Atlas Intelligence is a SCAM! Passport to nowhere!!

By | June 5, 2015

Atlas “Intelligence” is another new fake Auto-Trading software. The video displayed on claims to be a webinar, but don’t be fooled by this. It’s just another marketing video used to promote this rip-off service. Atlas Intelligence claims to be an artificial intelligence software, but in fact it is just sheer stupidity. One half of the “secret sauce” according to the Atlas video, are switches they say control data sources that include Twitter, Facebook, Google, “Atlas X” (an imaginary data source), Yahoo, and Bing. They recommend to leave them all on, except for Bing. I had a great laugh when I saw that. These buttons are actually just fake buttons to make you feel there is a configuration to the software.

The creators of the Atlas scam really insult people’s intelligence in my opinion. On their website, they have a few changing labels. On the top of the page it says “Today 38 Everyday People like YOU & Me Claimed Their FREE Atlas Passport & Cashed In $65,353… Now It’s Your Turn!” Below the video it says “Atlas Passport Member Earnings This Week: $570,279.” The numbers keep growing the more time you stay in their site. Refresh the page and the numbers go back down showing it’s just a hoax. What liars! And of course there is a bogus expiration time: “Your Atlas Passport will Expire in 5 minutes 28 seconds”. I waited 5 minutes to see what happens when time is up. 3, 2, 1, 0!!! Nothing happens. And I can still sign up! But no way I’m going to even try this scam.


When you guys see features like those used on, you don’t even need to look for a review. It should be clear on first sight that this is a scam as no legit service will use fake expiration times and numbers to market itself to you. Actually, be careful when you’re looking for a review because you will many positive reviews. They are all forged, trust me. If you are looking for a real review about this software, you should always look for the Binary Options WatchDog on the Google search results page. Here’s the link for WatchDog’s review on Atlas Intelligence:

Please leave any comments below, especially if you have been scammed by Atlas Intelligence. Let everyone know how malicious these people are. Please check my website and YouTube channel.

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One of our group’s member’s results after today’s session with Afzal Ahmed!


Please share your comments if you have any questions relating to our group or to anything else relating to binary options, including the Atlas Intelligence SCAM! Hopefully this review will save a few people who will do some research and figure out that the software is nothing but a fraud.

6 thoughts on “Atlas Intelligence is a SCAM! Passport to nowhere!!

  1. Justin

    What a real fraud this Atlas Intelligence turned out to be. I too, after your red-flag, noticed all those fake counters like “Expiration time” and “Earnings This Week,” right after clicking on their site’s link.
    I’m glad you took the time to check and analyze all those things and caught them red-handed. It will help a lot of beginners who don’t know about this binary signals industry and who just believe in whatever scam they see online. Of course, nothing beats our group. We are on an altogether different level.

  2. Hkllama

    Hello, thanks for sharing some information on this shady service. It’s scary that things like this exist. Thanks again, for letting us know!

  3. Britanica

    As I said in another post I am new to this so I had no idea just how many scams there were! Atlas Intelligence… OMGOSH! Thank you so much for putting this out there for people to read. I am going to pass this around so no one else gets scammed by there horrible people.

  4. Matt Lopez

    Hey Michael, Awesome reviews, you’re always on top of your game, I am definitely not going to sign up with Atlas Intelligence after reading your article.

  5. Venus

    Hello Guys,

    I am getting so many mails from Abundance Unlimited Member(AUM) & Self Made Millionaire(SMM), Anybody tried either or both ?

  6. Venus

    Thank you for the warning on Atlas Intelligence Michael.
    Would anybody experienced &


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