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Update (June 2017): AnyOption has been closed down and was acquired by the Forex and CFDs broker,

A lot can be said about the pioneer of the industry therefore Anyoption most certainly deserves a comprehensive review being the leader of the industry and that’s what I intent to accomplish. In this post I included various YouTube Videos I’ve uploaded in the last few months reviewing the Anyoption Platform as well as live trades using the ‘Profit Line’ feature. Check out my comparison between the two leading brokers in the Binary Options Industry!

Anyoption Complete Review   Anyoption is my favorite and top recommended broker in the industry! After conduction a careful Review for the majority of brokers and compared the different interfaces offered, I came to realize that the Anyoption platform is one of the most user-friendly, interactive and easy to use in comparison with the rest. The Profit-Line feature is available with every trade as it allows traders to zoom-in and access a much easier to understand visual representation of the graph and I will include a special Review for the Profit-Line, below you will find my live trades using the Profit-Line Feature on Anyoption.  Multilingual support included in English, French, Russian, Arabic,Turkish, German and Chinese. Customer support is available via live chat, email and 24/07 Toll Free customer service.

Withdrawals   Considering the size of the company and the long-term reputation they have achieved over the years, Anyoption is a company you can trust. The withdrawal procedure will require you to provide a copy of a picture ID as required by all brokers. The process may take up to 2-5 business days and the withdrawal is available via bank wire, credit card, Money Bookers and now even Bit Coins!

Payout and Features   One of the main benefits with Anyoption is the high payout being one of the only brokers offering %15 cash-back on losing trades and %70 on winning trades. In recent months they added the ‘out of money’ return to %25 in exchange for a lower profit potential. The most unique feature on the platform is the Option Plus which allow traders to sell the option before expiry for up to %60 of the investment’s value. Recently Anyoption added the Live Trends feature which gives traders additional insight into other user’s trading decisions, statistics per state as well as the statistics for put and call positions which are taking place for leading assets! The Live Trend is a great new advancement into creating better transparency for users. The Live Trends is similar to the ‘Copy Live Trades’ solutions which allow traders to copy the moves of professional trades and the same with the Live Trends, users can now follow the majority decision for the leading assets. Recently also offers the following features exclusively for it’s users: digital options, option plus, binary 0-100 speed trading, and bitcoin trading.  The digital option feature offers you access to a traditional trading feature among other trading platforms while option plus allows you to customize your trade so you can have a high yielding trade with a safety belt.  The binary 0-100 speed trading is all quick trading where you can earn payouts as high as 1,000% which is a staggering amount and can be extremely financially rewarding.  The last feature is perhaps the most unique feature and that is Bitcoin Trading.

Minimum Deposit & Incentives   In the early months of 2013, Anyoption raised the funding minimum requirement to $200 instead of $100 and the minimum per trade stayed the same at $25 per trade. In comparison with other brokers the $200 minimum is standard and usually doesn’t include additional free training for new users. Brokers will often start at $500 to activate bonus incentives and additional training. Anyoption’s training also starts at around $500 and the bonuses start at $250. The benefit with the Anyoption is the low wagering requirement of up to 15 times the deposit amount in comparison with the 20 to 30 times the deposit amount with other platform.

Customer Support   One of the most important factors when debating about which broker to join would be customer support.  However, in today’s world I feel many people decide to join a broker due to their fancy trading interface where many people can become trapped and want to join.  Little do they know though is that when things go south for them and they need customer support help they are more than likely unable to receive it when joining a trading platform with poor customer support.  For this very reason, I feel happy to say that Anyoption offers great customer support in the form of live chat, email and telephone.  Allowing you the ability to choose whichever suits you best while offering superior services.  

Anyoption Live Trades   Check out my live trades using the ‘Profit-Line’ graphs with the zoom-in feature. I’ve posted plenty of binary options live trades in recent months for Stock Options, Crude Oil and Currency Pairs. The live trades include only short-term, hourly expiry trades but keep in mind there is an option to switch expiry for daily, weekly and monthly expiry with the majority of assets.

  After an extensive examination of the majority of brokers I came to realize Anyoption is the leading platform! They are trust-worthy, professional and most of all a great way to generate a decent income. This is one of the only platforms I would personally trust to partner up with, initiate an account and trade on the long-term, knowing that my money is absolutely safe! Anyoption uses the highest level of SSL security to encrypt clients funds providing the most secure mediation for safe web transactions. This one is going straight to the top of my recommended brokers!

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