4 thoughts on “Cedar Finance Scam – “Sharia Investment” or BS?

  1. jason dean

    I use firstchoice options for buying my digital binary options online.

  2. DF

    I’ve also received spam from Cedar Finance. Unfortunately it takes an experienced and knowledgable individual like yourself to spot a lot of the warning signs. These borderline scammer companies lose any chance of doing business when they commit to spamming and they should really know better. They are preying on people who can’t make those decisions themselves and they are ruining it for others in the process.

    Your talk of black-hat SEO operations is also a growing problem. With enough money thrown in the right places any company can pay for credibility and be at the top of search results. Really the only defence we have against it currently is doing proper and adequate research on a company before you deal with them and before any money changes hands. Cedar Finance is one of those companies where reviews like this are going to ring alarm bells and you’re going to benefit from doing your homework. Another SO platform broker that will hopefully be anonymous soon.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Well said, Cedar Finance might as well add a ‘Black Hat’ to their company’s logo. The position in the search results doesn’t guarantee reliability. Yes, in some cases good content goes viral, and in many cases ‘real, honest reviews’ tend to rank higher than ‘fake, positive reviews’ but it’s not always the case. If you can’t find anything negative about a company on the first page of the search results, don’t ever underestimate what you might find in the second page, especially with companies like Cedar Finance. These guys have so many fake testimonials on Youtube and Google that it’s not as easy to get a clear idea, especially for the ‘non internet savvy’ traders. Based on your response I can tell you have a deeper understanding of how internet marketing works and this knowledge can definitely protect you, irregardless of the product or service you signup for. In today’s world I think it’s very important to know how to navigate yourself on the web, otherwise it’s really simple to fall victim to a scam, Cedar or not.

  3. Zap

    Thanks for the review. It is good to know about all this small details. Looks like Cedar is real ya scam


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