever they’re told to say for a few dollars.  You will not find promoted on any legitimate Binary Options or Forex portal! Nada! I hope that by posting this review I can stop traders from joining this viral scam and hopefully people who already signed up would be kind enough to share some feedback and warn others below this review! In fact, even if you never signed up with this offer I encourage you to check it out quickly without signing up and let me know what you think. I mean, this is as close to the definition of scam! For me being in the industry for 4+ years, I know that it’s a pure %100 fraud and I know it because of all the complaints and due to all the similar scams that are coming out and resemble this offer any way you look at it, the psychology, the promises, the actors, the fake testimonials.. all the warning signs are on the first page. Check it out for yourself and you’ll understand exactly what I am warning you about.


The funny part is how the ‘voice over’ actor goes over his $1,000,000 bank account, which is a common tactic used by almost all fake money-making schemes. A snapshot of a fake bank account can be created in a matter of minutes or purchased from for about $5 so every person can post bank snapshots with millions of dollars and their name on it. Unfortunately there’s not even a single indication that this offer is legitimate in any way and I encourage you all to avoid it! Don’t take your chances with this one, you’re bound to lose your money.

I strongly encourage you to trade binary options with a reliable broker, a demo or a successful community/signals service and avoid all the fake money-making schemes. Check out my latest article on my new Signals Facebook group, a %100 transparent community of traders dedicated to each other’s success! The group now consists of over 900+ traders and successful admins who post signals for the group 24/05.  Mike’s Facebook Signals Group and Community

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10 thoughts on “Guaranteed Outcome SCAM!!! Warning!

  1. mary

    they guarantee you; if you don’t make over tens of thousands of dollars in 30 days they will give you $10,000.

  2. Hope L.

    I have been flooded with emails for these binary accounts. They were VERY tempting, but I had to check them out and found your site. Thank You! As they say, If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!!!!. There are quite e few of these scams under different names, so BEWARE>

  3. graeme

    How i wish I had found this site earlier. i got sucked into this Guaranteed Outcome scam by Keith of Option xe I signed up to Ukoptions and now can’t get my money out but so far there has been ZERO anything from the broker. I only joined because I am out of work and thought I could earn a few quid a day not being greedy for the promised “millions” but just enough to pay the bills . Now i have zero income but have to find the minimum each month to pay the card i used £250 down the drain mea Culpa so a message to everyone STAY AWAY I have raised a dispute with my credit card company but

  4. ivan

    Thanks for the review mike, this type of fraud is more common today and every day more people fall into this type of scams that make false promises that you are going to get rich overnight, 2 Months ago i fell into a scam of a signal service that lasted only a few days and disappeared a pity because one puts his little money you have to get ripped off in this way

  5. Richard Goddard

    Thank you very much for this warning..There is nothing worse than people falling for scams and its not just the financial loss they face when they join these things…they tell there friends and there friends lose money too..then they have not only lost there money they have lost a friend too or even family members..Many people will have been saved from that future nightmare thanks to you Michael.MASSIVE THUNBS UP

  6. Heidi Thoresen

    Thank you for all your time spending warning and education people about binary options and the pit falls to fall into.I feel so sorry for people who are being taking advantage of, but I know for sure that if one is not honest to his/hers artsfriends, some day the punishment will come, and it will be bad. I personally still dont have faith in autotrading software, I think there has to be real humans behind to find the best trades. But I might be oldfashion;)And thats why I love you signalgroup, REAL PEOPLE ARE THERE!

  7. Priyesh G

    Hi Mike,
    Checkout this fake website ‘’….you can update it in your scam list.

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      Looks like it’s the same people behind Binary Boom and Bin Boom, just a different landing page for their scam. Thank you Priyseh.

  8. Jared B

    Thanks for exposing scam artists such as this one Mike! I hate to hear stories about their poor victims who get too excited at the thought of getting rich within a week and end up worse off even faster! Keep up the good work in keeping the industry honest and clear of scam sharks. I hope they end up losing money on the setup costs 😉

  9. Adriano L. Silva

    Thank you Mike for helping us there not fall for scams like this, hugs !!!


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