Binary Boom Scam Exposed Again!

By | April 8, 2015

Binary Boom is a scam and the 2nd generation of Insured Profits and Binary Matrix Pro.

It seems like the warning on concerning Binary Boom didn’t go viral enough and it doesn’t show up in the search results many times so I am going to give it a try myself. I really hope that people will read this review before it’s too late and their money will be in the hands of Apparently there are now fake “watchdog” websites promoting the offer, obviously created to manipulate newbies and amateur binary options traders by creating trust through branding.

First, why am I cancelling BinBoom without even trying the software? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is a money trap if you have experience and know how to identify basic warning signs you will definitely reach the conclusion that this is a fraud. Furthermore, I surely won’t try the Binary Boom after reading all the horrible feedback on Watchdog’s BinaryBoom Scam Warning by actual traders who signed up with this nonsense. It really concerns me that even on a reliable forum like this rubbish software is promoted, the first search result on Google when you look up “Binary Boom”. I posted a comment trying to warn people just a little while ago but I am pretty sure that the comment will get deleted by the person who created the promotional thread. I guess they are letting scammers promote fake products on Warrior Forum now which is very disappointing for me as an active member of the forum for many years. Anyway, none of the fake reviews will help them stay at the top on Google since I plan to alert other binary options websites and also post a video warning on my YouTube channel so together with the warning on WatchDog, my review and the upcoming warning on YouTube, hopefully more traders will get exposed to the truth and stay away from this offer.

Why do I feel like it’s necessary to target well, it’s nothing personal but after checking the website stats and getting more than a few complaints from subscribers, I know that this is one of those viral money traps, one out of many similar scams that are coming out left and right so it’s a duty for anyone with an authority website in the industry to warn others, especially when an offer is heavily promoted on fake websites and solicited to the public via mass email campaigns.


If you are interested to trade binary options you can find better alternatives. I am sure that most traders would agree that it’s safer to trade with fully EU regulated broker to avoid getting scammed by an over-night broker, the type of brokers that are connected (syned) with and other similar scams.

I am not going to use this “stage” to promote my own services for binary options but I do want to encourage you to visit my YouTube Channel (Mike’s Binary Options Channel). You will find lot’s of great resources and information that you may find useful if you are into binary options. In fact, my YouTube channel is the biggest in the industry in terms of views and subscribers and I posted around 200 videos covering many different topics on binary options.

Hopefully this BinaryBoom Review will go viral and many people will see it. I am strong believer that the truth always goes viral. I encourage you to help me get the word out by commenting below this review, especially if you are trading with this software at the moment. I will be really surprised if anyone has anything good to say because so far all I am getting is that the software generates around %30-%50 ITM and that there’s no customer support at all. Traders cannot get anyone to assist them via chat, email, you are basically looking at ‘no support and a disastrous ITM’, which will surely land your account right in the ditch.

Move on to a legitimate service or simply trade on your own! Either way you will have a much higher chance to succeed with binary options which involves a lot of risk, so watch out for scams, also visit my complete Binary Options Blacklist for more warnings on shady brokers and services. Conclusion… Don’t sign up with this BinBoom, BinaryBoom.. It’s shady, fake, misleading..avoid it!!!! P.S. – just before I was about to post this very discouraging Binary Boom review I managed to verify, on their promotional site, that this website was in fact created by the same webmasters who launched Insider John, Binary Matrix Pro and Insured Profits, which all happen to be the biggest scams that this industry had seen in the last 2 years, scams that I personally warned my subscribers right after the launch, one by one, and I will keep reviewing any future products they come out with. If this is not enough to convince you that you shouldn’t sign up with the promising offer, go for it, I did my part and warned you. Please share your feedback below and thank you for taking the time to read my warning.

27 thoughts on “Binary Boom Scam Exposed Again!

