Automated Cash Signals SCAM Alert!!!

By | April 20, 2015

The newly released Automated Cash Signals is already getting lot’s of negative feedback and it certainly appears to be another scam. I strongly advice you to stay away from the following website: or anything that looks remotely similar! The fancy cars and luxury life style is again used, not to my surprise, to manipulate and give binary options traders false hopes without any actual evidence or real testimonials to back any of the claims.

The idea of getting a $1,000/day is getting old, of course online traders can achieve a high performance and make this kind of money as your profits are also relative to your ‘amount’ traded each time you take a position, however you will never see a penny or even a dollar with the Automated Cash Signals based on the feedback that I am getting, reporting a performance below %50 ITM which is evidently not enough to generate money trading binary options. Lately it seems like is heavily marketed via email campaigns, blogs and even Google ads. The Alexa ranking for this website indicates that many people are visiting this pitch page offer and unfortunately a percentage of the people who will visit this website will make the mistake and sign up with the hopes of making a 5 or 6 figure income a month and completely passive without raising a finger… The saying “If it’s too good to be true…” is getting old, but I must say that scams like the Automated Cash Signals are also getting really old.


“secure your position Now, OR LOSE IT FOREVER!” is this some kind of a threat of what?…

I surely hope that most online traders will do an extensive research before they register with this fraud because unfortunately on Google you will find many fake Automatedcashsignals reviews promoting this virtual garbage, trying to hide the truth with as many websites as they can, however, I am a strong believer that in most cases the truth goes viral, therefore this review is bound to rank higher eventually will raise above the promotional reviews for this pointless offer in the Google search results, especially if you guys comment and share your feedback.

You have to really ask yourself if this is how you want to start you online trading venture and perhaps the idea of looking for short-cuts is a dangerous path. Not many signals services for binary options and fx are as profitable and reliable as they claim, but since there is a great demand for auto traders and signals services, many marketers are cashing on this opportunity. Just to give you an example, you will find a bunch of warning signs, all common denominators that these scams share, such as the: the pictures of fast cars, sleazy voice over, fake testimonials by actors from, limited number of spots left, pop-ups and of course when you try to click out of Automated Cash Signals there’s another page in which they beg you to stay with more lies, just in case you are on the fence and might still buy into the scam…I say, click out and never look back.

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I can go on and rant about the Automated Cash Signals forever, there’s plenty I can say… especially after I already received horrible feedback from real users who emailed me to warn me about this offer. This “Service” is now on my Binary Options Scams – Blacklist with the rest of the scams I exposed in the last years. I encourage you to seek an alternative and I surely hope that you found this review on time. If you already tried this software or currently trading with it, I would love to get your feedback, please share your comments below this post.

One thought on “Automated Cash Signals SCAM Alert!!!

  1. graeme

    I would like to alert your members to a major scam (and fraud) to do with Guaranteed outcome and the “Broker” Ukoptions. I signed up to this this broker and initially my card was blocked so i changed my mind and decided to back out. A few days laet I got a phone call from the “account manager” saying my account was active. I did not permission this transaction and I since discovered they have been trading on my deposit again without my express permission. I have now raised a fraud report with the local police and have also informed my card company whom are treating this a fraud case. I have requested several times that Ukoptions desist from using my money on the account and to return it BUT they only started to drain away my money AFTER i wrote to them requesting a cease and desist


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