Binary options Swing Strategy

Monday, August 24th, 2015 by Ashraf Moos 

Welcome Traders, This is Ashraf I am one of the top traders at Mike’s Facebook group. Many traders in the group follow my strategies and I decided to keep posting content for Mike and his website visitors. Today I will go over my Binary Options Swing Strategy. First, this strategy is designed for hourly, 4 hours and end of day expiries. Do not use any of the tactics with short-term expiries and always test a new method or strategy using a free demo account as Michael Freeman suggests, especially if you are a beginner.

Disclaimer: This Strategy was first posted on and a few blogs but Ashraf gave it his own touch. I encourage you to watch his unique video on this topic that’s posted on my channel.

The goal of this Swing strategy and method is practice is to take advantage of the market price swings. We use this method of trading only during high volatility conditions as a prerequisite.

THE INDICATORS: For the most part, we’re going to use the Bollinger Bands in order to determine the market direction and condition with the default settings.

MACD with settings of 3,11,16. As you can see, we are using an aggressive setting for the MACD Indicator in order to evaluate when the momentum starts.

   SMA – Simple Moving Average is set at a period of 3 which will be our trigger!


CALL SETUP: Price breaks above the middle Bollinger Band. The 3 period SMA breaks above the middle band. The MACD turns positive.

PUT SETUP: Price must break the middle Bollinger Band downwards. The 3 period SMA breaks below the middle band. The MACD turns negative.

EXPIRY TIMES: Trading off the 15 minute chart = one hour expiry. Trading off the 1 hour chart = 4 hours to end of day expiry.

Watch my complete video on the Binary Options Swing Strategy for a complete illustration.


I also encourage you to check out my article titled ‘PSAR and ADX Combo Strategy %80+ ITM!!‘. Let’s sum it up, Swing trading is widely covered and used by binary options and FX traders but many times they don’t get the setting and the combination of indicators right. After using my Swing method for a very long time I can testify that my setting for the MACD, Bollinger Bands and SMA can provide you with some amazing trading opportunities. I also encourage you to check out some of the previous articles I’ve written for Mike and videos on Mike’s Binary Options YouTube channel. If you have any questions you are welcome to comment below this article and I will respond and also below the video on YouTube. Good luck with your trading and again, remember to test every binary options strategy using a demo account before you trade using a real live account. If you are interested to get professional signals from the admins and top traders at Mike’s Facebook Signals Group, you need to join us!!! We’re doing amazing and generate many signals on a daily basis, free binary options educational sessions and live webinars. Good luck with your trading!

Binary Options Fisher Transform Trading Strategy

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 by Tim Lanoue

Mikes_Binary_Options_Signals (1)

If you guys are fishing for a new binary options trading strategy well then I have quite the catch for you here. Today we are going to discuss a great technical indicator that should be a part of any trader’s strategy arsenal. The main indicators that we will be using with this strategy is the Fisher Transform indicator and a simple moving average indicator. Moving forward we will cover the fundamentals and complexities of these indicators and how to properly set up a high success trading strategy.

For those of you who don’t know the Fisher Transform indicator is solely a technical indicator used to predict price reversals. Furthering your knowledge, this technical indicator is known as an oscillator which means that the way this indicator works is that the value of the indicator fluctuates along face values which can be used to measure market conditions of the targeted asset. This indicator is a great indicator to use in combination with the Relative Strength Index indicator but most of all with the moving average indicator. The moving average indicator is a simple technical indicator that uses a predetermined time period to show the assets past price history which allows traders to easily predict future price reversals.

Setting up this indicator is relatively simple and really only requires the use of a charting solution in order to get started. One of my favorite charting solutions to use is because it is free and is wired directly into the marketplace so you see the best price values of assets. Now when it comes to picking out a good asset to trade we should use a low volatility currency pair like the Eur/Usd, Usd/Cad or Usd/Chf. High-volume stocks that can be traded with this strategy as well would be Apple, Nike, Amazon and Exxon. Selecting one of these assets now we need to change the time frame to 15 minutes on the chart and now to customize the other two indicators. Originally the Fisher Transform indicator is set to a period of 10 so we need to edit the indicator and change the period setting to 20. The simple moving average indicator needs to be set at a period of 50 which can be done by right clicking and selecting Edit Indicator.


Now that we have the proper set up we can wait for our signals to be generated. The signal process is quite simple and any novice trader can effectively trade with this strategy. As you can see in the picture below when our Fisher Transform line crosses our moving average line we place a trade in the direction of the cross. So if the Fisher line crosses our moving average line in a downward direction we would place a PUT trade and vice versa. Now either you can wait for a confirmation candle to appear right above the cross and if the candle is heading in the same direction of the cross then you can place that trade, however this confirmation is not needed. Without the confirmation we still won 4 out of the 5 trades so as you can see this is a solid strategy that doesn’t require confirmations. Average expiry times that one should use when using this strategy would be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Using this strategy during market hours will ensure your best chances of success but this strategy can also be used during intra-trading hours. One of the best advantages about this strategy is that it is simple enough to be used by new traders but also effective enough to be used by experienced traders. As always guys if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you!

