CASHCODE is a SCAM!!! Clear your Cookies!

By | July 12, 2015

Some of my subscribers have been asking about a new Auto Trader that was released recently: CashCode by Robert Allan. I also received a few complaints about them, triggering me to write a thorough review to find out if CashCode was indeed a scam. Robert Allan claims that no software has made so many millionaires as his CashCode software. He says that “If you simply listen to this video, and do what it says – you, too, can be a millionaire 60 days from now.” The title of the website says that there are “10 licenses left.” And that the Last check was on Jul 12, 20153:12:38.” After watching the video for a few minutes, the number of licenses left goes down to 7. Here’s a screenshot:


Let’s run a small check on this. I’m going to clear my cookies now and go to again. Here’s another screenshot:


7 minutes have passed and the number of licenses went up from 7 to 10… Okay, do I need to continue writing this review or do we have enough evidence that CashCode is a scam?

When trying to leave the website, a pop-up window appears with an offer that’s about to expire in one minute. “You have been randomly selected by our system to have a 1-on-1 private session with Cash Code creator, Robert Allan (Value $100,000 – Today it’s free).” They want you to input our email address, or you can close this message and continue watching their video. Wow, a $100,000 value! I’m definitely going to enter my email… Another video then appears with Robert Allan telling me: “You just did yourself a big favor. You put yourself here, which is exactly five and half minutes from this” and then a fake screenshot appears of Robert Allan’s account with OptionMint, one of the scam brokers that are available with Cash Code. The balance shows $5,927.17 and the date is April 9, 2009. Why would he show us his account 6 years before CashCode was even released? Another problem is that OptionMint did not even exist on 2009. So something definitely smells fishy with this Cash Code leading me to believe this might be a scam.

I also went ahead and tried their live chat. They were actually very responsive. I asked them why is Robert Allan’s account snapshot from 2009 and they said they didn’t know. I told them I lost a lot of money with various scams and asked if they could promise that this is not a scam. Their response: “yes, I can promise you that this is not a scam.” They also claimed they don’t have any information about Robert Allan or his location.  However, the website itself shows some of Cash Code’s traders with their total profit, when they had started and their average profits per day:


To my amusement, all of them are from Israel! It’s funny because Robert, Walter, Damien, Laura and Brian and NOT Israeli names. Also, CashCode was released on June and the dates shown on the Top Trader’s list are April 2015 at the latest and February 2012 at the earliest in the case of Robert Allan himself. Wait, didn’t his account say 2009??? As most of my subscribers already know, I’m currently located in Israel. The Cash Code website is designed to always show this fake trader’s list as if they are from the country of the person viewing the website. Maybe they thought that it might make you believe that you can also reach this sort of success. So if they lie about the countries and dates, what makes you think they don’t lie about the profit figures as well? Oh, and I forgot to mention, they lie about the pictures of their top traders as well, except maybe for Robert Allan, if he is in fact the creator of this scam and not just an actor hired by the team! Here are a few examples:



Summing up this review, I believe I have enough evidence to say that Cash Code is definitely a scam. Please check out my recommended binary options signals services. I hope that this review will reach as many people around the world as possible so that I will not get anymore emails from people who got scammed by CashCode and lost their money! You should always be careful before investing money with binary option brokers and services. I recommend that you check into my new FaceBook Signals Group, which has been performing really well. You can watch some of my latest videos on YouTube with real live action, testimonials and honest traders working together to achieve good trading results with the help of a supportive community.

If you have any questions, feedback or an experience to share, please post your comment below.

16 thoughts on “CASHCODE is a SCAM!!! Clear your Cookies!

  1. Good Samaritan

    Hi if I remember correctly I visited a couple/several websites that were clones of this sites: they have different actors in the videos–with different names & former professions (e.g. doctor turns trader).

    I used to design websites and internet marketing, so I know they used scripts to show u count down of “licenses” or “memberships” available. It’s one of the internet marketing tactics. These websites/clones of Cash Code are likely run by an internet marketer mastermind. Unfortunately, he/she used his/her internet marketing skills to SCAM people.

    Note: the person is probably operating this “business” outside of the US, while scamming people in the US. So even if he/she gets caught, it’s hard to put him/her in jail.

    1. Marvin

      Cash Code is DEFINITELY A SCAM. My account showed I had more than $100K but when I went in , there was no account under my name. Fortunately, I managed to get my initial deposit refunded. FYI, most of the other on line trades are also SCAM. Another account showed I had more than $200K but when I went in , there was no such account. The irony is that , they keep advertising that some local housewives have been making several thousand $ every day but the characters used are foreigners and not locals as claimed. I did however managed to sign up with one of the firms and experienced one trade but when I tried to withdraw the remaining funds in my account, everything went quiet. My account also disappeared from the screen and there was no further contact with the operator.. My advise is, stay away from all these online trades. Dont waste your time and money and the stress too.

