NEO2 Review by Michael Freeman

Update (March 2017): NEO2 is no longer available. Check out my recommended signals page for alternatives.

If you’ve been wondering why I didn’t post videos or new reviews for a while, NEO2 or NEO² (Squared) is the reason, as it literally consumed my schedule! For months since I got together with Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. and Amit Gupta, the absolute best programmer I met in my life, I literally placed everything that is not associated with the development of on hold. First if you are not familiar with me, my name is Michael Freeman, I am real vs the actors you might have seen on Auto-trading scam sites. Unfortunately we’ve seen many of those, and even if the service is not a fraud, based on all the feedback I’ve been getting for years, most day-traders end up disappointed for the most part.

For over 4 yeahs I’ve been posting trading strategy videos and industry updates on YouTube, and I gained a lot of authority but also many valuable contacts. I have many followers on YouTube and a Free Facebook signals group, the largest in the industry. I know everything about Auto-Traders and the technology that’s behind it, unfortunately I also know a lot about the scam services that are marketed and advertised literally everywhere. You can find reviews exposing most of these counterfeit sites, on my Blacklisted scam sites page.

It’s possible that I got more credit than I should, in reference to the NEO2 development. If it wasn’t for Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. and his extensive knowledge in Solar Activities, Weather Forecasting and it’s impact on Commodities, this project would’ve not been so successful. Using Technical Analysis alone, not me or anyone I know, managed to maintain a winning performance with an Auto-Pilot software and consistently. It’s nothing new that humans can predict the impact of Solar Activities and Weather on so many things, including Commodities! Taking this data, as it streams live from Weather Forecasting Satellites and using it to spot solid trends, is nothing that was ever done or seen before. Those who are not familiar with binary options should know that Commodities are assets that are traded on literally all binary options broker platforms in the industry.

The idea we had in mind was to take an actual Solar Tracker and sync it with an auto-trading system, but the programming was beyond me, this is when Jack Piers thought of letting Amit Gupta in on this. Initially I thought we were going to fail at reducing the software speed, but with the help of Amit Gupta we figured it out and ensured that can process data within milliseconds, while keeping the user interface very simple, user-friendly and easy to use for anyone, irregardless of your experience with day-trading, which brings me to the software features. It’s very simple to use and has 3 key components to it as demonstrated by Amit Gupta on The Solar Tracker, Trade-Algo Button and Auto-Pilot activation mode. First you must activate the Solar Tracker and Trade-Algo with two clicks, and after the lights are on, go ahead and activate the Auto Trader and you’re all set.

The NEO2 Software Interface Review – Simple and Easy to Operate!


I am pretty sure that the first question you might have is, if NEO Squared is free or if we’re charging money for it? The idea we have is to launch NEO2 aka NEO² Squared on For those who are not familiar with this website, it’s the world’s leading platform for new innovations, and web-based businesses for the most part! We have no doubt that we’re going to receive amazing recognition with the help of Kick Starter but as soon NEO2 makes it there, we’re charging a yearly fee of $7,900 but please don’t get into shock mode. There’s no possible way for us to charge this amount of money from traders before all the live testimonials will surface and help us secure this mission. The consistency of NEO2 has already been confirmed by many investors including, William Van Loon NEO2 CFO, who’s also in charge of making sure that this project qualifies for Kick Starter. All of us are partners in this, I personally invested thousands of dollars into NEO2. Since everyone who is currently testing the software is not disappointed, and we’re able to maintain a performance over 80% ITM every day, not on lucky days or during a Friday’s NFP session, we believe that the price is more than reasonable.

If you don’t have $7,900 to invest in order to gain access to NEO2, you can register before we launch it on Kick Starter and I personally guarantee that we won’t charge you a dollar. We worked really hard to develop NEO2 and I am sure that everyone in the industry will appreciate it, we’re hoping for many positive reviews and I am pretty sure that we’ll see plenty. I am going to give you my word, you will not be disappointed and you are much better off giving a true innovation a chance, rather than test a bunch of scam services that fail to deliver. I wish I could stay modest about this, all I can tell you is that you’ll be amazed!


This NEO2 Review cannot be unbiased as I am one of the creators, but if I wasn’t confident, I would never risk my reputation by creating a service that is bound to fail day-traders, I decided to offer help with service related questions, but you can also contact the support directly.

I am really excited knowing that we finally got it right! I will also post a quick video introduction to my YouTube followers, and by the way, make sure to subscribe! I am anxiously looking forward to get some feedback, you can also comment below this review and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers to a lot of success! Michael Freeman

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    1. There can be bad days with any auto traders, especially since most of the time, auto traders are not able to take into account fundamental factors. But it can also be a case of broker manipulation, which is part of the reason we’ve disabled auto trading.

  1. Hello Mike and thank you for your time forming newcomers as I. But a doubt: From November 10 to November 12, 2016, I invested 250 USD at NEO2. By the mid day of Nov 12 my balance dropp to 11 USD. ¿The problema was the days? or is bad luck?. I would appreciate your comments. Best regards.

  2. Hello Mike,

    Tried to register to Neo2 however kept getting a message “try registering with a different email”

    Do you have know what could be the problem there?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Innocent, I just checked and the regulated brokers are not operating in Zimbabwe for the most part. My goal was to try to make NEO2 available world-wide but it’s problematic, Nadex and Topoption cannot be synced with any auto-traders. Nadex did it before but they changed their platform and it’s no longer an option. I really apologize for this and hopefully in the near future we can find good brands that will be able to accept traders world-wide. The final decisions are not up to be, but I do share any feedback I get with the rest of the guys and hopefully they’ll work on it quickly.

