Is VirtNext a scam? Honest Review

Hi Traders, It’s Michael Freeman and today many of you emailed me asking for a VirtNext Review, so is the software just a scam or is it real? You must pay attention to the facts I must relate to you concerning Before I continue, you should know that I am not affiliated with VirtNext and no links to their site will be posted from this review. You can do your own research and reach a conclusion. I much rather that you join our Facebook signals group as it’s a great community, but I can’t deny the performance results generated by VirtNext.

Soon after comparing my own Auto Trader,, side-by-side with I came to a conclusion that their software is better and more accurate at this point. It doesn’t come with free access to a great community, as members do with MAT, but as a ‘standalone’ automated trading service it works very well. At least based on the last weeks of testing. It certainly gave me a reality check and now I am exploring ways on how I can improve. I still believe that even though VirtNext App is better than MAT and most services in general, our Facebook group is superior to any autotrader in the market, I rather give my traders a “phishing pole” instead of throwing fish at them. Taking part of a community of traders is powerful, it’s not all about the money, you will be proud to be an educated trader.

Right now I am learning from VirtNext App a lot! This week I plan to post live trades from my account, it’s a responsibility to let people know that there is a legitimate auto-trader out there that can generate a very accurate ITM performance. Furthermore, I plan to take example from the signals and if possible, re-distribute them some how to my FB community. I will check into this matter as it can certainly benefit my group.

It may come across as if I’m jealous, but it’s not the case at all. I admire the software and if anyone wants to join, be my guest. Let me add the following though, the way they structured the website is very similar to the typical pitch page schemes. In a way I can understand them, they are competing with 90% scam services in the industry. If the offer wasn’t designed well, I bet that no one would pay attention to it. Actions speak louder than words which is why I encourage you to stay tuned for my next review on YouTube, I plan to upload real live results and I will upload at least 5 trading sessions, not just one lucky one.

In order to remain unbiased I decided not to be an affiliate of the VirtNext software, which again is the reason why you won’t find any direct links leading to their site from this review. This is your choice to make, just keep in mind that there’s a lot more pride in knowing how to trade. I don’t care how good the software is, for me the real fun is in the education that comes along with being part of a great binary options community, such as the one we established.

If you are a member of Virt Next or my FB group, you are welcome to post your feedback below. Let me know what you think. Report your results and testimonials. Remember to stay tuned for my next videos, irregardless if I continue to win the trading sessions, I will post the results so hopefully will not fail me. There is a place for scam services, and it’s not a place they would like to be listed on – my Binary Options Blacklist!

I want to thank you for taking a few moments to read my review on Good luck to everyone with your trades and let’s have a great week full of winning trades. Cheers! Michael Freeman

23 thoughts on “Is VirtNext a scam? Honest Review”

  1. thank you very much Michael for another great review Today I managed to pull 450EUR! I am starting to really trust the Virtnext software. Thanks again my friend!

  2. Hey Michael, wanted to say that the Virnext software is delivering to my expectations!! I made $378 on Friday very easily, you just got to know how to use it!!

    1. I am really happy for you guys, on the software page they state that not 100% of members profit with the system. I guess it’s a matter of keeping your trades low, I got an email from one guy who was so confident with the Virtnext software that he foolishly invested his entire deposit on the first trade and it ended up being a losing one, now he opened a new account, $250 went to waste. Keep me posted everyone, I plan to also upload live trades on my channel or some account snapshots, it depends on my schedule but I’ll be sure to show you how it works inside and my daily results.

  3. The Virtnext results have been astounding! I wish this was released months ago! Truly one of the best Binary Options systems this year!

  4. I’ve been an online binary options trader for many years as many of you may know from my many trading strategies and educational trading articles but in all honesty I’m quite impressed with VirtNext. I mean typically I think that this is a binary options scam like 90% of the other products out there but I actually made a solid profit these 3 days using VirtNext so I’m all in on them! Thanks for telling me about this Mike!

  5. Man.. Can`t wait to see if this is the real deal!. I would be more than happy to make $10 and hour 24/5 a week.. just to start with and build up over time.. I have tried so many other BS systems and “lost” alot of money… but glade I found Michael`s channel/website some weeks ago.. I Listen to Michael.. That`s for sure!.
    Thanks Michael for all your work / reviews

    Jack L.C.

  6. Dear Sir,

    When I am trying to register an account with It wont accept my credentials.

    Is any an Indian citizen can go for it??

  7. Bill H. here again ,I’m a senior citizen and certainly not very techie ,sorry to say somewhat trustworthy,and have been scammed a couple of times with various Binary Option programs .I would really like to know what works ,if anything..Thanks Bill

  8. Hello Mike…I like your honesty ,wished I would have know about your website before making my mistakes .Thanks for your review.

  9. Your review of Virtnext is very encouraging. To see that you are endorsing this trading system bodes very well for it. Thank you for your open and honest appraisal of the Virtnext software and company.

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