10 Reasons why WE are the BEST Binary Options Signals Group Online!

By | March 28, 2015

Saturday, March 28th, 2015 by Michael Freeman

My Binary options signals service is the best one you’ll find in this industy. We are not another SignalPush, Signal This or Signals That..We are not a fake binary options auto trader or a “ghost town” Facebook group. We are as real as it get! Let’s set the record straight, I know it’s Saturday and markets are closed but the truth must be heard and now is a perfect time. I’ve been in this industry for 4+ years now and it’s time for binary options traders to wake up and stop losing money with scams and today I want to explore what makes us different and better than other binary options signals services and ‘why it’s scary’ for competing services/blogs/haters.. I will gladly debate any of the reasons I mentioned in this article to support my claims, so after you’re done, be sure to comment below, challenge me if you wish, let’s open this up for debate. I am personally confident that I am on the right path and I find it hard to believe that there’s a binary options signals service that is performing better than my Facebook Binary Options Signals Group. Don’t forget that I am the guy who people email when they get scammed. I know %90 of the binary options services and how they are performing, or should I say ‘under-performing’ as well as exactly how most of them operate.

Why are we the best Binary Options Signals service online? 

1) Mike’s Group on Facebook is the only binary options service where all members can receive cash rewards when they produce great results for the group. If you want Michael Freeman to transfer you a $200 immediately via PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram or Bank wire, all you have to do is post 5 ITM trades on the group’s wall so our traders can profit from your signals and the money is yours, same day, no questions asked! Help my members and get paid.

2) If you did receive a cash bonus from a different group or a service, and I find it hard to believe knowing how greedy people are in this industry..How about a $1000 CASH REWARD for getting my group 12 ITM trades in a row? I paid the $1000 bonus twice in the last two weeks and $1000’s since I established the group and many members will and have testified that they’ve been paid and immediately, I have the snapshots, real YouTube comments and all the evidence to support my claims.

3) Michael Freeman is NOT greedy!! We are not SignalPush or SignalsThat… we are not another Fake Auto Trader, “money-making scheme” or anything remotely close to it, we are also not a Facebook group with 20,000 members, %90 fake users, yet no interaction, Mike’s Group is not a “Ghost Town” Facebook group.  We are a family of traders dedicated to help each other succeed in this journey. We have members in the group from all parts of the world and every continent and we’re all good friends.

4) Talk about SignalPush and other similar services, they will make you sign up with multiple brokers, in order to follow each and every trader, it’s an affiliate scheme designed to get you to register with as many brokers as possible for their affiliate money, such as with so many services. I know the owner of SignalPush personally, he is a good guy but he is also greedy in my opinion, therefore he is no match as we’re not in the same league. You can’t compare between an Apple and a Rotten Tomato, it’s not a fair comparison. Furthermore, SignalPush and many services are working with scam brokers, some are unregulated, so it doesn’t really matter if they have 1-2 good traders around sending signals, if you can’t withdraw your money at the end, it’s pointless, isn’t it?

5) This is not a fake auto trader, it’s very important to note that the technology companies who are creating the auto traders are working with the brokers, I have evidence to support this claim, which is why I plan to NEVER release an auto trader to the market. I tried it before and raised a lot of donations to charities in the process, but it’s no way to succeed with binary options if you’re looking for a reliable long-term solution.

6) Unlike MOST binary options services, you will never be required to pay recurring fees, never! It’s %100 free for life, all you are required to do is register ONE time with a broker, and you know what, if you are a good trader, earn one bonus and you already covered your initial deposit. I also let members who are in the group invite their friends and colleagues without a broker registration requirement. “Greedy Mike, letting people join the group completely free, it must be a scam…”. 😛

7) Shouldn’t I be afraid that some services might copy my business model if it’s so great??? NO, this is the least of my concerns and I will be more than happyto see others follow this model but I know that in reality people are too greedy in this industry. I give my traders bonuses on a daily basis, at the end of the month, after taxes, I am not exactly ‘Bill Gating’ with this group at this point, but I know that it’s the real thing and I will continue and stand behind it, traders are welcome to donate and help the group, but it’s never a requirement. I am going to work hard and ensure that Mike’s Facebook Signals Group remains in the lead and this is at the top of my agenda.

