Is Tauribot a SCAM?! Mike’s Review!

In the last few days I received many questions concerning Tauribot ™, day-traders are wondering if it’s another scam or if it’s worth trying and today it’s time to post a review. The domain is hosted on and similar to many Auto Traders, looks very promising but the main question is if you can really trust it?

My goal is to provide readers with an unbiased review so I will not praise it as being the number one software before I actually test it for a long enough period of time, on the other hand I won’t label it as a scam without trying it because this would not be fair as well. Up until now, I received feedback from 3 trusted friends who synced their trading accounts with the Tauribot Software by Dr. Steven Archer PHD, all making claims that Tauribot is not a scam and urging me to give it a try. I am usually a big skeptic and most of the trading systems land on my scams list, however in this case, it seems like the claims are backed by evidence. The Tauribot seems to deliver a high enough trading performance to generate profits for members.


92% ITM performance by Tauribot; Can it be?

One of the issues with their advertising is that Dr. Archer states that Tauribot can deliver 92% while real members are actually reporting a performance somewhere in the 80%+-86% on average, don’t get me wrong though because it’s still enough to generate profits with binary options, but I don’t like how they advertise a very high, unrealistic long-term performance. Either way I think we can forgive them as they are competing with many scam services and they got to stand out some how. The bottom line is that won’t drain your trading account, and this is the key issue with most of the auto traders in the market. Not only that they usually advertise an imaginary performance, in some cases they can’t even deliver half of it and I end up blacklisting them.

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If there’s one thing I love about US Universities is the talents and how professors are always motivating and actively inspiring their students to think and create new innovations and the Tauribot aka Tauri Equation is just another example of it, and Dr. Steven Archer deserves a lot of credit for his great work and facilitation of this amazing project. It’s also comforting for day-traders to know that the are working with an App that was developed by Academic folks and not by business sharks who are out there to get your money, salute to Chicago University.

“Study of Automated Trading Algorithms” Abstract.


Tauribot Review Conclusion: 

I am always optimistic and I know that Tauribot is not a scam, the question is if it will continue to deliver a high performance, at least 80% ITM, for the long-run and over a long period of time and if this is the case, I will stand fully behind it and recommend it to all day-traders. In reality even if you get a performance in the higher 70’s you will still profit from binary trades but the higher the better, and right now the way things are looking, Tauribot may become one of the leading systems in the market.

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Besides the, I also want to mention Ian Tauraski in this review, since he is the real talent behind this venture and without him it would’ve probably never happened and gained such an amazing reputation. Already have an experience with the Tauribot? Please share your thoughts, questions and results below this review and thank you for taking a few moments to read.

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