OptionFair Review – Scam or Legit broker?

Update (2017): This review was written in 2013. Please read our up to date OptionFair review!

Many brokers are making ‘headlines’ and sometimes for the wrong reasons! Is OptionFair a scam or a legitimate broker? I want to address this topic in details since many of the new binary options brands end up on my list of scams! It’s important to remind ourselves how to recognize a legit broker and how to recognize a scam?

Does OptionFair have negative reviews online?

This is the first question you want to ask yourself before committing to a broker and luckily for you, a simple Google search can reveal all the information you need in order to properly evaluate a broker. In most cases I found that brokers with a poor reputation cannot “sweep the truth under the carpet” and traders tend to express their negative and positive experiences publicly which is why a Google search is very important! After conducting a Google/Yahoo and a Bing search (Yes, I know that I am the only one using Bing…), I concluded that OptionFair is fairly clean, in fact they are SPOTLESS! OptionFair reviews are always positive and for many good reasons that I want to cover in this post.

OptionFair.com Reputation

Being a clean company is not necessarily enough to indicate that OptionFair is not a scam. In many cases, the fact that you won’t find any negative reviews on a company is solely due to the fact they are absolutely new! If the company started operating two weeks ago, of course you won’t find any negative feedback from anyone. For this reason I decided to check out OptionFair on Alexa.com and compare their online traffic with other brokers, and luckily I found that OptionFair has a very low Alexa ranking, meaning they get tons of daily visitors! Based on Alexa OptionFair has been in business for over 3 years and is currently in December, 2013, ranked #48,083 in the world! In other words, they get thousands of daily visitors every day! The conclusion is that OptionFair is a reputable broker, based on their clean reputation and popularity ranking!

OptionFair Deposits, Payout, withdrawals and Security

The minimum deposit with OptionFair is $200 and you may deposit the funds in your local currency. In the Money payout is %85 with a regular account and up to %89 with a VIP account. US Clients are not accepted. FREE Withdrawal once every month, additional withdrawals at 30 USD, EUR or GB. Withdrawal with a CC 24-48 hours, Bank Wire between 4-5 business days. OptionFair is backed by TechFinancials and fully EU regulated. OptionFair.com is fully SSL secured.
Is OptionFair EU Regulated?

One of the worst mistakes newbie traders make is when they register with an unregulated binary options broker! Luckily they are one of the few EU regulated binary options brokers! Traders are absolutely safe with an EU regulated broker.

Features, List of Assets and Supported Languages

One of the unique advantage with OptionFair is the wide range of features offered on their platform such as the One Touch, 60 Seconds, 2 Minutes trading, Range Trading (Boundary Trading), High/Low. The asset list includes 40 underlying assets including popular assets such as EUR/USD, OIL, APPLE, GOOGLE, and DOW JONES.

Supported Languages include: English, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese, French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese (simplified), Danish and Arabic.

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