8) The bonus structure only motivates our good traders/members to contribute to the group by thinking twice before posting a signal on the wall, knowing that a bonus is at stake. Life is a “two-way street”, I know in my heart and mind that when you give back, you get a lot in return. I see it every day and this is why I have many amazing traders with me and they keep joining our group, traders such as Pritesh, Michael, Obar, Suraj, Alex, Reuben, Rene, James, Nihas and many new talents are forming as we are a fast growing group online. In my group you don’t need to be an “admin” in order to make money, we also have quiz winners and other incentives I give to members for helping the group in other ways. This is not just a group but a great community and I see my members as friends vs clients.

9) We are %100 transparent unlike most services, groups on Facebook, SignalPush, SignalFeeds, Signal This and Signal That…Everyone is free to comment and engage in the group. Together we can achieve better results, through open communication, bonus incentives and freedom of speech. The one freedom that is lacking anywhere you try to “situate yourself” in the binary options world.

10) All services in this industry will require you to pay recurring fees, yet most of them average %40-%60 ITM, not enough for you to make it, yet for some odd reason they still feel as if it’s necessary to charge you a $100-$200/month to stay a member. If you are a member of such group, don’t forget that you can always ask for your money back from your credit card company or PayPal within 30-45 days.

Join Mike’s Facebook Signals Group

Mikes_Binary_Options_Signals1_fb (5)

Now after you’re done reading what I have to say about this amazing project, I want to hear what you guys have to say. Let’s open this up for debate. I am willing to take hard questions, any questions, feedback. Go for it. I stand %100 behind this group and I’m extremely proud of my traders and members. I invite you to join us and take part in our growing family of traders. Either way, if you decide to trade on your own instead, I wish you all the best and please don’t fall into any “make money quick” schemes. Stay safe and be sure to enjoy your online trading journey.

80 thoughts on “10 Reasons why WE are the BEST Binary Options Signals Group Online!

  1. Hans Juegen Haas

    Hei Michael
    Since you are running a Buisnes,and i enjoy really your website or block,and your tips seems to be good,how do you earn your money to get by.
    do not understand me wrong,but every one have to earn somthing for living.
    I understand that you get a prfision by joining your group from Broker com. and you are a daytader,but also you paid bonuse to you susesful trading members who provide signals.
    Just i do not ask you for a report of your profit out of your buisness but you state that joining your group is absolutly free.This is not a critic Just something what wonder me.
    Because all buisneses how provide a service have of couse to chach something, or they are out.
    Hope you are not angry about my question and i think about to joint your group with the broker DAWEDA.
    Sorry also for my English,i am German who lives in Norway.
    Good nigth and i look forward for you reply , Hans

    1. Michael Freeman

      Feel free to email me if you have any personal questions.

  2. vusheng Hilary

    wow. God bless you Sir. You are genuine and I think you are the best. above the skies is the limit. Thanks a lot

  3. Bill Hamstra

    O.K. I’ll add my two cents to the net scams..Private Society the broker is Traders King ,I’ve been getting the run around from both .
    Eleven trades six loss five wins and they think this is great ??
    Be careful folks before joining.

    Bill Hamstra

  4. Ronnie

    You guys surely are the best and I’m a testimony to that. Apart from Michael Freeman who’s a really helpful guy, the other members as well as those great admins are also always trying to help everyone as much as they can. The best quality binary options signals are posted on the group, quite consistently. I have earned a decent amount till now by following the signals, as well as got a bonus last week after successfully posting some good signals. All in all, I’m fully satisfied with Mike’s Facebook group.

  5. Jason Clark

    Good points and I agree with all of them. I have already earned $200 till now in my first 2 weeks of joining, which is great for a non-experienced trader like me. I have learned a lot from Mike’s Facebook signals group and made trading friends as well as some nice money too. Basically, there’s a good amount of quality control there and in that process we get excellent signals from the most experienced guys out there. In the end, everyone is laughing to the bank. Cheers!

  6. John Halloway

    I wanted to know if Options Rider or Binary Options Conceirge is a scam or a real trading site?

  7. Isaias Zhu

    I think the admin of this website is actually working hard for his
    site, for the reason that here every stuff is quality based information.

