FTSE 100 Trading Tips

By | January 22, 2015

Thursday, January 22th, 2015 by Tim Lanoue

When it comes to trading indices online with binary options it can be exceptionally difficult to find a high success rate trading strategy which is why today we are going to cover some extremely effective tips on how to successfully trade the FTSE 100 Index with binary options. Almost every binary option broker offers this asset but I would be willing to stick my neck out there and say that maybe 5% of all binary option traders actually trade this often forgotten indice. These tips can be used by traders of all experience levels and I highly encourage to use these tips when trading the FTSE 100 with binary options.

Introduction to the FTSE 100 Index

For those of you not familiar with the FTSE 100 Index it is an asset that measures the performance of the Top 100 grossing companies on the LSE, otherwise known as the London Stock Exchange. However, when it comes to trading with binary options it is offered in a derivative form and sometimes known as the UK Index among various other binary option brokers.

Public Service Announcements

This is the number one factor to closely watch and take advantage of when considering to invest with the FTSE 100 with binary options. In order to closely observe public service announcements I would highly recommend watching the news on a consistent basis, follow an online financial portal like Google Finance or utilize other web-pages that offer live press releases to the public. Press releases that you should be aware of and keep an eye on would be UK Housing Data, UK Inflation Data, UK Gross Domest Product Values, UK Interest Rates, and the value of the Usd/Chf currency pair.

Quarterly UK Earnings

Just like with all countries, the gross earnings produced by that country has a significant effect on their markets. If the gross earnings of a country are poor you can probably comprehend that the markets are lower as well and vice versa for strong gross earnings. Keeping an eye on quarterly UK earnings is a great way to predict how the FTSE 100 may react.

Trading the FTSE 100 

Following those tips will be your guidelines to profiting online with binary options, when you see that the Quarterly UK Earnings are strong and bullish then you should place a long-term CALL investment and vice versa for poor earnings. When it comes to public service announcements it takes some time get use to in order to see how certain releases make the FTSE 100 react. If the release is announcing good information then it is safe to say that the FTSE 100 price will rise and vice versa for hurtful information.

Becoming a dynamic binary options trader can make a world of a difference for you if you get bored easy with trading the same asset day after day. Following these tips are extremely effective and only slightly time consuming and it more often than not pays off in the long run! If you guys have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below and Mike or I will get back to as soon as possible!

11 thoughts on “FTSE 100 Trading Tips

  1. Josh

    Was reading through all your information. Thanks I learned some things I wasn’t aware of.

  2. Tim Lanoue


    This isn’t really a trading strategy my friend, as you can see them are more fundamental tips. Swapping out the FTSE 100 with SP500 or Dow Jones won’t do you any good. But if you want to check out more of my
    “fucking” strategies they are all over this blog, make sure to check them out, I have many more articles on here for you. Well the time frame is completely up to you Serge, since this is more of a fundamental analysis type of trading tips, not technical trading stategy, it has no set-in-stone time frame or some magic time frame. The time frame is what you make of it, I would stick around 15-30 minutes though if I were you. More pertinent news would me you should follow more indices since every indice is a measure of a combination of securities, if you want to see how certain assets are performing then I would look at the indice and look at their true value at Google Finance.

    Best of luck Serge.

    Tim Lanoue

  3. serge

    cool guy for ur fuckin strategy but can you talk me mo about timeframe i should put and what iz the mo pertinent news , and can i use this strategy with sp500 and dow jones too with the same economic indicator on usa

  4. marvin

    My god I used credit card can’t believe you telling I have to start from scratch again.. these people should be able to get away with these things though it’s sad for any trader coming into BO..

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      Absolutely. I would write it off as a loss and move on. I know it’s upsetting but you can treat it as a lesson. I know traders who are still angry about money they lost from two years ago. It’s not worth your time..It’s important to do a careful research in the future with any route you take online with so many scams out there.

  5. marvin

    Yes I am subscribe to your channel so I seen it . Do you know the right channels to go through to get back my money from interactive options?

    1. Mike Post author

      If it’s a bankwire you can forget about it. The only option that I can think of, and I have a lot of experience dealing with complaints as you can imagine, is to file a credit card dispute. However, it turns out that the credit card companies are usually on the brokers side for some reason. Either way, a credit card dispute is worth trying, CySEC is BS when they give brokers that I won’t mention their name, but are notorious for scamming traders with full CySEC regulations… so it’s kind of like a losing battle with CySEC. They are not a serious regulatory body. I should post a negative review on CySEC and expose them for the cheap-ass lame regulatory body that they are. You just gave me a good idea. CySEC is crap, BS, they are probably getting paid a lot of money.

  6. marvin

    Yes am losing my fate in binary options I requested from interactive options more that a week still now response planning to report to cysec. On Monday . But I like etoro

    1. Mike Post author

      Binary options are not traded on a real exchange so you can’t expect to generate consistent long-term profits. It’s a fact that most blogs and forums on binary options would deny but it’s the truth. In my last YouTube video I exposed exactly how the industry works – Binary Options Exposed!. You can make more money promoting it vs trading.. you can take me as an example. Obviously I have these blogs and ads everywhere and when traders sign up I get commissions. If you are looking for a more serious investment opportunity also check out my latest article on Jarratt Davis, the 2nd Best Forex Trader in the world! https://www.binaryoptionschannel.com/who-is-jarratt-davis/

  7. marvin

    Hi Mike can you share your thoughts on etoro? Do think they are good?

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Marvin, Etoro is a great trading social network and I actually reviewed Etoro on YouTube about a year ago. It’s mainly for Forex trading, the second option is ZuluTrade if you are looking for a reliable Forex social network that allows you to follow other traders. Etoro is also CFTC regulated in the US and in many other countries around the world unlike the typical binary options broker. Cheers! Mike


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