  3. Good morning Freeman! I really can’t wait to start with NEO2, I became a member right after you posted this review, like 10 minutes later lol and it going great. My only complaint is that BO is not available on weekends but that’s about it. Everything is looking in good shape. Thanks mate!

  4. Hi Randy im keen on this new system also and would love to hear about your results, I am from Australia to, please let me know which broker you get assign to and ultimately your trading results. Good luck Randy and please keep me informed. Thanks
    Paul B

  5. Hi Mike, I am so excited to test this NEO2 but it’s weekend. As soon as Australian market opens I am all in it. Another thing, is it still possible to donate $25 to a charity and join Facebook signals community? I really love everything you’re doing! Thanks for being there my man!

    Randy Kelly

    1. Hi Randy, I really appreciate your feedback. My signals group is available indefinitely and you can join us by donating $25 to a charity of your choice. After you’re done, simply forward me the receipt via email directly to and I’ll email you back an invitation. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Mike

  6. It’s weekend so I guess no trading, anxiously waiting to get started with NEO2. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, everything about this is completely unique.

  7. Hi Mike, it’s Kisha again, thank you for the fast response on Thursday. I know you must be very busy but I just want to thank you for the outstanding results with NEO2. Have a great weekend!

  8. Hello Michael I’m very glad you’re back. Great job on connecting with the team that has catapulted your group and Binary Options in general to another realm. Rest assured that all your hard work will be greatly rewarded as so many more lives are being changed as we speak. Congratulations on raising the standard. God Bless!!!

  9. (Michael, I got your back on Aaron Scott’s comment.)
    Aaron,you are confused. The use of stereotypes to express language from within the brain cloud and not focusing in the ‘now’ hinder your free will to choose rightly.
    Please reconsider and recant as you are slipping off the spiritual evolutionary positive path.
    There is only one Presence and one Power in the universe. Please Aaron,choose to use your freewill to focus for good.
    I do. Michael Freeman does and I trust you -will choose to as you align with the truth of your being;that we are all individualized expressions of good.

    Michael,I am living in the moment with you and your team, as the sparks fly and you blast off to infinity and beyond! God Bless you all, as you enrich lives everywhere.

  10. Congrats and great job mike!..this is really real deal and i hope people out there can take this big opportunity..we all behind u mike..never bother about negative thinker..may God bless u always!

  11. Hello Mike , I must confess you’re a blessing to the trading industry. You’ve saved us from so many scams , all I can say is God bless you.

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comments everyone. I am still anxious hoping that everything runs smooth. I don’t even want to see a single glitch so I am monitoring the software carefully every few minutes. As for availability, NEO2 is available everywhere besides the restricted countries I listed, in the Bahamas it’s 100% available.

  12. Hi Michael, First day of trading was incredible! I saw Louis and a few other people I trust recommend NEO2 so I am hopeful and more motivated than ever!

  13. Hello, thanks God my country is not among the list,(KENYA).However am not able to register,the message i get i try using another email,i have tried with all the emails i have.What would be the problem?The support page is not working.Thank you

  14. Hi everyone, I spoke with the technical team and instead of going over the countries we can accept, I’ll just list the countries where NEO2 is not available unfortunately :/

    Restricted countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cambodia, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestinian Territory and Israel, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia.

    I really wish we could accept members from all over the world but it’s technically impossible. I apologize in advance to residents of the above countries. In the last 12 hours I received many emails, some of the emails I had to transfer to because I don’t like cut and paste response and some emails take me long to answers. I’ll be around to handle more of the support questions in a few hours.

    Thanks for all the support everyone! It’s looking like a great day with the performance. For any personal or urgent questions you can still email me directly and title it ‘Urgent’ so I’ll get to it personally.

  15. That comment was so inappropriate I can’t even believe it. Mike you should erase his comment. I just personally want to thank you for letting me know of NEO2, already contacted support and they were very quick. First time I managed to register with a software without technical problems.

  16. Hi Michael,

    I’ve sent you an email if you could take a look please.
    Thank you,

    Bernadette, dedicated family member of your facebook group 🙂

  17. Thanks Mike for this great review.
    I’ve seen your video too.
    Just wanted to know if its available in India. Thanks ! Great job !

  18. Hi everyone, I will make sure to provide you with a list of all the countries we can’t accept.

    Aaron, I don’t know how to respond to this comment. I am thinking this is either a prank or I don’t know what but your comment was approved.

    My group is real, you don’t trust me and you made it crystal clear. Now please go away and leave me alone.

  19. I personally don’t trust you Michael Freeman, I heard you’re Jewish too and I am so sick of you people. Walking scam is all you will ever be and I don’t believe you donated $1 to charity in your life. Not a cent. You Jews would never give away a dollar even if a person was dying right there next to you. I won’t be surprised if your Facebook group that you brag about doesn’t even exist “We’re the biggest” ha ha ha sure keep living in a Jewish dream.

    Let’s see if you publish this one, coward!

  20. Michael I am proud of what you guys did, you don’t even know. I was kind of disappointed at first when I saw that you’re involved in an auto-trader but I had to try and see if it’s a scam. NEO2 is doing better than I could expect at this point and I am very thankful. I apologize for ever doubting you and hope you accept it.

  21. Hey Mike! I saw u r You Tube video and commented on it also.

    You really looked very tired as mentioned by Eddie Alvarez.

    Is it available for India?

  22. Thank you for the amazing review! I saw your video on YouTube, you got to get some rest, you’re looking like you working too much! Wonderful job and NEO2 really stands out as unique. I’ve seen so many presentations with all the fake actors, what would this industry be without you? a bunch of scam sites and opportunists. God Bless you!

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