Binary Options Technical Analysis In 3 Steps!

By | May 23, 2013

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2013 by Michael Freeman

In this blog post I want to provide you with 3 steps for a solid technical analysis binary options strategy. This guide will put you in the right direction when applying a technical analysis trading approach, since often I find many traders  default to trading based on random theories they come up with, over-looking Candle Stick Charts and basic protocols for trading so for technical analysis. Check out the following topics to assist you with establishing your own complete technical analysis strategy!
Binary Options Technical Analysis Step 1- Using Binary Options Charts and the Double Profit Strategy

I recently developed a relatively short strategy guide on my new site for the Double Profit Trading Pattern used with Candle-Stick Charts, and in this guide I cover how to read the Candle first and then how to apply what you read in the Charts in order to trade using Double Profit on hourly expiry with binary options. It’s all technical, no math, since the charts already takes into account all the important prices values. Binary Options Trading Patterns and Charts Guide

Binary Options Technical Analysis Step 2 – Using the Pivot Point Calculator

Pivot Points are used my financial institutions, professional traders and by every mutual fund with large investment pools.. this is a probability study of Price Action and the good part is that you don’t need to do the math yourself and online you will find calculators, I will provide you with two of the most commonly used calculators or

Binary Options Technical Analysis Step 3 – Understanding Price Action Trading

If very important to understand Price Action Trading and focus on “How the price is moving” and not on “why the price is moving” which is why the news, macro, company’s health, asset’s performance is not relevant in your study since with short-term trading on one minute, five minute or hourly expiry, predicting price trends using fundamental analysis is almost useless alone without using technical analysis or some form of a trading pattern using moving averages and basic risk reduction so in the following Play List I made you will find a lot of great tips and the basics, theories and ideas being day-trading and specifically binary options trading and price action tradng. Check out my YouTube Binary Options Trading Pattern Play-List

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