OptionRobot.com Scam Review: Can You Profit? 

By | February 16, 2017

Yes, as you all may have been wondering we are still alive and kicking!  We would thoroughly like to apologize for our extreme absence from the binary options industry for quite sometime but we would like to announce that we are back full-time stronger than ever and plan to provide you with mountains of educational articles and endless amounts of comprehensive scam reviews! With this promise set in stone, let’s get back to business and discuss a rather unique trading software that has recently emerged within the binary options industry known as the OptionRobot. Now, just like any day-trader would like to know can you actually generate a consistent profit with the OptionRobot trading software for binary options?

Well, we are glad to report that after testing the OptionRobot software for over the duration of two weeks, it has proven that it can generate a substantial and consistent sum of supplemental income. You know for almost four years now we have been providing free trading strategies, scam exposure reviews and educational investment articles to thousands of online viewers without ever asking for anything in return.  That is just the way we are to be honest, that is how how we were hard-wired to be and that is how we will continue to be for all the rest of our days to come! Unlike most of the binary option software, systems or services that will promise you the moon and to take you from rags-to-riches, this is perhaps one of the few software that doesn’t feed with you falsehoods and deceit.

There are several advantages of the OptionRobot software compared to other competitive software but perhaps the three biggest advantages associated with this system would be how it yields an average success rate between 68 to 75%, is available to every online investor no matter where you reside and lastly how it can be used as a semi-automated or fully-automated trading software! Dissimilar to the vast sum of auto traders that are flooding the binary options industry (one of the reasons why we took so much time off, too much stress and too many death threats), the OptionRobot software yields an average success rate over 70% whereas most of the other systems that we have tested out for our subscribers typically achieve an average 40 to 50% in-the-money ratio.

With the OptionRobot software accepting traders from East to West, North to South and from all walks of life it has accumulated a tremendous amount of users all within a relatively short duration of time. In less than a year, OptionRobot.com has accrued a user base exceeding 14,000 traders so obviously this system is doing something right! Another aspect of this software that deserves some recognition would be how it actually assigns reliable or regulated brokers for you to sign up with. We have seen far too many times binary option trading systems and software that are supposed to be the next quote-on-quote “great thing” yet before you even have the opportunity to get started you become hesitant and stop right in your tracks because the brokers assigned to you to gain access to the software have an unfavorably bad number of reviews and a bad reputation.

With the OptionRobot software you are encouraged to sign up with reliable brokers that have outstanding and untarnished reputations such as 24Option and StockPair. You don’t have to worry about signing up with unreliable brokers which is perhaps one of the many reasons why this software has generated such a vast and dense trader base! Not to mention that the OptionRobot software can be used in a manual or automated investment mode whereas 9 out of every 10 systems only give you the option of fully-automated trading and more often than not they don’t even empower you and give you the ability to turn those software off if the accuracy of the systems starts to deteriorate and crumble. As you may have assumed by now, though the OptionRobot software does provide you with this ability along with the power to manipulate whatever settings you deem fit.

In fact, binary option day-traders have the ability to choose a variation of over 140 different settings with this software which ultimately gives you more user-control than any other binary options system or software available in the industry. You are given the power when to turn the system on or off, which settings the software should incorporate and most importantly you are given control to secure a better financial future for you and your family. One truth we are have learned the hard way over our time in this industry would be that a binary options trading system, software or service is only as good as the broker they require you to sign up with. Remember that if you could because that is the cold, honest truth! You could have the best system in the world but if you can’t withdrawal your funds then what is the point?

Moving onward now we will discuss some our experience with the OptionRobot trading software and the settings that we discovered to work out the best for us. Since this is a manual and automated trading software, we decided to try out both styles of investing and found that investing on manual allowed us to generate a higher success rate with investments winning by a larger margin of pips. Now this isn’t to take away from the automated trading mode, we also experienced good success (71.35%) but the manual mode allowed us to maximize more of our investments and yield a success rate just over 73%. We also learned that using the “classic” or “fibonacci” method of investing produced the most accurate results when investing and we also took the initiative to incorporate our Short-Term Reversal Strategy and Best 5 Minute Strategy to add extra conditions and improve signal strength.

We’ve been fortunate enough to become one of the most visited binary options portals out of the web and after some much needed time off we feel extremely blessed and grateful to start delivering you with free educational strategy articles, intuitive trading approaches and never-ending scam reviews to keep you safe and take your binary options investing to new heights. Please if you at anytime have any questions or feedback to share with us about the OptionRobot trading system or investing online in general, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.  We are here to grow and prosper together as a community as we have since day one and that is what we shall continue to do!

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Thank you for taking the time to read our OptionRobot scam review and if you would like to become part of our investment group of over 5,000 subscribers, please feel free to subscribe to our blog on the right hand side of this page! Make sure to stick around because we will be providing you guys with endless amounts of great educational content and conclusive scam reviews to come!

