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By | February 27, 2017

Update (June 2017): Seems like Daweda Exchange is going out of business. The following message appears on their website:

“Daweda Exchange Ltd is currently in negotiations to sell its CYSEC license therefore, we are unable to accept new client account registrations or redeposits from existing account holders. If you are an existing client, whether you have a general query or wish to submit a complaint or wish to request for a withdrawal please email us on support@daweda.com or call our support team on 00357 22275000. Our website will remain operational during the sale process but no longer than the 01st of September 2017. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and our support team remains on standby to deal with your queries.”

Daweda.com is one of the binary option trading destinations that I just have to review. It is quite possibly the first attempt to transfer the US exchange-based trading model to the EU market. Daweda is licensed by CySEC and it is fully MiFID compliant. Its business model probably makes it a favorite of regulators, after all, it does away with the long-decried conflict of interest that is inherent with the “traditional,” single market-maker business model. The way contract-based trading works at Daweda is extremely simple, quite a bit simpler than the way the US-based model works. The return is 100% on every one of the options purchased by the trader, and every contract is priced at exactly $10. This way, one’s winning potential on a single contract is capped at $10. The way around this minor impediment is to purchase several options, obviously.

Daweda Exchange - the platform

Daweda allows trading using your computer, mobile phone and tablet.

With the Daweda business model, traders do not trade against the broker. They trade against each-other. Thus, it’s clear that every contract needs a buyer as well as a seller. The setup is a zero-sum one. What one trader wins, another trader loses. How does the exchange make its money then? Daweda charges a fee of $0.5 on every contract. The cost is fixed and traders know exactly what they can expect from a trade before it’s actually launched. For unmatched orders, no fees are charged.

While the advantages of exchange-based trading are obvious, there are a few drawbacks to this business model too. Due to the way the pricing is done, the tradable asset selection of an exchange usually suffers. It has to be a massively popular operation to be able to offer pricing on as wide a range of assets as most of the brokers do. This issue is present with Daweda too. Despite that though, there are enough currency pairs and indices (and even a couple of commodities) to make things work.

Another issue is the fact that sometimes, when launched, trades go into pending status. This happens because the system needs to find a match for the other side of the purchased contracts, and that’s not always easy.


To access the Daweda withdrawal page, all one has to do is to hit the Withdraw option in the main menu. The withdrawal page is where one’s withdrawal-related activity is displayed in full. The pending withdrawals are there as well. These can be cancelled at the click of a button. A new withdrawal can be requested on the same page. Withdrawals take 24 hours to process. Every trader is entitled to make a free withdrawal once a month. For additional withdrawals there’s a $25 fee.

Daweda have a Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering policy in place. According to these rules, a number of documents have to be submitted by traders. These documents include photo ID card scans, utility bill scans, and a credit card copy.

Payouts and Features

The payouts are 100% on all purchased contracts (minus the commission of course).

The Daweda Auto Trading System

When it comes to features, the Daweda ATS is obviously at the top of the pops. ATS stands for Auto Trading System, and it is indeed Daweda’s own, in-house auto trader and the first EU-regulated auto trader.

The ATS allows traders to set certain parameters, according to which, trades will be taken on their behalf automatically. In this regard, the settings are surprisingly simple. Traders can set the number of trades the ATS is allowed to take per day, as well as the number of contracts it can purchase per trade. In addition to that, the assets which it’s allowed the trade, can obviously be selected as well. There are two strategies available: the Trend strategy – which is about following the trend – and the Reversal strategy – which is looking to take advantage of trend-reversals.

The algorithms on which the two strategies are based are rather simple though, as they make no use of advanced technical indicators. Daweda are upfront about this and they provide the actual formulae at their site. The Stop Loss and Take Profit features allow traders to set limits on the losses they’re willing to accept and on the profits they’re willing to take (although the latter doesn’t really make much sense).

While I only recommend using an auto trader if you’re an experienced trader, the Daweda Exchange ATS is quite simple to use.