  1. Don

    Hi, im so glad ive read this forum just in time, as i was just about to sign up with a broker from Binary Boom. I havent deposited any money(Thank God), as i just had a gut feeling about this, and thought before i do, google some info first to satisfy my suspicion..And here i am, happy az now thanks to you…Thanks very much, and keep up the great work your doing!!! Thankyou Don.

  2. David

    I deposited £250.00 with Binary Boom into an account but did not trade it as I saw the scam reviews .I contacted Sainsburys
    credit card services who tell the can’t accept that a breach of contract or misrepresentation has been proven. unbelievable. needless to say I will continue to persue Sainsburys to get my money back

  3. Michael

    Added to all the disgusting, embedded code, tricks and pop-ups that infiltrate your computer when installing BB, they also sell your email address to other scammers around the world! I’ve used another email address when trying out different software and 2 months later, there’s my email address appearing in my spam folder that’s just gone out to the masses. May all these parasites rot in hell! 🙁

  4. William

    Once again I don’t know if this is the correct area to ask this type of question but how does one make money in the binary world.? With binary boom I knew something was up because of all the redirects to get to their presentation.

  5. best binary options trading strategies

    I think this blog will help those who have already invested their money in this scam. Thanks for posting such blog.

  6. donrongarm

    I have never traded before, but very interested in binary options auto trading. Also trying to find a good and trusted USA broker with a auto bot trading platform. I just came across your site Mike and I was impressed. You are even recommened in BinaryWatchdog, so I just thought I would give you a hello. BTW I also received a e-mail from Binary Boom and WheatBinary thingy, lol.

    I would appreciate any info that you could possibly send to me.

    Thanks and be safe out there,


  7. Jennifer Hopkins

    Looking for a broker to invest some money and came across this site. Had its software installed and later my instincts told me to confirm before investing.I saved myself heartache from loosing money because the broker is fake.Thanks Mike for exposing the criminals.

  8. Kelly

    Binary Boom – another scam exposed! This just shows how careful we have to be, especially with the advances in technology. Thorough research definitely should be done before even considering one of these “get rich quick” methods… and even then, chances are you’re going to lose out.

  9. Merweg

    Came a across this site today. Had it installed 3 weeks ago as a download but didnt like the broker. Saved myself some dollars there but my cp was infected with their rubbish. Will have to clean it out. Thanks Mike for exposing the criminals. Its greed that people fall for rubbish like that. Keep up the good work.

  10. Paul

    Binary boom is a scam I lost my 300 US I fighted trying to go with the binary boom web page and I failed I lost my money stay away from this product IT DOESN¨T WORK

  11. Marlon

    Ok Michael thanks will do. BTW I just signed up for your private signals group. I submitted all required information as well…im just waiting for your approval 🙂 Thanks for all the help and I’m glad that I came across this post.

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      Hi Marlon, I think I saw your email but I didn’t read it yet, I’ll go ahead and approve you right now. Please make sure to provide me with the email associated with your Facebook account so I can send you an invitation to the correct email. See you Inside!! 🙂 we are actually having a philosophy discussion right now lol because it’s weekend but our top traders also teach on the group’s wall over the weekend while markets are closed. Once you’re in also check out the ‘About’ section for our trader’s trading ITM stats and the group’s rules. Have a great weekend! Mike

  12. Marlon

    Do you guys know how I can get my money back from these criminals?

  13. Marlon

    Man I wish I would have seen this prior to getting caught up in this scam! Now I am stuck trying to get my money back and get rid of these pop up!

