OptionBot 2 Review – Software by Gary Davies

Sunday, July 21th, 2013 by Michael Freeman

OptionBot 2 Review – Software Background 

Before we get into the Optionbot 2 Review I want to give you a little introduction to the history behind the Bot and it’s popularity in present times. The first version of the Option Bot was developed by Gary Davies in 2011 focused to provide a quality solution for Forex and Binary Options Traders focused in Currency Trading. Based on Anyoption, a leading binary options broker, %70 of all traders focus mainly on currency pairs trading, which can explain why the first version of the Option Bot became so viral across the web! Based on Alexa.com Traffic Comparison the Option Bot 2 is now one of the leading sites in terms of usage, popularity and sites linking in! Check out the following statistics taken from Alexa.com for the OptionBot.Net site on which the new Optionbot2 is hosted.

Option Bot 2 Review – Statistics from Alexa.com (July 21st, 2013)

Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
United States Flag  United States 24.8% 43,071
Australia Flag  Australia 6.7% 14,616
Brazil Flag  Brazil 5.7% 35,084
India Flag  India 4.3% 119,057
United Kingdom Flag  United Kingdom 4.1% 35,346

To give you an idea as to what these statistics mean..Basically the OptionBot website is ranked higher than many Binary Options Broker sites. In 2013 the Optionbot doubled it’s online traffic. It’s clear that the release of the Option Bot 2 made an impact and many traders are giving it a try.

OptionBot 2 Review – How Does it work? 

Similar to the first version of the OptionBot, the 2nd version is used as a Currency Pairs Tool Bar, synced with the Users Trading Platform, it’s a downloadable software. New users can enjoy a Free Trial membership but the signup process with the preferred broker must be done through the OptionBot. It’s an Automated Trading Robot, conducting technical analysis for multiple currency pairs, sending signals to users during market hours. One of the main benefits of the Option Bot 2 is that it allows the user to set – %100 automated trades without any human element. That’s right. The Option Bot 2 will trade for you! This is why it’s necessary that you will signup with a broker through the Option Bot 2 interface.

OptionBot 2 Review – New Elements and Features

1) The Option Bot 2 includes Live Chat Support a feature that was not available in the 1st version. 2) No need for account managers. The Option Bot 2 removed the human element in every trade, participation not required! 3) Loss Protection is now an essential part of the Option Bot 2 with an inbuilt mechanism to ensure minimal loss on losing signals. 4) Users can now signup with the OptionBot without any deposit requirement, a minimal deposit is enough to get you started!

OptionBot 2 Review – Putting it to the test! 

The OptionBot 2 unlike many of the services out there is offered with a Free Trial, but since you’re required to invest real money, it’s not really all that Free! If you have doubts you may also register for a Demo Account with one of the OptionBot Registered Brokers and put the Bot to a real test during the Free Trial membership!  Avoid paying high sums of money in exchange for training, signals, or Copy Live Trades solutions, it’s recommended that before you signup and spend your money on a service you’re looking to work with, ask for a Free Trial, even if it’s not offered, otherwise it’s recommended that you move on and signup with a service that is willing to work for your business.

OptionBot 2 Review – Free Trial The OptionBot 2 is available for users with a Free 7 Day Trial. Don’t forget that you are still required to register with a broker through the OptionBot site so if you still didn’t register, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the New OptionBot 2 absolutely Free For more information on Binary Options Signals and Forex Bots visit the Complete Signals Directory on the Binaryoptionschannel.com