Is United Trading Network Legit? Learn the truth here! 

Hey guys, its Mike here and I’m back with another scam review for you today regarding a new system commonly referred to as the “Facebook” of Online Trading. So can you trust the United Trading Network software for binary options? This has been the question on most traders mind no doubt since the release of this new and intuitive social trading software that is receiving a large amount of buzz in the online investment community lately. To answer this question with certainty though, the United Trading Network is indeed a legitimate and proven online trading software for online day-traders!

United Trading Network


With being an authoritative figure in the binary options and Forex arena, I was quite proud and excited to be given exclusive access to the United Trading Network software. For a few weeks I gave this system a relentless test drive to see if the hype could match the performance and the results were not only consistent but also better than the results that I achieved with the OptionRobot Software or UpDownSignals Service for binary options! Although the website says that there is an average winning percentage of 83%, I accumulated an average just over 76% with my best investment day being 100% in-the-money with 9 investments placed.

What I learned truly separated the United Trading Network software apart from the hundreds of other online trading systems and software that I have seen enter and exit the binary options industry would be that this system offers an effective social trading structure. Sure, other software in the past have tried implementing a social structure into their system but lacked enough of a user-base for it to become effective which ultimately lead to their demise. The United Trading Social App for binary options though is used by hundreds of day-traders around the world and does not rely solely upon the signals provided by other professional day-traders.

So with being given access to this software ahead of time and having many connections I also had the opportunity to learn quite a bit more about how the software functions and how newbie day-traders across the world are benefiting from using this social featured trading software.  When compared to other systems that enter the binary options arena that usually say that their system is powered by some “advanced” algorithm or a couple of fancy, tweaked trading indicators, I tend to roll my eyes and close the page. Time after time have I seen these tackless and pitiful marketing tactics aimed at earning your trust without providing any real concrete information on how the system actually generates profitable and consistent trading signals.

Luckily for me I was given inside information on how the software generates its investment signals and have received approval to disclose some of that information to you guys in this informative software review.  So what I learned about this trading software is that it involves a three tier signal process that involves the incorporation of 3 proven trading algorithms used in combination with 4 technical analysis based trading strategies. In addition, the United Trading Network software also incorporates fundamental analysis and social trading components into the infrastructure of this software so quite a few variables are taken into account prior to an investment being reflected on the United Trading Social App platform.

So let’s go over how this intuitive and collective trading software creates the investment signals reflected on the United Trading Network’s platform. Since this is a three tier process the first process to occur is that the software analyzes a variety the potential volatility affecting events to narrow down which assets are currently best to invest with.

Now, whether or not an economic calendar is programmed within this software or if the United Trading Network team updates their software on a couple hour basis in regards to all market reports being scheduled to be announced, I am not entirely sure. Unfortunately, I was not able to extract this information from them due to proprietary copyrights but to make this understandable the first tier would be that the software analyzes assets and securities that will have a low probability of price fluctuations in the future.

Next, those approved assets move onward to the more technical integral which would be where the 3 algorithms and the 4 trading strategies get incorporated into the tier structure of this software. You see, in order for a signal to be generated by the United Trading Network software, it must first have an approved asset or security pass tier 1. Then in tier 2, an algorithm must have a signal that matches a signal created by one of the four technical analysis based investment strategies.

If a match does not occur between one of the algorithms and trading strategies then it does not pass through the screening process of this United Trading software and the last tier is not met. However, when a match does occur between an algorithm and a trading strategy, the software then completes its final tier and generates the investment signal on the United Trading Social App platform.

Unlike most systems that specialize solely in currency pairs, the United Trading Network incorporates currency pairs, stocks, commodities and even indices into the signal structure of the software allowing traders to invest more dynamically and with more variety than any other trading system.

One of the best advantages about the United Trading Network software would be that it allows traders to invest in a semi-automated or fully-automated fashion so ultimately you get to decide how you want to invest with this social powered trading software. So not only do investors have the ability to optimize their investment portfolio from the fundamental and technical components of this software but they also have the ability to consistently and effectively supplement their income through the social trading aspect of this software.

In all honesty, I have yet to find a software that offers the total-package like the United Trading Social App. If you have been relentlessly researching that one software that will allow you to actually supplement your income between $450 to $3,500 per month then I implore you to check out the United Trading Social App for binary options. All you need to get started would be a minimum broker deposit of $250 and once your account has been funded your software becomes activated and you are all set to go.

Check out this video demonstrating how the United Trader software can be used profitably:

Perhaps one of the best aspects about the United Trading Network social trader would be that they only work with reliable binary option brokers that are widely-used and possess a solid reputation. This is oftentimes one of the biggest issues that investors face when trying to find a reliable software to supplement their income with. Another great user-friendly feature that is offered by this software as well would be the educational department that is incorporated into their software. For those of you who are completely new to binary options and aren’t familiar with how trading systems function and work their free educational center will certainly help you out because it provides complete in-depth tutorials on how to effectively use the semi-automated, auto-trading and social trading features offered by this software!

The only downfall that I could find in regards to this system would be that it doesn’t accept US traders, unfortunately (but see the note at the bottom of this post). Everything else about the software is innovative and professional to be honest and with this being the first successful social trading software for binary options I predict that it will be around for a few more years to come!

Why should you consider the United Trading Network for binary options?  Well if you want a software that actually delivers consistent results for once and if receiving highly accurate trading signals from a wide number of actual professional online day-traders from around the world sounds appealing to you then this software is the only way that you will be able to get one step closer to your goal. Listen guys, I’ve been in this industry a long time and I know when something special enters this industry. Yes, it is true it may only happen once in a blue moon but when it does it becomes HUGE and the United Trading Network for binary options is the next BIG thing!