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Binary Options Intra-Trading Hours Strategy

Monday, July 7th, 2014 by Tim Lanoue

Profiting in binary options can be a difficult task especially when you are new to the industry or are trying to trade before or after market hours. I know that many of us have jobs that may limit our ability to trading during market hours allowing you only to trade during intra-trading hours. One important thing to keep in mind is that since we are not trading during market hours we want to stick with longer expiry times. Moving forward we will cover one of my very own trading strategies that I designed specifically for intra-trading hours!

If you set up and implement this trading strategy as intended you should experience an in-the-money winning percentage around 74-78% on a weekly basis. One of the best advantages about this strategy is that it only requires the use of two simple indicators, the Coppock Curve indicator and a Simple Moving Average indicator. I do have a personal preference to just because it is easy and quick to set up! Expiry times and time frames that we should use should be no less than 15 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes, whatever time frame you have will also be the expiry time that you use.

When setting up make sure that your time frame is at one of the two appropriate times. Once that is done you can add the Coppock Curve indicator into the charting solution, you don’t need to tinker with the settings of this indicator so just add it as it is. The simple moving average on the other hand we want to set at a period of 7, we keep it at this setting even if we are using a 15 or 30 minute window. When using this strategy I prefer to use low volatility currency pairs. The three currency pairs that I would recommend the most when using this strategy would be the Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf and Usd/Cad.

In the picture below you can see an example of how this strategy would look like and where we would place our trades. As you can see we won 5 out of the 6 trades placed allowing us to have an in-the-money success rate of about 83%. The signal process is simple, basically when the purple line crosses our moving average line then we go ahead and place a trade in the same direction as the cross. So if it crosses our line in an upward movement then we place a call trade and vice versa for a downward cross.

Intra Day Trading Strategy

This trading strategy can be used during market hours but is especially accurate during intra-trading hours as well. The best advantage about this strategy would be the simple signal processing involved, novice traders along with experienced traders should take advantage of this simple but highly accurate trading strategy. As always if you have any suggestions, comments or questions please feel free to leave them below! For more strategies be sure to subscribe to the Blog!

Best Binary Indicators for Stock Options

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 by Michael Freeman 

Trading stocks with binary options can be difficult unless you know what indicators and proper trading instruments to use in order to increase your probability of success.  I feel that many people lack knowledge on the fundamentals of stocks causing them to use less reliable trading strategies along with indicators that don’t work well in combination with stocks.  The main type of indicators that should be applied when trading stocks with binary options would be oscillators, volume and moving averages.


Oscillators are a rather unique indicator that can be further classified into three categories, however, for today we will discuss the main oscillator indicators that we would want to use in a trading strategy.  The main oscillator indicators we would want to use would be the Detrended Price Oscillator, Derivative Oscillator, Klinger Volume Oscillator and the Percent Volume Oscillator.  Oscillators are a great instrument used in technical analysis trading strategies because they help traders determine whether or not the asset they are watching are currently exhibiting signs of being oversold or overbought.  The best time to implement an oscillator indicator into a trading strategy would be if there is a neutral trend present in the asset we are watching.


Volume oriented indicators are one of the most helpful indicators used when watching and trading stocks online with binary options.  Since all stocks are composed of shareholders, it causes each shareholder to own a small percent of the business while the total percent of the shares are known as the volume.  Some of the more popular volume indicators used to trade stocks would be the Positive Volume, Volume, Volume Rate of Change and the Volume Rate of Change Percent indicator.  Volume indicators serve a main function of showing traders the technical health of a targeted stock.

Moving Averages

Moving averages are a great instrument and extremely helpful when trading binary options.  There are so many ways to incorporate moving averages into a trading strategy and it really is the best indicator to use when trading stocks.  When we are analyzing these stocks we want to make sure we are using an exponential moving average and/or a simple moving average.  Not only are moving averages great to use on their own but they are most effective when used in combination with other types of indicators, such as oscillator indicators.  Moving averages can be set at different time periods that show the history of the stocks average price over the set period of time making it easier for traders to predict future support or resistance levels.  So if you set your moving average indicator to a period of 10 it will show us in the form of a line that average price of that stock over the last 10 days.


Trading stocks with binary options can be much easier when using the right type of indicators.  Volume, oscillator, and moving average indicators are great indicators for stock options.  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and thanks for your time.