  14. Morgan

    You won dude. Your previous review on Binary boom scam now sits at the top for the search query “binary boom.” Your message must have spread like a wildfire in the trading community and I hope now people will be saved from the claws of the ultimate scamsters in binary trading. It’s really appreciable of you to expose the bad boys of the industry in order to save traders who are new to this thing. You must have saved millions of dollars of prospective binary boom traders. Hats off!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Morgan, Indeed and I am really happy to see that every keyword related to BinaryBoom leads to the WatchDog warning so it would only take 1 Google search to save yourself from this scam. Practice makes perfect, I am proud to make a living by hijacking traffic from these scams and diverting their members to betters brokers and objective information for those who are interested to trade binary options without getting conned in the proccess. Based on the stats about 200-300 people land on searching for reviews on Binary Boom, so it’s safe to say that at least about a 100 people are saved every day from losing their money 100 x $250 = $2500 minimum every day saved, unfortunately they also try to get people to deposit more money so the actual average of what people deposit is somewhere around $500, so every day these crooks make at least $5000 less because of the WatchDog warning and it’s mainly due to all the comments that people are posting, Google likes engagement and it ranks websites higher when they see that people interact with an article. BinBoom is just one of many multi million dollar scams, so it’s actually a losing battle. They are already working on the next scam, but I’ll keep chasing them forever. gets around 1500 visitors every day so this website helped save millions of dollars from falling into the hands of these crooks. I am hoping that this review will also go viral and rank higher than the fake promotional reviews.

      Marlon, if you deposited money with a credit card, you have to file a credit card dispute by calling the number of the back of your card. You have plenty of evidence that you’ve been scammed therefore you have a good chance to win your money back. It’s a proccess of up to a few weeks but it’s worth it and they deserve another charge back on their record. If a company gets too many charge backs, the credit card processing company will freeze their acvitivies, so even if you don’t win, you can eventually get your money back if enough people file charge backs against them.

      Good luck to everyone and please keep sharing your experiences and comment on this review. Let’s blow up this Binary Boom!!! 😀

  15. Carlos Diaz

    What a complete rip off. It’s sad because so many people actually thought Binary Boom was legit. It is definitely a scam and I am so glad that the word is finally getting out about it. Keep spreading the word so more people know.

  16. Jay

    I totally agree that more people need to be made aware that Binary Boom is a scam. Kudos to you for sharing the warning from Watch Dog. Hopefully, more people will find this information and save themselves the heartache of investing in a scam.

  17. Bless

    Hi Mike, Thank you soo much for this Review. Actually This soo call Binary Boom dealt with me just one month ago. Not to talk of the support team. Immediate I opened my account with their required broker, I never for once received any reply from the support team.The software itself did nothing like he claimed.
    Glad I watched your videos on youtube.I now believe for once that atleast an honest one is out there. And that is you Mike. Thumbs Up Buddy.

  18. Paul

    Mike you are very correct,i discovered so many so acclaimed watch dog sites are promoting binboom,even those watch dog sites that pretend that they are unbiased. beware of these sites : , and more,i ask them questions about the reviews they did about binboom but they will not reply.

    In my own opinion,i think any so called watch that promote or recommend unregulated broker is scam site..

  19. jerry

    thanks for the info about the network bridge. sure enough it was there . as soon as i deleted it out of my programs the problem disappeared. Binary Boom is a scam just as Michael stated and I warn all traders not to buy into it.

  20. Terry

    I went onto a supposed independent web site that said what a wonderful program Binary Boom was. An advertising link on the site raised my doubts that it was an independent review. And sure enough when I left the site I started having trouble with IE 11. Went to installed programs and found 2 new installs, both beginning with “NETWORK VIRTUAL BRIDGE” Removed both and problems with IE disappeared.

  21. jerry

    i have notiiced that binary boom and something called bulldog has attatched itself tosome of my other browsers popping up ads. any idea how to get rid of them? i have had my computer cleaned and theyare still there.

  22. Ferdinand Holcapek

    I had a call today at 6:00 Am from a broker I never heard of before. The one thing of interest he said when I asked him “From where did you get my hone Number?” He replied we got the phone number from apple, google and Yahoo, we buy them. That explains why I get all the offers from the binary auto bot. What can be done about that

  23. jerry

    just looked at this site a couple days ago. it caused a lot of problems with my computer. had to have it cleaned. what a pain

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I’ve seen a comment by someone who tried the software and had some issues with his browser, it could be something malicious so good thing you cleaned it. Everyone should do the same if you signed up with


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