Did you buy into the Copy Trade Profit Scam?

By | April 28, 2015

The Copy Trade Profit software is up and running for about 2 weeks now and it obviously looks like the exemplary scam so let’s break it down. Is the Copy Trade Profit a genuine binary options auto trader? Are the reviews indicating that the software is the ‘real thing’ simply biased and were written for promotional reasons? I am going to give you some “food for thought” but either way, I am certain that in time, we will get some feedback from online traders who either tried or still trade with the software and I am looking forward to your responses so definitely share any thoughts you might have.

CopyTradeProfit.com looks like the typical scam. As you can clearly see, the website is designed to squeeze you into staying, somewhat forcefully, and if you try to click out of the website you’ll have to click a few times before they let you actually leave using all kinds of pop-ups and other landing pages with additional incentives and some extra advertising nonsense. “Can you afford passing on $2000-$5000 every day?” as quoted from the CopyTradeProfit.com domain is another warning sign. I sincerely tried to put myself in the mindset of an individual who is absolutely new to the Internet and I realized quickly how easy it would be, even for those who might doubt this offer, to give in to it based on the type of psychological teasers used to persuade users to register. After reviewing so many similar websites like Copy Trade Profit, I cannot really buy into any shady looking offers and this is my general recommendation for everyone who is interested to make money online.

The problem is that even though based on Alexa.com the website CopyTradeProfit.com gets roughly around 1500-3000 visitors each day, I’ve yet to receive any complaints and I am usually the first guy in the binary options industry people write to when they get scammed. I am faced with an objectivity dilemma at this point since not only that I didn’t receive alerting feedback such as I did with BinaryBoom (BinaryBoom.com scam review) and many other binary options scams, this time NADA, not a single complaint or warning. Is there anything I am missing? How come so many people are visiting this website and I still didn’t receive any complaints indicating that it’s a scam when every day I get around 200-300 emails? %20 of the emails I get are from binary options traders who are seeking help with credit card disputes and wanting me to blacklist and warn others of a fraud, share their experience with me and lash out. No one likes to donate $250 after being brain washed and given false hopes for a financial freedom. Scam artists are now becoming clever and when you ask them, why am I not making any money with your software? They’ll respond and state that “%3 of the members who use the software lose their money and they are the ones who usually post complaints online.” This is a dangerous statement because it speaks to the logic and at the same time it might motivate desperate individuals to deposit more. I know that this is a common tactic used by Binary Boom staff. It’s disgusting, I would rather be ignored and not get scammed again with a bunch of mind games.

I am not sure if CopyTradeProfit belongs to the same family of fraud offers as BinaryBoom, but I can tell you that in the case with the BinBoom software, not only that they are stealing money from people, I am getting reports from victims who claim that they software infected their computers with Malware. I checked into IC3 and the FBI warnings against online scams and guess what? This is one of the common warnings, therefore as clever as the software owner might be, he/she or they should know that the United States Federal court system will get them one day, so enjoy the money while you have it, this time you definitely went a little bit too far.

It could be that even though many people are visiting the CopyTradeProfit.com website, they quickly realize it’s fake and leave or could it be that I am wrong and this auto trader actually works? I need some feedback, because traders are asking me for feedback and I don’t want to mistakenly mislead anyone, therefore I am not going to label Copy Trade Profit as a scam until I get sufficient evidence. I am not as quick as I was in the past to add a binary options broker or a signals service to my ‘list of shame’ because I want to give every software creator and binary options company owner the benefit of the doubt before I take measures to hurt their business.


So am I planning to try CopyTradeProfit? Not at all. If I find that it’s a great software I might but for the time being I am very happy with my Facebook Signals Group. Yes, it’s not an automated service but we’re a real community of over 1000+ members and 10+ active traders leading the group, posting 30-50 signals daily and educating new members. I believe that even though manual signals might not be suitable for everyone, and many of you are just looking for the easiest way to make money, you should know that you are so much better off with a %100 transparent service, a group where you can express your opinions or post your questions and get an immediate response. A community of online traders where the top traders get rewarded for contributing to the group with instant cash bonuses, and I am not referring to the typical bonus, ths bonuses I give my traders are immediate and sent to them in cash, PayPal, bank wire. No such a group is available today in the industry besides my group on Facebook and thanks to my amazing admins and top traders in the group, I can safely say that you can look no further!

