The New China Millionaire SCAM!

By | June 1, 2015

It’s Michael Freeman and I am here to warn you about the new China Millionaire SCAM! I must admit that when it comes to the presentation of this offer, they surely did an outstanding job. Notice how the voice actor engages you with facts relating to the growth of China’s economy and manipulate you into thinking that it’s somehow related to binary options trading. The fact that China was smart enough to create an alternative to Google and YouTube, also currently the biggest US debt holder, is completely not related in any way to online trading or binary options and you can’t take those facts and argue that any of it can impact the performance of this new software. Thumbs up to China for growing but honestly you should cut down on pollution please and congrats to all the new millionaires in China, you can be sure that none of them ever touched or will be touching

“China’s dirty little secret” It kind of sounds ridiculous… doesn’t it? 

In fact, binary options is not really big in China, I can see it in my YouTube stats, visitors from many countries around the world watch my videos but I hardly ever come across anyone from China. Anyway, I am not here to provide you with another fake China Millionaire Review as you might find on Google, the reviews are paid for and in some cases, created by the person who is behind the scam. 

I give the website 5 stars for the creativity because they really did a good job with the concept and with the overall design, but I also have to give them MAJOR THUMBS DOWN for being another SCAM and turning binary options into a big joke once again with another fake software launch. What else can I say? I mean, if you feel as if this is your chance to get rich with this website, knock yourself out but I can tell you that I’ve been in this industry since 2012 and %90 of the services related to Forex or Binary Options are scams or terribly misleading. It’s now 2015 and it’s only getting worst, in fact China Millionaire is just one of many fraud websites. I would probably die from sleep deprivation if I made it a goal to warn you about every scam that comes out.

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If you are new to binary options trading, avoid China Millionaire and if you already have an experience trading with the software, I’ll appreciate it if you share it with me and my readers below. If you have any questions related to binary options or online trading you’re welcome to post a comment and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my China Millionaire review, please comment and share! Verdict: SCAM!!!

8 thoughts on “The New China Millionaire SCAM!

  1. Edwaed

    Thanks for opening this site. I was about to open an account with Chinamillionaire. What I experienced lately was with Lucy Miller was my account Mgr.I was convince with a very nice salestalk. So just to test her, I funded my account with $500. And I noticed everytime I open my my account, it’s less $100 every now and then until only about $73 lift. So fellow investors, watch

  2. Britanica

    I never deal with over seas trading or buying just because there are a lot of countries who love to take advantage of the US. I almost laughed when I saw Cartman because I just saw that episode and silly cartoons really make you think when you strip away the childish humor. Thanks for posting this information. I will share it around!

  3. Branden

    First time, I used China Millionaire. China Millionaire seems to be very critical & many times give fake signals to me. I am looking forward to learn more about binary options through your teachings Michael. Thank you for accepting me to your Facebook group.

  4. felix mike

    thanks you for protect us from china millionaire scam just a minute reaming for me to join it thanks. how can i join your Facebook signals group?


    thanks Mike for the good work,this applebot binary also needs to be be reviewed,too good to be true as usual before people start falling prey

  6. Matthew Gates

    It might seem like it’s joke but it is still a scam which can hurt people financially,that’s the thing with Michael, he’s always protecting us even from the smallest scams, thank you Michael!!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Thank you Matthew for the comment. The China Millionaire might seem convincing to new traders so I hope this review goes viral and people will see it before they sign up. I just noticed your email by the way, I’ll check it out right now.


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