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On this page you will find my latest binary options quizzes. The goal of each quiz is to educate new traders on how to trade binary options with proper risk management and trading skills. The first quiz is relatively easy, yet quiz #4 is already more challenging. I will continue and post binary options quizzes frequently and add each new quiz on this page. If you run into any questions relating to my quizzes or if you have any questions on binary options trading you are welcome to comment below this page. Last update: 3/8/2015

Mike’s Binary Options Quiz #1

Mike’s Binary Options Quiz #2

Mike’s Binary Options Quiz #3

Mike’s Binary Options Quiz #4

21 thoughts on “Mike’s Quizzes”

  1. wow…. questions are all material for learning every day…good material in Mike quiz. thankyou for your service!!

  2. Wow… I did well in quiz #1, #2, #3. I need to go brush up on MACD. Thanks Mike, this really helped in evaluated my knowledge on fundamentals.

  3. New to Binary trading, haven’t decided on a signal and broker yet, did really well on Quizzes!!
    Only missed 8 out of all the Quizzes!!

  4. Does anyone know the answer to the last question on the first quiz? I did it more than 4 times, choosing a different answer each time and I received and incorrect each time.

  5. Good Materials on this website and quizzes.Thank you Michael Freeman someday i will send you a private mail but what is on your website is more than enough for me a newbie.

  6. 6/8 on 1st quiz, went back and did it twice more, could not get last question correct, abysmal on 2nd went back did it twice more still getting two wrong, skipped rest as I need to gain some knowledge. Good idea to test one’s knowledge about binary options which is hopefully a way to supplement pension on retirement.

    1. hahah I am happy to see people are still taking my binary options quizzes lol thank you Brian and good job! 🙂

  7. Thanks, You are one of a kind, you have shown me a way out of financial bondage. Thanks again.. quiz was good.. I have a lot to learn.

  8. I must admit I didn´t do very well on the quizes but I have been trading with Optionbot which mike recommended to me a few months ago. Its simple to use and I have done really well with it considering I was a complete amateur

  9. Didn’t do too well on this one…but it’s better to fail an online quiz than to waste time and money with the wrong information. Thanks again for these awesome quizzes!

  10. The first try on quiz #4 manage to get only 1 right,so went back to the materials provided.2nd try slightly better with 3 right so back to reviewing the strategies provided.Thank you Michael for the quiz.

  11. I love quizzes!!! hahaha great idea!! Didn’t do well on the quizzes, even though looking back the first one way really easy.

  12. I just finished all 4 quizzes and and I am learning a lol I missed 2 questions on the 4th quiz so I need to do some more homework on binary options. I love the way you made your website so interactive.

  13. I really enjoyed your binary options quizzes, got %80 of the questions right. I have some homework to do! You are a great mentor Michael Freeman! Thanks!

  14. I am learning a lot from your quizzes and proud to be in your signals group Mike! I noticed you just added this page to your website and decided to give it a try. Great work as always!

  15. Okay, I will be the first to admit that I didn’t do too well on the quizes. That was never my strong point. I have always been fortunate to get advice on my investments. But i recognize that I need to understand my investments for myself. So the question is how well should I score before I take the leap?

  16. This is a really nice touch to the website with the quiz’s. I am new to binary options and these questions are a good way to keep things fresh in your mind.


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