Note from Michael Freeman

While OptionRobot may be an excellent software, I’d like to remind you that I don’t recommend to sign up with non-regulated brokers. If you decide to use a non-regulated broker, make sure you don’t deposit more than the minimum and that you don’t approve any bonuses or account management services. Also, using OptionRobot profitably requires trading skills and knowledge. If you’re new to binary options, I would like to invite you to join my signals group and trading community on Facebook! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have been scammed, please visit BinaryOptionsWatchdog.com for assistance.

50 thoughts on “OptionRobot.com Scam Review: Can You Profit? 

  1. Stephan


    Do you still recommend OptionRobot? I’m thinking of giving it a try in conjunction with the signals on your Facebook group. Is it still profitable? Which settings and trading sessions work best? NY, London or Tokyo?


  2. ahmed


    im going to open an account soon with 24option going to deposit a min of 250 and the min to trade 24 is 24euro
    any advice what sittings should i set the optionrobot

    hope you could help me guys

  3. dallas johnson

    i got stung with this Option Robot ages ago, firstly in the basic, limited form, it traded wildly on minimum sett5ings decreed by the broker, $12 trades, only able to trade limited pairs, In both cases broker being used was Stockpair Option Robot, via email offered me a “Free pRO UPGRADE” this version allows all of the options denied by the basic Stockpair version.I set the PRO up, watched it do it’s magic, which wwas to disobey all limitations, so I turned it offr, found OB, were not interested in refunding my losses from the rogue activity of their Option binary Robot, so I withdrew my remaining balance, around $150 from Stockpair.Later, I tried to deposit again 150 to try again, but stockpair wanted the full deposit, then $250 to use it again.I declined, I used the settings recommended by that Morton fellow that was pushing this OR on his UTube gig at the time.

  4. Tkay

    Hey mike,

    I tried signing up to optionrobot and I’m from Canada so I keep getting lionexo as the broker, is this trusted by any chance? I’ve lost a ton of money in the past with bots this is my last shot so I don’t wanna be doing anything wrong or going with the wrong broker.

    With regards,

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      It’s the only available broker in Canada. Most brokers don’t accept Canadians nowadays since Canada has basically banned binary options. The only regulated broker that still accepts Canada would be HighLow, however, they are not available with OptionRobot.

      1. Tkay

        So do you think I’m safe with them or not? I want to try out option robot but I do not want to get messed with again, Tkay.

        1. Michael Freeman Post author

          You will probably be safe if you don’t invest more than the minimum and don’t agree to any account management services.

          1. Tkay

            I signed up and when depositing it says a minimum deposit of 400$ is it safe for me to deposit that much it’s not a regular thing

          2. Michael Freeman Post author

            Some brokers may require a $400 deposit. You can try going with a different broker to see if any of them requires the $250 minimum.

    2. Helen

      No don’t use Lionexo they will not return your money, I requested a withdrawal 2 months ago and they keep giving me run around.

  5. Yite

    Hi Mike,
    I joined OR and DineroLibre is the broker in US, I would like to learn how to trade safely and can I join your group and use your signals? An account manager in dinero called me and wanted me to deposit $1000 and he will help gain 180%% profit, I decline his offer afraid its a scam.

  6. Indrajit Modak

    Hi Michael F,
    I am about to make my deposit and start trading with OR but just confirming one last time before i fund – Optionrobot.com is good right now?

    Please revert early.

    Indra M

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      It’s great, however I only recommend it if you’re an experienced trader and are able to sign up with a regulated broker.


        Hi Michael,

        I am testing the OR software with 2 separate Settings in the DEMO Mode;

        Setting 1.
        Method Classic
        Expiry: 5 minutes
        All Currency pairs
        $10 a trade
        Indicators: Only rsi

        ## Result A & B – 8/8 & 14/14 respectively

        Setting 2.
        Method Classic
        Expiry 5 minutes
        Indicators: Trend, RSI, STOCH
        $10 a trade
        Max simultaneous trades 1 / 2

        ## RESULT A & B – 12/12 & 10/10 respectively

        Now, i am worried would i get the same Result in REAL Fund Deposited Mode??

        Michael, please revert soon,

        Indrajit M

        1. Michael Freeman Post author

          The demo doesn’t operate in real market conditions. Its purpose is just to get a feel of how the software works.

