Mike’s Facebook Signals Group Update for 2017

Hi folks! I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my update for my private Facebook signals group! Many of you are reading this right now are most likely already a member of my group or are wondering how to become part of my FREE binary options signals group! With this in mind, I will discuss how my signals group has been performing, which brokers work best with my signals group and the projected future of our amazing trading family!

One the most considerable factors that many of you may be weighing or wondering about would be our past performance. Having a member base exceeding 12,600 members, surely our group must have some consistent and profitable investment results? Well, you would be absolutely correct there! For those of you who have been with us from the start or throughout most of 2016, you know that our performance has been hard to beat by any binary options signal service or trading software. Although our trading admins number has diminished after we have weeded out some of the negative performing or abusive admins, I am delighted to say that our admin group has never been more prominent and reliable than now.

At the moment we have three absolutely dominating trading admins with another showing a good amount of promise! Snir, Afzal and Marco are among some of the best online day-traders currently available in binary options and Forex! Each having a consistent success rate over 75% after sending out hundreds and hundreds of investments is an absolutely incredible feat in itself. However, knowing that our amazing admins are generating investment results as consistent as they are to over thousands of day-traders just goes to show how lucky and fortunate we are to have them be part of our family!

To be honest, I don’t think our top admins receive enough praise and without their contributions our group would just like every other Facebook signals group that is just mediocre and not truly beneficial. So if you guys would just drop them a message sometime and thank them for all of their hard work I know they would value it and greatly appreciate it! Another factor that you can benefit from joining my private signals group for binary options would be learning how to become a more knowledgeable investor. On top of providing free signals our admins also offer paid webinars and additional trading signals to get first-hand experience on how their strategies work along with benefit from generating more income.

By taking part of their webinars not only will you be learning from some of the best online traders but you will also be generating enough trading profits to oftentimes cover the webinar fee and make a good amount on the side! So really you don’t have anything to lose but a little bit of your time but the rewards are definitely worth it!

One question that I get asked a lot with my signals group would be which brokers work the best with this service. So although more information on how to join my signals group can be found on my Join my Private Signals Page, I will cover some of the best brokers you can use while trading signals generated from our admins. Now, one thing you should note would be to only use regulated trading brokers when trading with my signals group or honestly anytime when you are trading online. The last thing you want would be to make a good sum of money and not be able to withdraw from your broker.

For those of you who live in the United States, I encourage you to solely invest with Nadex. Although this binary options trading broker is an exchange, Nadex along with Cantor Exchange are the only regulated and legal to invest with investment brokers for US citizens.

For those of you who are live in Australia, New Zealand or Japan you are in need of a AU-regulated broker, such as HighLow.

Among the brokers that are EU-regulated and safe to invest with would be IQ Option, Daweda Exchange and Ayrex. IQ Option requires only a $10 minimum deposit has one of the biggest investor bases for binary options. Ayrex on the other hand is a rather unique broker that requires only a $5 minimum deposit (which is impractical to only get started with $5) but the broker has a number of attractive trading features. 

Among the most reliable Forex and CFD (Contracts-For-Difference) brokers that are CySEC regulated would be Invest.com. This hybrid broker is secured and offers a strong encryption system and one-of-a-kind trading features and investment tools. Take advantage of the power and liquidity of Forex and CFDs and start making great profits with these broker and my private signals group! For more information about Forex brokers, please visit my new Forex page.

All of the brokers mentioned above are regulated and used by a wide number of investors who are actively part of my private signals group!  Each of the brokers have their own perks and special trading features so I encourage you to read my reviews to learn more about each broker so that you can make a more educated decision prior to getting started with any particular investment broker.

The future of my private Facebook signals group looks very bright! Having grown to over a member base of over 12,600 traders, we are the most transparent and beneficial signal group for not only binary options but Forex as well! Over the past two years, we have had thousands of FREE signals sent to our members from all across the world and you can count on us to be here for the next two years to come! By the end of the year, we are projected to have our ever-growing family exceed a member base of over 20,000 online traders! Remember, it costs nothing to get started although we do encourage you to get started with one of the brokers mentioned above!

For those of who would like to get started, make sure that you have a regulated investment broker before you get started. For more information on how to join the group, please visit the Join my Private Signals Page.

Thanks for taking the time to read my update review for my private signals group and I hope to see you all on the other side! 😀



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20 thoughts on “Mike’s Facebook Signals Group Update for 2017”

  1. Hello Mike, i really want to go to your group but i speak english poorly and do not know register. Please guide me the simplest way. thank you!

  2. Hello . God knows I did not mean it, but I’m starting to be disappointed … I apologize if I’m wrong but I think something is not right. I still believe that you are an honest professional and that you seek to do a good job. For more than a year I have had good comments about you; But maybe I am so “hurt” by the losses of bots and fraudulent brokerages that I can no longer see the “good side” of people … As per your instructions I registered with Airex for your link and made a deposit. I sent him an email and you sent another one telling me to communicate with his assistant. He sent me another saying that the auto trader is no longer available (!?) and gave me the link to the binary options channel. What does it all mean???

  3. Hi Michael, i’m happy to hear traders acknowledging your services, like i told you last year that i want to join you, because i no nothing about Forex Trading but i did rgistered with Tredeo but copy trading drains my account from $250 t0 $190 so i just left it like that, so can i contineu with it?

  4. Almost 2 years in Michael Freeman FB group, I must say this group most reliable ever!..more challenges throughout the year but it become more stronger than ever for sure..can’t wait for more excitement,vision and mission for years ahead..definitely,it’s no doubt credibility about this beloved group..thanks to our genius,generous,true leader Michael Freeman..u will never find such this great personality person anywhere..frankly..I must admit it!..thanks for everything mike!..May God always keeps u in good health and strong..So, I hope more people outside come and join for this amazing group and of course,it always special group in my heart..best wishes for all beloved admins Afzal,Snir..please keep ITM’ings Guys!!..keep them coming :)..Amen

  5. I left the group for a while and tried some other signal groups. I now came back to Michael Freeman’s group. It is the best as far as I can tell.

    1. You should only be demoing during your first 2 weeks Juan! That is made abundantly clear before EVERY session. Learn to read the signals provided by our admins and how to correctly place manual signals. If you had done it right you could’ve gone 12 for 16 like I did this week. You are either a liar, some internet troll or need way more time practicing Juan.

  6. Hello Michael,
    Thanks for allowing me to be part of your amazing Facebook Signals Group. Many thanks. I love each and every session of all the admins. And they are fantastic. Very accurate and consistently more than 80% itm rate. I am just starting to Learn trading. In the article I didn’t see you mentioned a broker for Canada. Can you pls suggest good regulated broker for Canadians. Thanks. And keep up the good work. Best wishes and u and all the admins are always in my prayers.

    1. I am also looking for the most reliable broker for Canada residents. Thank you Michael. The group is awesome!

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