  8. Geoff

    I have been trying to earn a living from Binary Options for about a year as i have always believed it is possible.
    I have been scammed by various people and brokers in the industry…..until i found Mikes signals group. The signals are amazing there are lots of brilliant traders who know a lot more than me and i can safely say they are there to see everyone make money….and no im not an affiliate or being paid for this post its all straight up and true! if you join you wont be disappointed

  9. Freeman Ativor

    As i started to look for opportunities to make money online as NEWBIE 4 years back was a very big decision i take.And with the high hope of making good money and living the lifestyle i want to live.
    Unfortunately,i got myself scammed by:
    -HYIP programs
    -PTC sites
    -Paid for survey junks =D
    -Matrix Programs
    -And a whole lot of online junks that scammed me out of my hard earn money which i used to start my online career.
    At that moment of my life,i lost all monies and my hopes seems to die out.And ‘YOU’ reading this have also fallen to these situations or still in this situation as me.
    But God willing i was able to cling on to Binary Trading and after searching soo many websites and blogs,and Karma on myside,I got into contact with Michael Freeman’s blog and You tube site.
    Infact this decision has really changed my life am am recouping all my losses from the past in his Binary Signals facebook Group.
    * We are more than a family of one common goal–SUCCESS FOR ALL
    * Top quality traders from around the world sharing FREE signals with higher % of ITMs than any other paid service online
    * Committed and dedicated admins to steer the affairs of the group.
    * Regular quizzes to help you the newbies to get yourself more acquainted into knowing the IN and OUT of Binary trading
    * And above all these is the free will of all traders to share in their success with everybody to change lives as mine so that i can also become a blessing unto others.

    You have read my story and i know you were or also in the same boat when i started to look for opportunities to make money online.

    DONT GO FURTHER;And take that bold step and come and be apart of our community nd change your life and most importantly the lives of others

  10. Anand chauhan

    sorry ….in one sentence mistake
    2- people can learn from michael freeman videos and articles & from website.


  11. Anand chauhan

    This Group is Amazing And i am proud to be a part of this Group.
    Group + points
    1- Group very Good admins
    2- people can learn about michael freeman videos and articles.
    3- all Good traders can post signals and admin appreciates this effert.
    4- michael sir solve all group members problem with in sort time by email or Personal messeges.
    5- valentina Velkova help TO all member in any types of problem.
    And many more features …Groups creating history now …we are reaching 950 members.
    Its like a Big family.
    Thanks michael freeman And all group admin…we are learning many more from you.


  12. Rahul Rao

    Michael freeman is the most amazing trading guru i ever had.Always inspiring the group members to be better,rewarding them with bonuses and even make them admins of the group if they are talented.I have rarely seen someone do that actually never seen anyone do something like that.Guys There are tons of videos on indicators,analysis and tips in this website.Do check them out atleast once and if you havent joined the group yet please join because you will be missing a potential opportunity of financial freedom.

  13. Alex Bates

    Have you not look around, Michael freeman is the LEADING HELPER/ADVICER/SCAM KILLER for a reason guys, a guy this famous doesn’t get thousands of good feedback because he’s into binary options,NO!! it’s because he is dead honest and will speak his mind out loud with no problem, I heavily advice for you to read every single one of his blogs and videos, it will help you a lot!!!…So Don’t miss it!!!

  14. Doug

    Hey Mike are there any people or groups that work together in the Houston ,Tx area. I’m new to all of this and want to get started on the right foot. THANKS DOUG

  15. Paul Lilly

    I’ve been following Mike’s Binary Option Trading Channel for a few months now. Just 2 weeks ago I made the decision to jump in with a $200 deposit. Just 2 weeks later my account is up 97%. My account balance is now $394.25. It should be more, but I messed up a couple of trades that had I executed the way the signal shown would have returned a profit.

    With that I want to say this, this group is a safe place. The admins that Mike has set up and Mike himself are looking out for to keep this group safe. As a matter of fact several incidents occurred and the individuals were dealt with quickly.

    This is not a get rich quick scam where you are promised a way to turn $200 into $10,000 in 3 days like so many are advertising out there. But what you will find is a group of good traders working hard for each other all while having fun.

    The greatest thing about this community is that we are all accountable to make this the most profitable, safest, and honest trading community on the web.

    Mike is putting it all out on the table. There are some many opportunities here and a 97% return is not bad either. I love this community. The people are fun and a great group to work with. Couple that with an awesome visionary and you have the ingredients for a successful group.

    So, if you are looking for a place to start, start here. Trust me! I have been taken by most of the scam bots, and under-performing signal providers, and have finally found a place to trust. You will save yourself a huge headache by starting here.


  16. Pratiman Rai

    Mike’s Binary Option Trading Signals on FACEBOOK is a fabulous idea…an out of box thinking that can originate only from a whiz like Michael Freeman. Here I just trade the signals of experts in interaction with group members…that means I know what others are doing and what I should do. At the end of the session I am always in the plus side. I think it is the only place where I can make money in BO trading. Hats off to you, Mike.