You know I have been so blessed and fortunate to have not only your guys’ support throughout the past half decade but your love as well. I mean it, speaking from the bottom of my heart, I’m so lucky to have some of the greatest fans and subscribers in the world which is why I’m literally so emotional and overjoyed to share with you this social trading software for binary options. Not only will this software change the way that investors trade with binary options but it will make the industry a much better place and a perfect starting point for newbie online day-traders looking for a proven way to make money online from home!

Want to Start Social Trading? Get Started exclusively at United Trading Network!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my United Trading Network scam review for binary options. I am very excited about this amazing social trading software for binary options and once more the future of binary options looks bright! Please make sure to leave your

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Lastly, make sure to stick around for several educational and strategy articles that I plan to publish within the next couple weeks on my blog along with a couple performance updates with my personal investing sessions with the United Trading Network!

If you are new to binary options, I would like to invite you to join my signals group and trading community on Facebook! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. If you have been scammed please make sure to visit for free assistance.

For those of you who are determined to get started with the United Trading Network, you can still check out the website but you will be redirected to an alternative system that is available for US traders. I would also like to remind you that I don’t recommend to sign up with non-regulated brokers but if you do make sure not to deposit more than the minimum requirement and never accept a broker deposit bonus.

26 thoughts on “Is United Trading Network Legit? Learn the truth here! ”

  1. Hi
    I want to register to united trading but the problem is that I sign up with non regulated broker I wish that you make me sign up with a regulated broker I from morocco wish you to help because I can’t sign up from morocco

  2. Hi there,
    I was just about to sign up with the UTN and deposit with a recommended broker. But then I thought to do a bit of homework before I commit to something I might regret. The professor who introduces the students at the intro video on the UTN is the same person who was promoting the “millionaire blueprint”, obviously using a different name. So I was wondering how come you missed that with all your knowledge and experience and it just took me about 10 minutes to find that out. I have sent this message to other similar websites which publish binary systems reviews and I am quite shocked that even some reputable ones, call UTN a good service. I just hope that my message is not going to be deleted as my intentions are only good. If I can avoid a potential “scam”, then I feel I have responsibility to share my thoughts. On a positive side, the information on strategies on your website is just gold!

    1. Yea I saw this as well. The guy is from a millionaire blueprint. I m confused as a lot of the reviews from traders are all good on YouTube but was able to look for the professor.

      Please advise mike. I m trying to avoid a scam as well.

      1. Check out the video I just uploaded today. Production companies may use same actors, but the software is legit. As long as you know what you’re doing. I wouldn’t recommend this to an absolute newbie.

        1. Thank you for your reply, Micheal and yes I have watched your latest video. Hmm, I did sign up with United Trading though a week ago but I was assigned with CToptions and I found out that it was not a regulated broker.

          Is it possible for me to request a change of broker to a regulated broker instead or would this non – regulated broker would be fine to use?

          Or how would you advise an absolute newbie like myself to get started with binary options trading?

          1. I don’t recommend using non-regulated brokers. If you must use CTOptions, don’t deposit more than the minimum. To change your broker, you can simply sign up again using a different email address.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Many thanks for UTN review, I am from India & I can see one broker Binaryonline is associated with UTN, Is it advisable to fund Binaryonline & do trading with UTN ?

    Please advise.

    1. I am also from India but It’s showing “There are no brokers available for your country to register.”
      PLS reply

  4. United trading is huge scam. I learnt this from john novak. How disgraceful u can lead good people to lose their monies. Thr professor is a bogus prof and thr university is avsolute bullshit

      1. HighLow don’t align themselves with semi or automated software is there another broker you can recommend that will. And how do you use another broker, other than the one they send you.

  5. wow…
    3 for 5 last night during tokyo sess
    7 trades out of 7 last hour
    i was expecting to lose money so i went big to say f*ck it and did 100£ trades but i guess not lmfao!
    503£ gain
    250£ to 716.50£ bal

  6. Hello Mike,

    Thought I’d take the time to share my feedback for everyone to benefit from.
    So what have I learned? I have learned that the social trading aspect is a bit different that what I expected but overall the system works pretty good. I have noticed that I get better results with the social aspect than the semi-automated signals but the difference only varies a percentage and a half. So overall they are basically identical. Success rate you may be wondering? 76.19% since yesterday with 16 trades landing ITM out of 21.

    Overall very solid software all the way around, looking forward to becoming a verified social trader if I can get my prediction results higher! Thanks for this review Mike and all you do for us!

    You truly are amazing!


  7. Hi Mike,
    I just signed up and got Ucapital as my broker. Are they a reliable broker? And also their payout is very low ranging from 65% to 72%


  8. social trading was the best version by far for me
    7 itm trades out of 8

    semiauto was good, had to watch the tutorial tho 1st
    5 itm trades out of 7

    all within 52 minutes of using this system
    thank god for social trading about time!!!!

  9. Just signed up with United Trading Network!
    5 minutes in and I got 2 signals that were ITM!!
    Been waiting a VERY long time for a social trading software to hit binary options!

    Thank you Mike!

    1. solid way to start off justin!
      i got started today too after reading this review and went 9 for 10
      90% success rate with the social trading! can’t believe it!

      if only i had this earlier before i lost money to all those other systems that dont offer social trading!

      maric k

  10. After registering my United Trading Network account, I was requested to fund an account with a broker called TraderVC. I’ve never heard of this broker before. Its headquarters are in Sofia, Bulgaria which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. Do you have any experience with them?

    Do you know how I can be offered a different broker for this program?

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