  7. BM

    One of the mistakes folks make who are new to binary options trading is to think that you can leave it to an auto-trading site to generate you profits. The point is, auto-trading and the settings you need to decide upon require some at least basic knowledge about trading in general and binary options trading in particular. Getting lucky with some blind ad hoc trading at the beginning is not the way to go. You need to understand that every 10 trades include some losses – it is the overall performance where you want to come out on top, losses included. Stick to the 5% or up to 10% rule of limiting your investment per trade, don’t get greedy or carried away or overly confident – that can cause you to lose it all. Follow the regular news to stay ahead of developments that have an impact on currencies, economies, company performance and such. Stick to a low budget at first and for some time, stay away of bonus offers and don’t click away if not sure. You don’t really miss a trade because the next one is around the corner and that does not stop. Small steps and patience, and your experience gaining period won’t cost you more than you budgeted for.

  8. ivan


  9. Hani

    I signed up with option robot yesterday. It showed me only 1 broker ” Lion markets ” are they good?? I guess reason this only broker was shown is because I am trading from Canada and other brokers do not accept traders from Canada.
    Is it safe to trade with that broker?
    Thank you Mike in advance for you advice, it is most appreciated

    1. Shawn

      I would like to know this too. Surely there must be some honorable brokers out there that can connect via the bot software? Why not High Low which I hear on this site that is regulated and deals with Canadians?

      Any help here would be great. Any other bot software?

    1. Andre

      Could you assist me with best settings for option robot. Am newbie started out with $250 used Fabonacci method almost deplete account. Want to get it back up Advise me please

  10. Lucky

    i signed up with option robot today…it showing only two brokers uTrader & Binary capital markets….are they good & regulated brokers ??
    Is it safe to trade with this two brokers ??
    Thank you Mike for your advice in advance……..

  11. Tom Figueroa

    Will OptionRobot work in the US and if so what broker out of there 8 of compatible brokers listed on OptionRobot.com?

  12. Angela Schmidt

    good first week w/ or
    33/45 trades won
    account balance went from $250 to $571.75
    just doubled my money! hoping to do the same next week!
    i am with stock pair, love it all so far!

    1. Mathias Boberg

      Dear Angela! Please help me and explain what settingd i should use to get the same success as you have exerienced. I want to deposit soon and i am investigating what sertings would be the best. By the way i live in Sweden:) Thanks a lot/Mathias

  13. Elijah Olamide

    About time I quit my day job!!
    The OptionRobot has been ON FIRE!
    29 winning investments out of a total of 40 investments this week at $100 a piece!!
    $1,000 balance to $2,087.50, if I can double that by half way thru march you can bet your bottom dollar this is going to be my new occupation!!



    1. Mathias Boberg

      Dear Elijah! Please help me and explain what settingd i should use to get the same success as you have exerienced. I want to deposit soon and i am investigating what sertings would be the best. By the way i live in Sweden:) Thanks a lot/Mathias

  14. Pedro Pineda Murillo

    Now I’m a little confused, I have read another review from Objective Binary Options, where they said this is not a trustable bot, I thought this page and objective binary options where part of the same group but now I see different opinions from both of them. I really need some help to understand.

  15. Rency

    Scam scam my experience lost my 250$ with in 20 minutes,don’t promote this type of scam robots.

    1. jimos

      Please gentleman take time to learn Forex is a journey my friend. Take your time to learn forex in general i mean plus all the basics right through to the advanced knowledge

    2. tj moore


      why didn’t you stop trading after you lost a couple of trades then?
      seems to me you were overtrading, i mean i aint the best trader but i know that losing $250 in 20 minutes definitely resulted in many execution faults on your end that make it seem you are a complete novice. plz post a screenshot so we can see where you went wrong or if you got with the system at all, my dear friend got started with this system and made over $70 his first day and $55 the next, they aren’t great gains but they are gains at the least.
      i’ve done well really went made over $200 with the system since i got started last wednesday
      wondered if you used martingale becuz i know that style if not recommended AT ALL!

      thank you Mike for this review and keep them coming please! more strategy articles too if u can manage plz

    3. peter deeen

      I know its a SCAM don’t put your money in it you will lose I have a account you have been WWWARNED THE PEOPLE THAT PRO THIS SCAM WORK FOR THEM

  16. tj moore

    wow, welcome back Mike!
    glad to see that you are still alive
    prior to your post i was already with optionrobot after i saw it approved by watchdog
    two day of results with mine below
    wednesday = $73.50 gain going 4/5
    thursday = $98.12 gain going 5/6
    looking to break $100 tomorrow or so i hope!

    glad you are O.K. mate, i know a lotta ppl missed u!

    1. alexdaytrades

      what settings you using tj?
      i had 4 outta 5 trades win but i just want to learn more
      you are having great success, keep it up, this is super exciting!!


  17. Tiffany N. Middleton



    After reading your review I decided to try out the OptionRobot, any software that you made money with I am all game! I put $250 in with the 24Options broker and I followed your advice and made a profit of $133.65 with a 74% winning percentage! God it’s a great day knowing you’re back and with me making extra money! THANK YOU MIKE!


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