  17. CH Chin

    Are you sure %100 FREE? I have been Removed from your group, I don’t know why?

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      CH Chin, I told my admin Valentina to contact you and figure out why you were banned. I understand she already added you and I really apologize for the mistake. There was a confusion regarding your identity and we like to keep the group clean of fake profiles. Nothing personal 🙂 Thank you all for the amazing comments again!!

  18. Ademola Oresanya

    This is no doubt a unique group in the binary options industry. pioneered by the guru himself Michael Freeman. Why is this group unique? Well, apart from the fact that our ITM rate is between 80% to 90%, this is one big happy family with representatives from all over the world. We have fun trading, we learn, we encourage each other and we make money. The love in the group is very much. Thank you Mike.

  19. Terry S

    Thanks a lot Mike and your team. Indeed amazingly-professional guys you have worked with your superb leadership. Please keep it up and we all members will support you and look forward to mutual success.

  20. Ferdinand Chuks Eze

    Awesome! Indeed all you said is just a little of what i’ve come to know and see in this great community.
    Michael Freeman you are the REAL DEAL! Likewise all the great minds in the house that are following your golden step of doing the right things at the right time in a real world for the benefit of humanity! I call it TRUE LOVE! I’m indeed very grateful being part of this wonderful FAMILY……Thank you Micheal! You are the BEST!

  21. Tanya C Egan

    I have been following Michael Freeman on his Binary Options Channel for the last 3 months since I became interested in trading Binary Options. I have followed his recommendations for brokers and other tools and have always been satisfied in the results. Thankful for all his very upfront reviews on brokers and other signal services (whether positive or negative). Cannot find enough hours in a day/week to review his informative and easy to follow YouTube videos! Now he has formed this wonderful family of like minds in this “private” Binary Options Signals Group and I am elated to be a part of it as a member/trader. Just be watching how others in the group trade based on the signals given has allowed me to understand the “science.” It helps me so much when I combine the trading strategies I am learning with the signals and other informative items that the whole group provides.

    I have encountered lots of “fraud” websites for binary options “services” and “education” and found that their main purpose was to get your money for there “strategies” and sign up with brokers that they promoted (so they could collect a fee). Now, I don’t have a problem with collecting an affiliate fee (I used to be in affiliate marketing so I’m familiar with that). What I do have a problem with is not getting a good recommendation for brokers and shoddy, useless information on binary options trading!

    As I said earlier, I have been following Michael for the last 3 months on his Binary Options Channel and YouTube and the knowledge and strategies he gives so freely continue to baffle me.

    I have found a permanent “home” (that comes with immediate family members LOL) with Michael’s binary options signals group. And it keeps getting better!!!

  22. Roger Smith

    After reading the excellent comments posted here what more can I say? Other than I support and endorse the positive comments. Mike’s a great guy, his enthusiasm is inspirational and Mike’s Binary Options Signal page on Facebook is, in my mind, brilliant. Follow Ryenn’s earlier advice and be respectful once in the group, and this family can only grow to be the best binary options group anywhere on the web.

  23. Adriano L. Silva

    Man, I have to thank Mike. Stay with this great work. It is without doubt the best signs group that exists.

  24. Cailin Kuit

    My comment was written from my ipad, and reading it back there are a lot of spell check errors, sorry about that.I couldn’t edit my past, so i write a new one.

    I start to dislike the device 😉 But anyway, what i meant to say, is, that im really happy to be here, i tried using other signalservices before, but they usually charge a lot of money. This group is totally free and Michael, is as dedicated as you can get.
    Through our group, i regained some money lost before i knew Michael, which is totally AWESOME. We have a huge amount quality of signals each day. This community is REAL, we learn from each other and we support each other.

  25. Sue

    What more can I say everything that has been said is 100% absolutely true. If you are looking for an opportunity to join a BO signal group then this is the place to be.
    Signals that are ITM everyday by talented traders, the Admins and Michael Freeman. A truly genuine group of people who are dedicated in helping each other to succeed and grow. This is the true goal of Michael Freeman and his Admins.
    24/7 they are here to help. Bonus are constantly be given out as incentives, you can’t find that anywhere else.
    I am a newbie and constantly learning as I grow, best choice I ever made in my life was when I joined this group. I am so grateful to have found Michael Freeman he is such an amazing, generous and caring man. He is a God Send to us all.
    It’s so much fun, we have a Lion King, a little lion king and I just voted 1 of our members the mama of the group lol. Hard case it’s a crack-up you get to me so many amazing people from all around the world. I encourage you to join us you won’t regret it.