Daweda Exchange Regulated Auto Trader

  1. Choose the number of contracts you would like the ATS to execute.
  2. How many daily trades?
  3. Select the strategy – Trend or Reversal.
  4. Take profit – choose how much you want to earn per day as an amount of percentage of your account.
  5. Stop loss – how much money or percentage of your account will you lose before the ATS stops?
  6. Choose your currency pairs and expiries.
  7. Submit!

The bottom line is that unlike the scam auto-traders out there, the Daweda ATS will not trade away your entire balance while you’re sleeping.

The Order Book

Another outstanding Daweda feature is the Order Book. It lets traders take a sweeping look at the markets and the activities of other traders, for every chosen asset. The Order Book displays the information in real time, and it consists of two sections: one for the Call orders and another for the Put orders. In an environment where one is trading against and competing with other traders, such a tool is indeed very valuable.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimum required deposit at Daweda is $100, which I personally consider very reasonable indeed. Every contract costs $10 as said above, so that’s the minimum on investments. As far as incentives go, Daweda have a unique cash-back program, which rewards account longevity and activity (measured in the number of contracts bought). To take advantage of this loyalty deal, traders are obviously required to have a live real money account. It is recommended that one stick to a single account to maximize his/her cash-back potential.

Customer Support

The Daweda customer support can be reached via email and phone. Their support email is support@daweda.com. The phone number is +357 22777313. There’s an email form available at the site as well.

The Daweda Hedging Feature

Daweda make it possible for their traders to hedge the positions they open, automatically. Placing a counter-trade in the opposite direction is as easy as clicking a button. The hedging options need to be covered by other traders as well. Hedging has to be done with care, as it’s a sort of delicate balancing act, which is very easy to get wrong. Bear in mind that straight-up hedging makes no mathematical sense whatsoever (buying an option and then buying a similar one in the opposite direction).

Daweda Exchange Review Conclusion

Everything accounted for, Daweda.com is a rather superb binary option trading destination. It is regulated, it features a great trading platform and a rather interesting little toy in the shape of the Daweda ATS. Always bear in mind that exchange-based trading is a zero-sum game. In order to make money at the Daweda Exchange, you will have to outsmart other traders.

Daweda Exchange is not available in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

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7 thoughts on “Daweda Exchange Review – EU-regulated Auto Trading

  1. Shiraz Rustam

    A very good broker, reliable, great payout @ 100% and fully regulated, however, keep away from their AUTO TRADER robot. Too many bugs and glitches.

  2. Donald D

    The auto trader isn’t a scam or anything of the sort. However it can be unreliable quite often which is frustrating. It also gets a lot of bugs and glitches, that they are slow to fix. I wouldn’t recommend it over manual trading, but I’d be more confident in it than all these other “auto traders”.


  3. esa

    I Have tested this. Result; only lost Money. Keep away theyr autotrade. U r going to regreat that. But in anyway very fast withdrawl.

  4. Shiraz Rustam

    This is a terrific site. Their payout is 100% which is TOPS in the industry. However, as a Canadian resident, due to Canadian legislation, we are not allowed to trade with offshore brokers. As a result, I had close the account. They are fully regulated and you have nothing to worry about. One of the very few highly recommended broker

    1. Twwhilei

      Technically, not that it matters to Canadians, NADEX can exceed Daweda’s 100% payouts readily with OTM (Out-of The Money, where you make a trading statement that did not come true yet) trading, where you aim @ where you believe the market will go within the specified time. Somewhat paradoxically, this requires you risk less money for a greater payout, although the risk of losing the trade rises the deeper OTM you purchase your strike.

  5. Ashley Hinds

    I have used Daweda auto-trading system during the afternoon where there was no news out; I set it to take 30 trades and stop, set it to stop trading at £30 of losses. I checked back an hour later and it had lost me a total of £60 and no profit was gained whatsoever. I tried it again later andf it lost me another £50. I’m not sure why or if it is faulty but it has big promises but not so great returns on my end.

    1. Robin

      Similar problem as described by Ashley lost $150 on ATS with 15% Stop Loss. I feel the manual trade is good if you have patience and manually adjust to get your SR. But honestly doesn’t make much sense as they don’t se to have enough traders especially on the longer trades!


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