If you are sick and tired of all the empty promises and these well marketed pitch pages that at the end of the day, deliver nothing but a major headache, you should either trade on your own with a regulated broker, demo, or join a safe binary options community such as the one I created. If you are not familiar with me, my name is Michael Freeman, I own the most viral binary options channel on YouTube (Mike’s YouTube Channel) with 13,000 subscribers and several financial blogs. I encourage you to check out some of my latest videos relating to the group on my channel as well as an article I’ve written pointing out all the reasons why our binary options signals group on Facebook is really the best option out there right now. Binaryoptionschannel.com/10-reasons-why-we-are-the-best-binary-options-signals-group-online/

the winning team

Please share your experience if you tried Copy Trade Profit or if you have any plans to give it a try. I always love to get feedback so definitely feel free to share it. If I get enough complaints I will add this new software to the blacklist in order to warn others. For the time being, I am just going to conclude this review by stating that my gut feeling tells me that this website is indeed a scam, however being a man of science I will surely wait for evidence before I can reach a final determination, therefore you should consider this warning as a good theory unless proven otherwise.

7 thoughts on “Did you buy into the Copy Trade Profit Scam?

  1. Dennis

    If only I went by your comment against copy trade on binaryoptionswatchdog the better. I signed up for copy trade profits and deposited deposited $500 with binary book but the software wasn’t doing well at all so I lost all.

  2. Jason

    I came here looking for info on copytradeprofit.com and copytradeprofitsystem.com – and to let you guys know its definitely related to the same other scams out there. i know this because every members area for these binary bots looks the same!! they are essentially in iframe of binarybonus.net that logs you into the broker’s site. nothing more. in fact if you look at the sales video for George S. Pro Binary Bot and see his members area, and compare it to the members area of CPT you will see what i mean. all these bots are doing is essentially iframing the broker’s site using their affiliate link so when you deposit they get the commission. anyway just wanted you guys to know i tried CPT and deposited 250 to binarybook.com and the bot lost 4 trades for me and only won 3. maybe if i let it keep running it would have done better, i dont know. i got an itch to trade the 60 second options and promptly lost about $200 on my own, and am down to zero. so anyway i am not sure if i will deposit a bit more and then just not touch it at all and let the bot run.. but if i do that i will let you guys know what my results are. at any rate i am going to say that 90% chance this is a scam especially since it looks and acts just like the rest of them. thanks for building this site i look forward to learning more about binary without all the scams and b.s. well my last question is that can you guys recommend any auto-trading bots that i could use that actually do work or is there really no such thing?

  3. Mike Hodgens PhD

    Hi Mike, Thank you so much for alerting the community. The CopyTradeProfit is definitely a scam and I now realize that all the people who are promoting this are getting paid. I won’t mention names but there’s a blog out there showing fake results with this automated JV scam. I’ve done a little bit of research now and I feel safe to know that there are people in this industry like you Michael Freeman. Keep up the amazing work you are doing!! Mike Hodgens PHD

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Thank you Mr. Hodgens, You are absolutely right and there an incentive for online marketers to promote these types of schemes now because they are getting paid a lot of money so what you’re seeing on the fake CopyTradeProfit reviews is completely bogus. Don’t hesitate to email me if you need help with any questions, I am always at your service. Cheers! Mike

  4. Brian

    Hi Mike, I signed up with CTP yesterday and their broker of choice is OptionRally. It generated three signals yesterday and all three trades were winners. The website could be better, it wasn’t updating as the new trades were opened, and it pushes making a deposit, even though I have sufficient funds in the account. I am not sure if I should continue to let it run or not. Perhaps I should quit while I am ahead, but then we won’t have much data to go on to determine if this autotrader is any good.

  5. Philipp

    Hi Mike!

    Thank you for the warning, unfortunately for me it’s too late. I’ve been scammed by this Copy Trade Profit website. I hope that many visitors of your website will see this warning before they make this stupid mistake.

  6. walter

    please mike, i am planning on lodging in money into a binary trading company,{WWW.FOREXRALLY.TRADE} will like to know if is OK for me to do so ,and start trading with them or rather if i should stop, because i still have doubt if they are real or scams


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