FB App Bot is a “Milfy” SCAM!!

By | July 19, 2015

This website is so annoying and definitely a SCAM! We’ll get into the evidence shortly but first I have to note that I was really irritated by the pop-up video urging you to stay, as soon as you attempt to leave the page! What does Facebook have anything to do with money-making schemes? I have no idea! Perhaps they are trying to hijack some authority from a well-known social network site? It’s probably the case since they also featured the Forbes, Tech Crunch and Wall Street logos as if the FB App Bot was ever endorsed anywhere besides on a few unknown sites.

Now guys, don’t get too excited, Melissa Walters the “CEO of Fbappbot.com” happens to also work for Fiverr.com as a testimonial actress. Could this be a coincidence and Melissa Walters is in fact a Millionaire CEO of a ‘fancy looking’ pitch page? I would highly doubt it since the actors of Fiverr.com are only getting around $5-$30 per each fake testimonial gig. This is very common with money-making schemes, it’s really easy to hire actors to say whatever you want. To prove this point I hired an actress myself to lie on camera:

Katie Harvey Exposed (she was behind ProfitwithCindy, a similar scam)

Notice this “money paid to users” widget on the side, this is a marketing tool that similar scams are using, the entire FB App Bot website looks like half of the scams I previously reviewed. Claims to make you rich over night, actors, annoying pop-ups. I don’t even feel like writing an intelligent review on Fbappbot.com, but I do understand that many people are new to online trading or even to the Internet, and they might give it a try. After all, no one can deny that Melissa is a convincing, super-hot actress, but trust me that she is not the person who will help you make money online and definitely not with binary options.


I am also shocked that they used Mark Zucherberg’s photo on the FBAppBot.com page, he should definitely sue them for a few millions. Who gave them permission to use his picture? Scam-artists are getting more reckless and careless, some don’t even have warnings and disclaimers.

Check out my Binary Options Scams list and you’ll find many similar fraud sites, my questions is: why would you even want to take the risk? I surely hope you’re reading this before you deposited money because trust me that you will lose everything, and if you already deposited money, share your feedback so others can be aware of the true nature of this offer, as well as the trading results generated by this “so-called” profitable auto trading system.

The FB App Bot just came out a few days ago so some of you might receive emails with invites, usually the invitations include a few weird sentences and a link directing you to the site. Don’t ever trust email solicitors, they have no incentive to help you and all they do in reality, is send out millions of emails hoping to fish for victims, it’s a sleazy job. It’s a game of numbers, they figure that out of 1000 people at least 2-3 people will sign up with the FB App Bot and they’ll get paid as soon as you make this horrible mistake and get with “Melissa Walters”.. By the way, look up the name Melissa Walters on Google and you won’t find her on any sites that are not related to the FB App Robot.

Binary options trading is now a regulated industry and many brokers engage in fair business practices, have proper regulations and the brokers I am referring to will never work with money-making schemes. EU regulated brokers such as Anyoption have clearly stated hat they never did and never will, work with any of the shady scams that come out on a daily basis now. I encourage you to visit my Binary Options YouTube channel where you can find over 240 videos on tips, strategies and scam alerts. If there is one thing I really want you to take from my FB App Bot Review, is that research is the key. Don’t trust offers that seem too good to be true.

If you have any questions or feedback, please comment below this article.

7 thoughts on “FB App Bot is a “Milfy” SCAM!!

  1. dan jarrell

    i will add this–i will have a us government official knocking on my door–i am surprised that they are not all ready here. again my degree is in math. notice at the bottom–what is used to make sure you are not a robot–
    math–in math your answer is either–right or wrong–no in between answer.
    i taught the first computer class to a high school student in the the united states sponcered by the national science foundation–so i am not stupid–and i am not bragging–what i have said is a fact. you can call me any time–1-903-392-9661

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      The problem is that you’re facing 100’s of scams. I tried to contact many organizations in the past with no reply, in order to get some answer. IC3, lawyers but no one can give me a clear answer as to why those people are not in prison and making millions, this is theft.

  2. dan jarrell

    i recomend this–all should report this to the attorney general of the the united states. lets see if our own national government is full of crooks.
    this is going to sound bad–but is the truth. the answer to this question is–yes and any intelligent person knows this is true. however–what are the majority of us doing about it–nothing.
    remember–if our government and laws quit working–what are we suppose to do–change it–our constitution says this. i will add–we can not do this by just voting. we must take stronger action than that–that is the reason we have the right to have guns–that is also in our constitution

  3. dan jarrell

    my degree is in math–so i do every thing with logic. i ran my own business
    for nearly 40 years and made great money–but i fell for this scam.
    i have a question for all–are there any regulations for what can be placed on the internet?—it appears there are not. i will hit this strong—mellisa should be placed in jail. she is stealing money–but someone else is backing her. they are
    crooks and should also be in jail

  4. Phil Roskams

    These scam programs claims seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Around $230 to over $13,000 in just 3 days, funny how she is wearing the same dress when she comes back on camera after 3 days. Lets hope the casualty’s of this scam are minimal

  5. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin

    another good reveal..lets stay away from this scammer…don’t let ur money gone…go to right channel…this is my advice…

  6. Freeman Ativor

    Dont fall this scam guys.This is definitely a scam designed to get your hard earned cash.Just look at those hilarious and laughable figures being displayed and the lies continue just to lure you into it.
    Stay far far away from this dubious scam


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