  2. Fcuk Robert Allen

    Multiple streams of bullshit…let’s bring down this bankruptcy alum, bullshit-weilding piece of crap!

  3. frank

    Are you still giving signals on facebook……if yes just give me the link sir..may be on my email

  4. dj

    it is now running as and the conservative investor.

  5. mike sawyer

    Have no doubt that CashCode is a scam! I don’t care which brokers work with them, this system doesn’t work!

  6. Marvin Boey

    Hi Mike,

    That’s a great job you have done!. Keep up the good work! I could have saved myself a lot of stress had I seen this blog of yours. Fortunately I have not been scammed by Cash Codes but I still have my deposit with GT Options which I will be withdrawing the second time around. I will be posting my comments with regards to Cash Codes in LinkedIn too in the very near future to warn off unsuspecting Investors from being scammed too.

  7. Scottie

    cash code is a joke! lets face it the binary options shtick is basically a heads or tails but with the broker sites at least,the indicator graph can help you decide on a more likely successful choice between the call or put but you also get to see the working info as it displays and the history,well if you go to the magical cash code software program all you get to choose is put or call with no other info other than the name of the options that you are trading ,o and you can adjust the bet amount. so lets then choose blindly (just like flipping a coin)same as choosing the flashing button or the not flashing button…question is why give up the useful info from the graph to just selecting button 1 or button 2(coin flip style)think your flashing button is going to be right???
    also the wins verses the losses turn out somewhat equal, so then your 85% potential win erodes your funds when it looses . you win only 85% but you loose 100% when you loose.
    I guess the added bonus is that you suddenly become POPULAR and your email begins to be filled with more invites to become 1 of the only 10 spots for the day…lol like you said the 10 spots are renewable within seconds yet I have never seen it drop below 3 positions available.
    also why they have never actually given a proper login page for the “lucky 10 memberships” and the other users seems they always want you to sit through the bullshit video of “Robert Allan” and sign up again and again just to gain access to the trading page ,there is also the issue of the revolving brokers that they sen you to “everyday they have the sign up page linked to a different broker so it’s like a shell game just to get to the trading page,some times it’s several days before the broker that you originally signed up with reappears as the broker of the day!
    NOPE not worth the effort those guys.

    I tried it and actually stopped using the CASHCODE software and finished off the account just using the broker site fuck the cash code shit.

    then there was the emails trying to coax me into depositing more funds the first one said i had made over $7000 then i got one saying i had earned $14000 then another one came and it said that i had an approved transfer request for like $72000
    the links to check the amounts all led to the original sign up page with the revolving brokers.

    I checked my trading account and none of the so called earnings showed up in that account ,nothing on my credit card and besides I didn’t ever get requested to send them any kind of ID or anything.
    Scammers? yep I think so!

  8. Venus Challengie

    Yes, I got caught with Allen’s Cash Code binary options auto-play (pity I did not check here prior) signal system just recently. Moreover, his Ad appeared on MaxNews page. His presentation video were so convincing too.

    But I suspect the REGAL Binary OPTION broker he had insisted I join to be his baby scam broker too for, as I was speaking with the broker support for the bonus which did not materialize on deposits – subsequently lost all. He offered me double bonus if I deposited further sums. On realizing I was asking too many question, I suddenly was cut off the site, but next minute found I was transported to the support page of Cash Code (backroom) still able to chat with the same support worker from Regal broker (most strange) with all the conversation still on the page. Most strange the chat page seem to be connected with the broker and Cash Code.

    Mike, is there any way I can get back my deposit funds lost now?


    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      The best idea at this point is to file a credit card dispute against the broker that’s syncced with CashCode, since they are the ones who processed the transaction. You can call the CC fraud department, the number should be on the back of the credit/debit card you used for the transaction. There’s a good chance you’ll get your money back since it’s a typical money-making scheme. It might take a couple of weeks, but it’s your only option.

  9. Heidi Thoresen

    WOW!! what a tremendous job you have done here!! Cashcode will need to make a better code when they try to make a business! The only place to make cash is with you Michael you are my STAR <3

  10. Aanan

    Great information.

    Hi Mike,
    however I wonder how long does it take to get access to your or being accepted into the FB Signals Group.

    I have email and no response from you.
    Please advice.,

  11. Liu Jun Haw

    Another scam? 🙁 Where’s the humanity in this society? To those scammers, please learn to earn legal money 🙂

  12. Freeman Ativor

    DOnt get burned folks overthis scam.
    Stay away from this scam crooks =D

  13. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin

    another great job mike!please keep this bullshit scammer out from this industry…more u do more people’s money save..may GOD bless u always!

  14. Luc Luc

    Haha, another SCAM exposed – keep up the good work Michael.


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