  26. Nazimuddin Khwaja

    Keep Up the great work Mike!! ITMing in
    1.) Money
    2.) Knowledge
    3.) Honesty
    4.) Support
    5.) Trust
    6.) Motivation
    7.) Inspiration
    8.) Guidance
    9.) Love
    and last but not the least:
    10.) SUCCESS!!!
    We are the best of all out there! Proud of being a part of this family.

  27. Geoff Brennan

    This is an awesome group of people from all over the world with one common aim, to selflessly help and mentor each other and beat the market. everyone wants everyone else to ITM every trade they can. Micheal Freeman the creator of this unique group is always coming up with incentives and bonuses to prove and better yourself, Michael and the admins do know there stuff and are expert traders who are willing to share with the group all of their knowledge for nothing!!! unheard of in BO!!….sign up you wont be disappointed..:)

  28. Antony

    Best group ever! Great people great menthor who help newbie like me. Happy to be part of this adventure in this group with you guys! I found finally a group where I can say I am an ITMer, because this group offer a high rake of ITM trades. Thanks Mike for that!

  29. Karen

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones and found Michael first. So I didn’t get scammed. I signed up with his auto trader and didn’t do too bad. It took a little while to find this wonderful facebook page. Working with real people is so much is so much better. Thanks Michael. FYI: I don’t consider you an Apple, you are more like a Peach.

    1. Beach Bum Swag Post author

      I love your comment Karen, “you are more like a peach” 🙂 .. I am glad to have you all in the group and amazed by all the great comments!!! Seriously I have the best members in the world!!!

  30. Ryenn

    This is hands down the best Binary options group on the web! No contest at all. A few tips for newbies who are having trouble following the signals. This is my personal trading style with the signals and although it works well for me, I am not a financial expert.
    Follow the leader board- These guys and gals are the top performers and as Mr. Mike has said, it will get more and more accurate as time goes by. This doesn’t mean don’t follow anyone else. We want to give everyone a shot at those awesome bonuses. Just demo trade them until you feel confident in their results.
    Don’t bet the farm- Seriously, just stick to 5-10% of your trading account balance. you will be surprised at how fast it grows.
    Wait for the best entry- It is not enough to just blindly enter a trade as soon as the strike rate is hit. likewise it isn’t enough to just have your broker platform open while trading. Get a charting solution such as MT4, MT5, or many of the online charts. With a charting solution you can apply an indicator (or several) that will help you identify the best possible entry for the signal. My favorite is bollinger bands. You don’t need a ton of indicators to be successful.
    Have a checklist- I’ll list out my personal checklist with an example trade. By using your own you will no doubt increase your profitability. It is a simple yes/no list. if any one part is “no” then don’t trade.
    – Signal Posted (USD/JPY Put 119.115 exp 0100 gmt)
    1) Identify the type of trade. (trend reversal or trend continuation) Is the signal going with the trend or against it? We’ll say this is a trend reversal signal. you can check the trend by looking up the M5, M15, and M30 charts. which way is the asset going? In this case up.
    2) Identify which band will have the best entry point.
    – Trend continuation= middle band
    – Put reversal= upper band
    – Call reversal= lower band
    3) Is the asset price close to or past the appropriate band? If yes, proceed to next step (our example is going to be the upper band)
    4) Is the expiry +10 minutes away? we want to give the asset enough time to move on the trend.
    5) Does my broker platform have the recommended expiry? if not, Does the signal provider recommend the next available expiry?
    6) Does the asset show signs of turning around? Long wick on the candle opposite the trade direction. Also Hieken Ashi candle sticks work great for this. (Our example would have a long wick on the top of the current candle)
    All Yes? Enter the trade!
    when you’re in a trade constantly monitor the asset’s movement and the signal thread. Sometimes the provider will recommend rolling over the trade or selling it. Act fast!
    Finally, keep a detailed record of your trade results. I want to give back to this amazing group so therefore I would be more than happy to set up a personalized excel sheet for you to keep track of your progress. Just pm me on facebook.
    like I said this is simply how I trade the signals and only a few suggestions. I’d love to hear how everyone else is trading to compare and learn more. 🙂 Always be a student of the markets. Mr. Mike is the best mentor anyone could ask for and this group gets better and better by the day.

