Anyoption VS Topoption Review

By | September 25, 2013

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 by Michael Freeman 

With over a 100 different binary options brokers world-wide, finding a suitable broker is a challenging task & especially when lacking an idea of how to narrow down your search to the best brokers! In this review I decided to compare between Anyoption and Topoption which for all the right reasons made their way into becoming the leading brokers in the industry. Anyoption and Topoption are leaders in the industry because both are fully EU Regulated. In an industry where making money is the main goal, the worst decision would be to sign up with the wrong broker. If you are curious as to which brokers were black-listed in the last years, checkout my binary options blacklist page and make sure to avoid these brands.

Anyoption vs Topoption Review – Let’s Compare! 

Minimum Deposit

Anyoption is one of the only companies that up until 2013 kept a $100 minimum. In present times, the Anyoption minimum deposit is $200. On the other hand, Topoption is offering a $100 minimum for new binary options traders.

Minimum Trade

Do not overlook the minimum trade amount. If you are trading with a low budget or in the process of experimenting with binary options, you must register with a broker offering a lower minimum per trade. Anyoption requires $25 per trade while Topoption requires $10. The minimum trade is more than double with Anyoption which is another reason why Topoption is a better place to start for newbie traders and low budget traders.

Regulations and Reliability 

Topoption was the first broker to receive full EU Regulations in Europe and Anyoption received the regulations shortly after. It’s not relevant who got it first but it’s very important to know, as it’s a very solid reliability indicator. Anyoption and Topoption have a very clean record. Finding negative reviews on these brokers is not easy and non of the negative reviews had anything to do with withdrawal issues, bonus problems and the common issues that concern traders.


Broker Features 

Topoption offers the 60 Seconds, One Touch, Pro Option, Option Builder and Classic Option. Expiry between 60 seconds and 1 year. Anyoption offers the Option+, One Touch, Live Trends and Binary 0-100. Expiry between 1 hour and 30 days. If you are a 60 seconds fan, Anyoption is not for you. In case you are not familiar with Option+, it’s an exclusive Anyoption feature that let’s you sale the asset before expiry for a higher cash-back. The Option+ will cost you 50 cents per trade. All other features are free.

Restriction On Access 

Topoption accepts traders globally excluding Canada and US. Anyoption accepts traders globally excluding India and Canada. Both companies are not available in North Korea 😉 . I am sorry to break the news! If you are from a territory where travel is permitted, chances are you can register with Anyoption or Topoption! Topoption is considered the most popular broker in Russia, Germany and Italy based on recent statistics.

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If you are trading from the USA checkout the US Friendly Brokers page for recommended brokers!

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One thought on “Anyoption VS Topoption Review

  1. Jawad abou nassif

    There is one negative thing in anyoption which lead me personally to stop trading with them is the price difference between EOD expiry and nearest expiry of the same asset for example lets say apple inc price is 490 if u insert expiry nearest but if u look at the price when expiry is eod u see it for example 492 or 488 the difference is very big and it affected many of my trades


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