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Hey online traders, It’s Michael Freeman and I am back to post a updated review on the Virtnext ITM performance results. I started testing the software a while back and I am sure that many members and blogs will agree that over-all it’s a legitimate auto-trading system. The question is, how far will it really get you? Do you really want to be spoon-fed forever by an automated service vs becoming a self-made binary options trader? Based on the number of emails I get it’s clear to me that the demand if for automated solutions, many folks can’t be online all the time like me and they have an actual life.

Virtnext – Mike’s Account Balance 850EUR


Today I have evidence to indicate that is profitable, however I also want you to open your mind to the argument that I am trying to convey. I strongly believe that with the help of a good trading community, even if the signals are delivered manually via Facebook or in whichever form that is not 100% automated, you can potentially benefit a lot more and keep in mind that with Virtnext and other At’s you can’t set trades above a certain max, there’s no option to set $1000 trades, so for a trader like Afzal (an admin in our group), who delivered over 80% ITM, many times nails an entire NFP session, there is a bigger potential to profit since as a knowledgable trader. Don’t believe me? Watch the live webinar in which he nailed 10 ITM signals in a row! -hosted on YouTube.

Virtnext – Mike’s Account Balance 1,113EUR


Every member who attends Snir and Afzal’s webinar sessions ends up winning. Of course, you got to follow the rules and be cautious but during this process you can learn a lot and eventually become the type of trader who is not dependent on the help of an automated system, which is limited anyway in terms of the max trade amount, usually up to $250 max per trade. The most you can make in a single day with Virtnext is around $900-$1200 and assuming you are lucky, you should be averaging  around $150-$350/max daily, do not expect more.

Another VirtNext Performance Update on YouTube

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Now let’s do the math, on the average NFP session, considering you are not limited to a max trade amount, you can make thousands of dollars in a single day! Of course, most people are lazy and won’t bother to watch the webinars in action, attend them or join a manual signals service and it’s very unfortunate. Just a week ago I gave my admins a raise because they are doing so fantastic, we’re a growing community. We might not be but we are the best Facebook group and community around. Every day we host sessions, occasionally webinars and it’s a great platform by which we exchange ideas and help each other become better and spot good trading opportunities.

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My conclusion is very simple, there is a very good reason why Virtnext is endorsed by so many authority blogs and I think that it certainly meets the needs of ‘how’ traders want their signals. Keep in mind that on the long-run you will have a lot more pride in doing it yourself, if you do choose to go with or with any autotrader that does deliver good results, you should try to learn from their strategies and not follow the signals blindly.

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    1. Virtnext is available in the US, they are synced with many brokers. It could be that if you already have an account registered with one of the available brokers, the registration will not go through. It can also be to other tech reasons, and this is one of the problems with many Auto Traders, often day-traders seem to get stuck on the reg page, many countries are blocked but for US traders it shouldn’t be a problem to join.

  1. Hi,
    Glad to see all the positive feedback!! Are people getting good results from just leaving the auto trader on, or turning it on at a certain time when there is high volume in the market?

  2. This looks like the perfect solution to me! I’m already using Mike’s Facebook signals, and I’ll just use Virtnext when I don’t have time to trade manually!

  3. I’ve had great results with both VirtNext and your signals group as well. I definitely agree your facebook signals group can give even better results. Many good traders highly motivated to win as many trades as possible. Stellar idea! Several traders have 100% winning trade days. The webinars are very informative and a great learning experience. Thanks for all that you do for us traders.

  4. Thank you for your insight and views on Virnext. I am happy to have come across the software. Currently I am part of your facebook signals group, and I love trading with Afzal and Snir, however some days I unfortunately do not have the time to trade due to other commitments, I therefore love having an account with Virtnext to switch on the automated trading whilst I can’t do it myself. Therefore giving me the best of both worlds really.

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for this important update!
    Those results are impressive and totally supporting the statement that Virtnext is the best AutoTrader in the industry.
    Thanks again.

  6. Im having a great experience with the VirtNext software as well as many other traders. Having said that, the knowledge, information and trading signals I’ve received as a member of your Facebook group far exceeds the expectations of any other trading software available.

  7. I was a bit confused with this ‘review’ as it sounded more like a plug for Snir and Afzal’s webinar sessions.

    For the record I agree with you that a good trader should be dependent on an AI.

    I still dont know a lot about VirtNext,
    but your review has encouraged me to check it out.

  8. Ok, here’s what I did. I’m a member of Michael Freeman Manual Signals Group for quite some times. I benefit a lot from the group as there are many best traders who are willing to help. I have to emphasise on the fact that there’s no other Facebook group can compete. It’s the best of the best. Another undeniable fact is that Virtnext performs relatively well. Two amazing platforms allow me to do this, to trade 24 hours 5 days a week. During my sleeping period, I would let Virtnext perform trades for me (only if you trust the software will generate you profit, but not making loss during your sleeping hours, and I really trust Virtnext based on my experience with the software). When I’m awake, I would trade with the Facebook group traders. This is my way of making a steady income.

  9. Its great to see the Virtnext is delivering such positive results. Its also quite refreshing and brings about the positivity given the negativity and bad press some recently introduced dodgy autotraders have brought to the industry.

    Like this article inclines too I too am for self development and self trading as the satisfaction is much sweeter. Mike’s facebook signals group brings something that no autotrader can bring and that is the human element of trading. With skillful traders like Afzal and Snir who understand the movements of certain currency pairs through many hours of live and demo testing for example is a very good reason why manual trading with the experience, the signals and support of top traders in the facebook signals group will always beat the punch.

  10. Though I am an advocate for manual signals over autotraders, I admit that I was tickled enough to try this, and happy with the results. Great review. Cannot beat tried and tested

  11. Thank you Michael for share your results to all of us. I’m currently trading in Virtnext + your facebook signals group and it’s working really really well, far better than I exptected. I’m going to keep you update with all my results, but yesterday just with Virtnext 3 ITM + 4 ITM of Rene’s signals. Just one OTM that I did by own but it was my fault. So really appreciate for your hard work. Cheers!

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