  31. Neloversion

    Mike, you are simply the best Binary options mentor out there. Another thing is, this group is one of a kind. It helps bring newbies and traders alike and interact in an awesome and fun atmosphere.

    Trading alone is kinda boring, but this group makes it a fun experience. You get to learn a lot of things in regard to trading, and you get to profit in the process. I can see long life friendships growing from this group. Cheers Mike!

  32. Mohammed Al-Qanbar

    I don’t know what other members believe or what they said, But what I believe this group is unique by giving a combination of ( Motivation, Education, Money & Money )

    “Motivation” to members to get better and better to help themselves first and all members in the group by giving them Bonus to get an ITM’s

    “Education” I don’t know anyone or any organization give you money to study or learn something except your family maybe, but here you get Bonus if you complete the weekly quizzes about binary option information.

    “Money” 😀 no need to talk about it right!

    anyway in this group already get great ITM’s I think that’s enough, regardless there is a lot of ways to get a lot of money of our group, yes our group it’s not one person group we all build this group as a family.

    Join us and you will never regret, except about the time you missed with us 😀

  33. Lawrence Cripps

    Michael Freeman is a professional trader with over four years experience within the binary options business.I believe he has built a very unique Facebook signals group where by traders of all levels around the world can interact.I have been with this group for around 4 weeks and i fully recommend traders of all levels to join! This group is particularly beneficial if you are starting out in this industry? as apart from all the motivating cash prize incentives you can win on a weekly basis,you will receive trading tips,ideas and training on trading strategies throughout your time with us,as well as minimising your risks while trading.This group is above all Fun, addictive and we are just one big family of traders that share the same goal,to make consistent profits through on-line binary options trading.

  34. Line Chapadeau

    This isn’t an ordinary trading group it’s a family/group where there is always someone to help you, encourage you and cheer you up. I’m a newbie learning and making my way up slowly with the help and guidance of Michael,the Admins and this amazing family/group. There isn’t any other place where you can learn,trade without stress, have fun and make friends with people around the world. Thank you Michael you’re the best!!!

  35. David Lee

    I wasn’t even twenty yet when I started binary options. Young, yet eager to learn a fresh way to make money online. But there were so many scams out there, even scams claiming others were scams, and it was so hard to discern which group was a lie, and which was genuine. But after joining Mikes Facebook group, I can honestly say this group is genuine. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee, and you get amazing in the money signals. But its the community that made me fall in the love with this group. I see and experience people who help each other out, build each other up through support and care, and stay with you to help you learn. I thought trading was like being a lonely fish in the sea, evading hungry sharks out to eat away at your account. But now I know that there are others who are willing to stay with you through thick and thin, and truly want to see you succeed. Plus, its so amazing to finally see my account money rise! As I plan my life out ahead of me, I can say that I would not give this group up for the world, and Michael Freeman established an astounding fraternity, all from his own generosity! Thanks Mike!

  36. Constance Nkomo

    This group is unique, is full of kind members, talented admins as well as many traders who are giving winning signals every day to the group, how can I leave a winning group? I’ll be out of my mind to do so cause there’s no group which matches this one all over the world. Thank you Michael Freeman for leading us to our brighter future.

  37. Miral Sawjani

    Mike’s facebook group is one of the most genuine groups out there due to its simplicity and straight forwardness. Our founder is one of the most selfless person I have the privilege of meeting. His main goal is to make sure that each and everyone of us develop and grow as a group. He takes pride in his work and I am glad that we crossed paths. Than there is the beloved admin who along with Mike take pride in their work and look after you and the group in general. We have lots of great traders and we have a lot of new traders than there are those like me who have been hurt bad and wish we could turn back the clock and start the right way with the knowledge that you are in good hands. For those who are have not joined I encourage you to do so as we are a group that are out there for another , celebrate our successes and failures together and develop with one vision to grow. There are many competitions and bonuses that also help to make things more entertaining. And if for you have any comments, Mike and our admin have given us a perfect platform, an open door policy where your views and suggestions are always heard and encouraged. Mikes vision is to see each of us succeed and by giving us this venue. Check out Mikes videos they as well they truly will give you a great understanding of what to do and what not to do. I, Mike, Admin and fellow traders look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the group. Take it easy and Best Regards

  38. Lukas

    Recently had a chance to use the signals such as signals and feeds Binary Quantum Signals. I do not write directly, or rather I was not happy signals were wrong or simply OTM. But I must admit that Michael will be in a group on facebook you can instantly znaleźdz true talents regarding binary options. I am much happier with the group than to pay for Michael’s signals or signals feeds Binary Quantum Signals. I would recommend if you or you were going to pay for it signals to think carefully. Because in my opinion the best option now is a group of Michael.

