Goptions new SpotOption 2.0 Feature – Ladder Option Trading

By | October 9, 2013

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Michael Freeman

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Binary options is expanding in terms of demand and the industry the major players of the industry are constantly developing new features to meet the demand of Forex Traders and Binary Options Traders alike. Forex brokers are partnering up with Spotoption, to incorporate the binary options features on Forex Platforms and create a Hybrid type platforms. The Hybrid Platforms are still in development yet the newest feature that Forex and Binary Options Brokers are after, is finally available on the GOptions Platform. Ladder Option is a revolutionary feature, meeting the desire of online traders for the high returns that are being offered on the old school Forex and Spread Betting platform, while keeping the risk to a minimum. Note that one of the reasons binary options is now exceeding popularity, is mainly due to the lower risk involved when compared with Forex and Spread Betting. The Ladder Option feature provides a solution to meet the demand for higher returns while maintaining low risk exposure. The Ladder Option can yield profits of up to %1000 on a live trade, giving a trader full control of expiry and limiting the loss potential to the trade amount. In simple words: If you win a trade using the Ladder Option Feature you will receive up to %1000 profit and if you lose the trade, you will only lose the amount invested on the trade.


Example 1) If you choose to enter a trade at the highest price level instead of the market level, let’s face it, your chances of winning the trade are lower but if your prediction falls in the money you can receive up to %1000 and at least %500 on your trade without putting more than your trade amount at stake.

Example 2) If you choose to enter a trade at the current market level you will receive the regular payout of %75-%85 and the amount at stake is the trade amount.

The main benefit with this feature is that it provides with higher returns while replacing the need for Stop-Loss since with Binary Options a trader can never endure substantial loss over the course of one trade. 

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