EMA’s Trend Following Trading Pattern by Snir Yamin

By | August 29, 2015

Saturday, August 29th, 2015 Snir Yamin

Hey guy, It’s Snir Yamin from Mike’s Facebook Signals Group and today I’m going to cover a new pattern that I recently started to use, I called it EMA’s Trend Following Trading Pattern. Let’s jump straight to business, no time for fluff! To apply this pattern we are using the following indicators:

1) 365 EMA (Blue line)

2) 180 EMA (Red line)

We’re using the above indicators to identify the overall long-term trend of the current asset that we’re looking to trade. When the 180 EMA is above the 365 EMA, it means that the asset is currently up trendingWhen the 180 EMA is below the 365 EMA it means that the asset is currently down trending. The first step in this trading pattern is to find an asset that the above EMA’s are pointing the same direction on different time frame: 5 Min, 15 Min and the 30 Min. This means that we’re looking to find an asset that on the above time frames, the EMA’s are pointing the same direction and showing the same trend.

See the example below of GBP/USD on the 5/15/30 min chart. On all time frames the EMA’s are pointing downwards:



Once found, we’re going to switch over to the 1 min chart to find possible entry places. We will then wait for the price action to cross above the EMA’s on a downtrend or below the EMA’s on an uptrend. Then, our entry point will be the first candle that will close back below or above the 365 EMA (depends on the direction of the trend, see examples below).


The Expiration time should be set on 1 or 2 hours, remember that we’re trading long-term vs 5,10,15 minute expries using this trading pattern. For more information I welcome you to also visit my YouTube illustration:

Using this trading pattern, I managed to ITM over 80% for Mike’s FB Signals Group in the last few days. I am proud to be a leading admin and will be glad to take any questions from anyone who is interested to learn about my EMA’s trend trading pattern for binary options. You may comment below this article, on YouTube or do the right thing and join our group. We share a lot of information with our traders for free without charging money for education and our ITM rate is very competitive in comparison to leading binary options signals services. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my high ITM, EMA’s Trend Following trading pattern.

19 thoughts on “EMA’s Trend Following Trading Pattern by Snir Yamin

  1. Gordon

    Snir, I like your EMA 180 / EMA 365 strategy. However IQ Options do not offer a EMA 365 line. Their maximum is EMA 200. Can I use this , or maybe a 150 / 200 combination?

  2. Charles Di Lisio

    Thank you for your information. I found it to be very helpful. Do you mind if I ask which platform / broker you’re using and if it is available for use in Australia.

  3. Charles Di Lisio

    LTG GoldRock looks like another scam just like most I’ve seen so far. It would be really helpful to get pointed in the right direction if you could help. Thank you

  4. Charles Di Lisio

    Has anyone had experience with LTG GoldRock? Is there a legitimate trading platform and brokerage anywhere in Australia? I’m wanting to learn how to do ForEx trading but not sure where to start. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Gerry

    Hi Snir, that is brilliant. I have one question. 180 and 365 for EMMA’s is it period?

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      1) Yeah you can open the position once the EMA’s crossing each other.
      2) The trend must be the same on all of those time frame
      3) Yes the trend must be the same on the M1 chart too.
      4) True that (:
      5) You can trade it during all trading sessions and with all major currencies (EURUSD USDJPY AUDUSD AUDJPY GBPUSD EURGBP)

      Thanks for finding an interest in this strategy!

  6. Sam

    Snir, the fact that you’re getting an 80% success rate with this strategy and that you’re willing to share it with everyone is extraordinary – thank you so much! It’s clear why you’re one of the top admins on Michael Freeman’s Facebook group, can’t wait to apply this to the markets myself. See you on the trading wall on Monday!

  7. Pheonyx Ascending

    This is awesome Snir, with yet another great strategy you have shared with Mikes Facebook group. It’s clear why you are at the top of your game and top of the leader board as a signal provider. Keep up the great work.

  8. Manuel Galilea

    Snir, thank you very much for your explanation. It´s look a great strategy and I´m going to test it in my demo account for two weeks. But before I have some questions once I have seen your video:

    1. When do you open your position ? In the moment the price crosses the 365 EMA or when the 1 minute stick close ?
    2. We have to find the same trend of the EMA´s in the 5M, 15M and 30M chart, but in all of them the trend must be the same or if I find the same trend in only one of them I can swith to the 1M chart and apply the strategy?
    3. This trend has to be same also for the 1M chart? I mean if for expample I find the 365 EMA above the 180 EMA in a downtrend in the 5, 15 and 30 minutes chart and I switch to the 1M Chart and the 365 EMA is below the 180 EMA can I aplly the strategy?
    4. In the case of an uptrend and the 180 EMA is above, we have to open a call when the price crosses the 365 EMA, isn´t it?
    5. Which are the best hours to trade with this strategy? And which are the best assests?

    Thank very much for share your knowledge.

  9. Gabriele Balsiger

    I’m a happy member of Mike Freeman’s Binary Option FB Group. I not only follow great Signals of the involved Traders, I also learn every day so much important Things about trading. That’s why I’m shure, in the foreseeable time I will make my own trades. The Group is great and the Traders and Admin. aks to all questions. Even if I can make set my own Trends I will stay in this great Group!!! Thank you to all of you guys and Girls!!!

  10. Aleksandar

    Very interesting strategy and extremely straightforward. Maybe the easiest one to follow so far.

    Snir, thank you for unselfishly shared knowledge, talent and hardwork. I consider you as a BO star and, also, a God gift for all of us in Mike’s fb group.

    Thank you, Michael Freeman, for changing my life. Literally. God bless you.

  11. Freeman Ativor

    Wow wow wow
    What else can i say to you Snir.This is a very outstanding and powerful strategy you have taught us.There is no need of me to use complex indicators and chart set ups but with only the EMA setups alone my trading will be taken to the next level with this lesson.Very simple and very novice can look out for this trend set up and make the most of it.You are indeed a powerful guy and thanks a lot for this lessson.Indeed,knowledge is power and you have really proven to be very outstanding.Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.Your lessons have really inspired me and given me more insight into the markets and God bless you for the good work.
    Much love

  12. Alcantara Maria Fe (alca maria)

    “Learning can be so fun and easy” and its Snir’s strategy that epitomize this saying! FUN,because its IN THE MONEY strategy and EASY, because it so simple and the intended effect is achieved! so happy to be part of Michael Freeman’s Facebook Signal Group.Thanks and Kudos to Snir and michael freeman for creating this group!

  13. Diane Cleak

    Snir Yamin is a brilliant and talented trader, who is so generous to share his knowledge with us. I am so grateful to be part of Michael Freeman’s Facebook Group, as it is life-changing

  14. Dave Kalidhasan

    As always Great Strategy from Snir Yamin !! I love ALL your strategies Snir, they are always are SIMPLE BUT VERY EFFECTIVE. Thank you Snir for taking the time to educate us with your strategies. I always look forward to your strategies. Thank you Michael for posting such high quality strategies.

  15. Neal Finn

    Snir presents a very effective strategy that is so easy to comprehend even I got it (implying that I’m a little confused sometimes when I see a new strategy for the first time. Snir’s track record speaks for itself. He is consistently in the 80%-90% range in picking winning signals. Ho doesn’t crank them out like a robot. But rather waits patiently for the best set-ups and takes action. Nice shot, Snir.

  16. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin

    Well done Snir!!..thanks for sharing..yes,probably most people apply EMA’s but with this additional trend following strategy would really help..keep it up such this amazing job bro!!


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