  39. Freeman Ativor

    My words cannot even describe how Mike Manual Facebook Binary Group has enriched my life.
    After trading on my own for a couple of months and suffering from soo much losses all due the fact that i didnt get the right mentorship to guide me in this industry.
    I felt giving up my entire dream and lo and behold i got to Mike’s Binaryoptionschannel Blog and my life has tremendously changed with this family am part of.
    Where you we give you nothing but the best
    *Bringing top class traders from across the globe to interact with ‘WE’ the newbies and help us in this field to also become successful in this industry
    *Weekly quizzes to get our brains going even when the markers are closed to learn more
    *Huge surprise bonuses to the wonderful traders and to WE the newbies as well 🙂
    *Excellent Admins to enforce that the rules nd regulations are in order and lot lot lot more that am just soooo joyful of.
    Thanks a lot Mike for this 1ST AND EVER INICIATIVE in the trading industry.
    We are soaring high like the Eagle and nothing can ever come close to what we have here

  40. Paul McLoughlin

    100% the best group online. I’ve been a part of alot of different binary options groups over the last year and I can honestly say that Mikes is hands down top of the list as Mike and the other admins dont just care about their own pocket, they care about helping every member in the group become successful

  41. Justin Kuester

    I think your article is great. Like Snir Yemen said I have lost so much money to fake services and I even paid to use them. The article really describes how your group is the best. Being part of the group validates everything in this article! Thanks to Michael Freeman for this group and the truthful article!

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  44. Snir Yamin

    For the past 2 years I spent most of my savings on fake services and signals services. Most of them where scam. But I learned a lot from my pay mistakes. I’m so grateful and thankful for finding your group, Mike. It was the first time I’m making money off binary options consistently. God bless our group and God bless you Michael Freeman!

  45. Negley Venter

    Everything Michael has posted about the group is true, and it is very rare to find anyone with as much integrity and commitment as Michael Freeman. You will never find another group with better moral values and so much to offer as this one. Truly a life-changing experience to belong to this group and share in Michael’s generosity. Thank you for everything you do and give so much of yourself so freely

  46. ricardo

    This group is amazing, priceless and is a true reflection of Mike`s values. I follow you and respect you because of that and for me you are a role model. Thanks Mike!

  47. Danny Osias

    This article is 100% accurate and could not agree more with the top 10 reasons why this is the best binary options group ever. Everyone is so genuine and willing to help for nothing in return. Michael Freeman is such a selfless leader because he gives value with no expectation of anything in return. That is how business should be done and that is why he is leading this industry. On top of that, the winning percentage of ITM (In the Money) signals in this group is ridiculous and never before seen at least in my opinion. So grateful to have found this group and excited for what is to come in the future!

    p.s: Is it Monday already?!?

  48. Pat Warren

    It’s the real deal. Mr. Mikes telling it straight. About the only site that is transparent and where the members look after each other, and pays money for different accomplishments. The best signals. It’s a cool deal.

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    Michael Freeman’s group is the best I have been part of so far…Everyone can earn and be successful here thanks to Michael’s generosity and guidance not to mention the awesome Admins in the group. Thank you so much Michael!

  50. steve

    All the Above is true as stated by Michael Freeman, I have been with this group some time now and have found it to be exellent in quality of signals, totally transparent and a well run and managed group.
    I beleive Michael to be a Good and Honest man with a great future in mind for the group.
    I intend to stay and grow with these people helping ourselves and others to a better life.
    Thank You Michael for all your honesty and hard work.

  51. Christina

    There’s no such thing as “lazy riches” and nothing beats manual signals. Micheal is helping us in the long run, instead of giving us a get rich quick method that lasts for a day, he’s providing us a platform to teach us how to be a successful trader daily to sustain us for life. His videos and articles are very helpful and how he, the admins and the members give supportive and encouraging comments help me keep my head up when trading becomes overwhelming. I can celebrate the wins and let go of the losses in a healthy way and every day I get better and smarter about trading. Thank you Michael!

  52. Lukas

    Now 5 Itm in the row last time i know about 6itm in a row great news!

