InteractiveOption Review

InteractiveOption is quickly becoming the new broker of choice among European binary options traders.  Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects about Interactive Option is that although they are relatively new to the binary options industry they are quickly becoming known as of the best European binary option brokers due to their innovative and crisp trading platform.  One of the the downfalls about the binary options broker Interactive Option is that they are not associated or interested in binary option traders who reside within the United States.  However, if you are trading from anywhere outside of the United States then you are accepted and encouraged to join.  Interactive Option offers great incentives, especially for new traders and offers a competitive investment payout when compared to other brokers.


InteractiveOption withdrawal times are competitive and typically require the same amount of time as other brokers that fall within the same caliper.  On average it takes 2-4 business days for withdrawals to appear in bank accounts.  InteractiveOption withdrawal minimum is $30 where the broker has to pay commission payments to the bank that they work with so some of the money that you are withdrawing are forced to pay a fee depending on the method that you withdrawal your profits.  Now before you get worried the most you are losing is $3 USD or 3% of your withdraw amount, again it all depends on the method you plan to withdrawal.  However, this is actually an advantage that Interactive Option offers due to the fact that many other regulated European brokers require a minimum withdrawal fee consisting of $25.  In addition, users can feel rest assured knowing that this binary options broker is EU regulated so their money is safe and withdrawals will be received.

Special Features shines and rises above almost any other European binary options broker solely because of the special features that the broker offers.  They offer a number of different trading styles that range from classic binary options, long term, 60 second, one touch, and pair trading.  Pair trading is a new style of trading offered through this broker where traders can predict whether they believe the price of a certain asset will rise or fall in correlation with another asset.  Similar to currency pairs but these pair tradings oftentimes offer the use of stocks compared to one another in addition they offer the pairing of certain assets to Bitcoin trading.  You can trade Bitcoins in classic options and pair trading making it unique and different from other European binary option brokers.  Another great feature exhibited by this broker would be the fast interface that they offer, so traders can navigate through the website quickly and efficiently which is always a plus.  Another great benefit that this broker offers would be payouts as high as 300% meaning that you can potentially earn three times the original amount you invested which is huge!  Not only does Interactive Option offer high payouts but they also offer over 70 different currency assets to trade from making it one of the most asset offered binary options brokers offered to binary option traders.

Starting Deposits, Incentives, and Bonuses

One of the great incentives offered by InteractiveOption is that they offer free trading education despite any deposit amount made, although the starting deposit is an EU regulated low of $200 making it more than reasonable for traders just starting out.  One of the best advantages about this broker is that they offer a minimum trade amount of $5 whereas most other European brokers require a minimum trade amount of $10-$25 making it difficult for new traders to test out new trading patterns without having to worry about losing money.  So Interactive Option is a great broker for novice and experienced binary option traders looking to test out a trading pattern or who like to have a variety of trading patterns to trade from in order to be more dynamic.  Another great advantage about this broker is that they do offer mobile and tablet trading so you don’t have to be stuck at your computer all day trying to place a few high quality trades.

InteractiveOption Review Conclusion

InteractiveOption has become of the my top recommended brokers for traders outside of the United States.  They offer over a large number of assets to trade from making it perfect for traders who prefer variety and trading patterns pertaining to certain trading assets.  Interactive Option is a EU regulated broker that offers an innovative trading platform making it become the broker of choice among European traders.  Overall I feel that Interactive Option will continue to grow in popularity and be one of the best binary option brokers available to European traders.

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