  53. Donna Mayo

    I’ve been blessed to be in this group for the last few weeks and am finally starting to see my binary account grow (after blowing up a bunch of prior accounts using bad signals that I had to pay for!). There are amazing traders from all over the world in this group who share their signals and knowledge with all of us. I don’t have a lot of time to trade, but even so my typical trading result has become 6 or 7 wins and 1 loss each day. So I’m making some money, learning a lot and enjoying interactions with cool people from across the globe. THIS IS AMAZING!!

  54. Micah Putnam

    Is binary options risky? Yes. But since I’ve been following Michael I’ve grown my investment. I have some catching up to do from my previous endeavors. Stick with this group and you will proffit– FACT. More than that, he’s a motherf*#%ing BOSS. By that, I mean he’s trustworthy and honest. Thank you, Michael Freeman, for this unparalleled opportunity.

  55. Nikolaos Angelopoulos

    I am happy because I am in the right place. for all the reasons as Katie has just stated and the other friends, but also because they are the correct answers to all of your questions without anyone trying to fool you.
    The assistant is invaluable by Michael, admin, and everyone who is in this big family (family because everyone is there at all times to help you as well to protect you)

    I am in the right place at the right time with the right people

    (apologize for my english, but I wanted to write something myself for this great tries from this group led by Michael)

  56. Roger D Silvia

    Michael Freeman is a very sincere person I am a proud member of his group, we are real people who are united with a common purpose and that is to be successful in trading binary options. If for some reason you are still doubtful, go over the article once again and you’ll find your answers. This is an amazing organization, a family, a band of traders, an amazing group of individuals from all over the world who share a common bond. Cheers to all of us!!

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    The group has such positive vibes rightfully so since we ITM on a daily basis!!

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  60. Cailin kuit

    im in this lovely familie from THE start, im actually making money little by little im recovering what i lost, before i knew Michael. Anyone saying THE oppositie or saying this group is à scam, doesn’t know what the’re on Aboutaleb. I feel sad people attacking is for no reason. By nature im à very sceptic person, but this group has totally convinced me.Michael keep doing what you do best, keep THE faith and stay positieve.

  61. Heidi Thoresen

    I am so happy I joined your group Michael, and not only are there so many traders posting high ITM rate, but also I have learned so much in just a week by reading all the posts and watching/analysing the trade signals at the charts. The education is even more valuable and it soon will lead to a group packed with talented traders and we will all benefit from eachother. Cheers.

  62. Ronnie

    Every point made in this article is TRUE, TRUE, TRUE! But, something was left out: while we learn, trade, and make money with this group, we have a lot of fun together, too! I thank my lucky stars I found this group!

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  65. Nihas

    I agree 100%. I am extremely proud to be a part of this success story. it has changed my trading my life. i feel more responsible and more matured trader than ever

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    The people here is very professional, i love you all!

    Keep up the hard and wonderful job.


  67. Anand chauhan

    thank you sir for remember me…..this group is best to learn and follow signals….

  68. Kiran

    Thanks for doing what you’re doing, there are so many scams and scam artists out there – always has been and always will be, so you are like a ‘breath of fresh air’. Keep up the GREAT work – Thanks to You and the Team!

  69. Graham Evans

    Great article and agree with everything you said..there is nothing else like this group out there, where else do you get good advice..top signals..and get to meet people from all over the world? Long may the group continue and grow!! 🙂

  70. Pritesh H

    Im a member of this andin my opinion its the best group to be in.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Pritesh you are an amazing contribution to the group! Thank you so much for the feedback. I am counting on members like you to help me stay in the lead.

  71. Marius P

    Thanks Michael for the great opportunity of being part of this amazing family. As a person that lost lots of money trying this so called BO Gurus i can assure everybody that i never felt more confident trading like now when i’m part of your group. I have a lot of money to recuperate and i hope that one day thanks to you and this amazing family i will be able to get back on the track. Thank you and God Bless.

  72. Richard Goddard

    What can i say except as a new guy to this way of making money i have been amazed at the results the group is getting.The people who post the signals to watch really seem to know there stuff too and are not just guessing.I watched one of your videos here Michael and i was amazed you actually gave away that software you were talking about in this post for free and only asked for the person to make a donation to a charity of there choice or one on your list…Thank you for your facebook group and thank you for sharing your wealth of information with anyone who wants to succeed.

  73. Surenjay

    I agree 100% I am part of Michael’s group on Facebook. It’s a great business model and the best binary options signals service I managed to find.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Anand, I forgot to add you to the list of our Top Traders in the article. If anyone is reading this, you should know that Anand is also one of our leading binary options traders in the group.


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